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MAC-Mold Base, Inc. Your Custom Mold Base and Special Machining Source ISO 9001-2008 CERTIFIED • 14921 32 Mile Road • • Romeo, MI 48065 • • 586-752-1956.

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1 MAC-Mold Base, Inc. Your Custom Mold Base and Special Machining Source ISO 9001-2008 CERTIFIED
• Mile Road • • Romeo, MI • • •

2 About Mac-Mold Base, Inc.
Mac-Mold Base, Inc. specializes in the manufacture of small to large custom mold bases for the plastic injection, die cast, special machine tools, complete compression tooling builds, weldments and fabricating industries used in consumer, electronics and automotive products. As a leader in 3D Machining, we can handle large plate capacity to better service your requirements. We utilize multi-axis machining centers and complete in-house support services, which have allowed us to streamline our processes and ensure on-time delivery. ISO Certified We achieve Total Customer Satisfaction by providing a quality product that will completely meet your specifications at competitive pricing, with on-time deliveries anywhere in the United States.

3 Why You Need Mac-Mold Base:
We’re different from the competition! How? We go the extra distance with on time delivery and customer service. Focusing and adapting to constantly changing technology Using state-of-the-art equipment Creating a partnership with our customers. Complete design review by our engineering department – BEFORE the manufacturing process begins. At our competitors, your job would be put on the back burner until your design team properly completed the mold base drawings. Our philosophy is to make sure the beginning phases of the project are perfect, avoiding costly errors and delays during the manufacture of your mold base, enabling us to meet the most challenging deadlines.

4 History of Mac-Mold Base, Inc.
MMB was established in 1990 and is located in Romeo, Michigan. Our experience in the mold manufacture industry is over 30 years. We have recently expanded and now occupy two modern facilities. Plant 1 is our main headquarters, and Plant 2 stores and processes raw material and allows us to cut, grind, and rough more efficiently, making our total shop capacity over 23,000 sq. ft. In April of 2010, we celebrated 20 years in business. Our team consists of experienced engineers paired with a highly trained and motivated group of CNC Machine operators and skilled trades people, backed up by our inspection department that is precise and trained to assemble quality mold bases.

5 Mold base expertise from MMB includes:

6 Custom, large and complex mold bases.
Our professional skilled-trades, together with experienced engineers, provide high quality craftsmanship, better turn around, and satisfaction that your project will be completed in a timely manner. Mac-Mold Base strives to exceed our customers requirements in quality and service.

7 Custom, large and complex mold bases.
Material options for your mold base include: A-36, 4140PH, P-20, Aluminum, Alumold, Toolox, Stainless Steel and more. We can provide all or some of your specified components from locks, ej-covers, springs, insulator boards, locating rings, sprue bushings, graphite bushings and more. For contour solid style mold bases, we can provide roughing, core and cavity plates, squared with handling holes, or anywhere in between.

8 Deep Hole Gundrilling Utilizing our state of the art Tarus Gundrill.
Together with Lemoine RTM, the latest in CAD/CAM software, this Gundrill also doubles as a boring mill. The revolutionary STS (single tube system) allows for quicker turn-around… even on deep holes! Most diameters available.

9 STS Deep Hole Drilling Quick turn around using our Tarus CNC Gundrill
Perfect for water lines and tube sheets

10 Grinding With a 36” x 96” capacity, Mac-Mold can fulfill your grinding needs. MMB currently has (3) large capacity grinders.

11 Custom 3-D Machining The latest CAD/CAM software is utilized
Together with MMB skilled-trades and engineers To guarantee precise, accurate, and quick custom machining.

12 Precision Machining With our large capacity CNC machining centers, Mac-Mold can precisely machine all of your tight tolerance projects.

13 Surface Contouring

14 Abrasive Waterjet Cutting
We are proud to offer waterjet services with a brand new machine! (2009) Utilizing the latest CAD/CAM software are reliable Mitsubishi controls, we can cut a wide variety of materials up to 6” thick. We can produce nested parts as close as .100” apart and with accuracy up to +/-0.001*. Reduce waste and increase your productivity today. Large table capacity of 6’ x 12’.

15 Abrasive Waterjet Cutting
Perfect application for roughing pockets for mold bases. Leaves no heat affected areas and can cut any material from mild steel, aluminum, P-20, 4140PH to titanium. Also a perfect application for insulator sheets. Ask us about cutting wear plates for your next mold base!

16 Experienced Engineering
Our engineering staff, with its combined 25 years of experience, prides itself on being the best. Utilizing the latest CAD/CAM software and high powered computer systems, Mac-Mold can offer precise and professional engineering. Mac-Mold is able to convert almost every CAD/CAM format and can utilize 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional drawings.

17 A Proud Member of the Eastern Michigan Tool & Die Collaborative, L. L
A Proud Member of the Eastern Michigan Tool & Die Collaborative, L.L.C. 392 employees Sales volume over $50,000,000 Aerospace Aircraft Appliance Automotive Consumer Products Defense Government Industrial Machine Tool Medical Pharmaceutical Electronics Robotics 24/7 Emergency repair Reverse Engineering CNC Grinding up to 5 axis CNC Milling up to 590” per minute Wire EDM up to 5 axis Plasma cutting Waterjet Cutting Sinker EDM up to 17.5” x 15” x 12” Tryout Presses Portable Laser scanning 3D CMM Inspection CNC Turning, Creep Feed Grinding, OD Grinding, Surface Grinding Centerless Grinding, Jig Grinding/Boring Welding – MIG, TIG & ARC Heat Treating Aluminum & Steel Fabrication Deep Drawn Extrusions – M6 thru M12 Short & Medium Run Production Boring Mills up to 120” Build & Rebuild Specialty Machines

18 Mac-Mold Base, Inc. Your Custom Mold Base and Special Machining Source Contact us today!
Phone: Fax: Web: Michael Gustavus – President Lori Gustavus – Vice President Claire Cataldo – Office Manager Joseph Jancic – Engineer/Programmer John Wilton – Data Management/Programmer Bradley Keegan – Manufacturing Supervisor David Gifford – Purchasing / Waterjet Dept. PROUDLY

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