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© 2012 Intertex Data AB 1 Needs Show Up in Islands Person-to-person, real-time related: + IM, Presence, + SMS (2G, 3G…) (Wireless only!?) + Skype (call.

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1 © 2012 Intertex Data AB 1 Needs Show Up in Islands Person-to-person, real-time related: + IM, Presence, + SMS (2G, 3G…) (Wireless only!?) + Skype (call for free), and some more…, but… + Telepresence + UC But it is exactly here we need to get out of the islands! Currently No Way Forward: SDN/IMS show no sign of anything in that direction It is “The Emperor's New Clothes” – Who should enlighten and spread? We miss a few things in the Internet cloud: Global identity – Reaching everyone, everywhere – Quality --- Consensus that SDN/IMS is not the way forward – Now even FAX fails --- The way forward (Instead of more and more islands)? SIP Forum? i3Forum? Will regulation help? Are there FCC activities? BoF

2 Internet Internet has Shown the Success of a Cloud! We need this for global UC: With: 1.All you can do with SIP - UC 2.Full mobility 3.Numbers and SIP addresses 4.Quality up to Telepresence 5.Interoperability – Don’t GW, unless required 6.Delivery to the users SIP Connect 1.1 Internet + But got this (SDN/IMS): (Wires on top of the cloud!? Wasn’t creating the cloud the success?) Session Delivery Network (SDN) = POTSoIP

3 © 2012 Intertex Data AB 3 It Should be of Utmost Interest for the Telcos  For real-time usage, we need an Internet pipe with prioritization enabled - not just for telepresence quality, but also for 2G, 3G and 4G mobile real-time usage with smart phones  Has to be charged separately. If not, it would be used for everything and we are back at all usage being at the same quality level.  And we don’t want our smart phone batteries drained  And we want to use both phone number and addresses – not the many island. Telephony Income (highly charged) Low Charged Internet Bandwidth Quality Bandwidth New Income Data RTC Telephony + Internet + Economy Skype etc. Internet and Telephony Economy Bandwidth Usage Data RTC

4 © 2012 Intertex Data AB 4 For the Telephony + Services For a Telephony + service (including POTS): + SIP is the standard to use. All SIP transported everywhere!  The SIP interface must be available everywhere and the network carry anything possible with SIP, both for users and services.  The Network shall not interfere – not be application specific – that is between users and services. SIP proxies are allowed, but  Gateways and B2BUA are only allowed toward outside elements + Usage of E.164 numbers in addition to SIP address + Telcos must share numbers in a common database + ENUM convert numbers to SIP addresses (and other addresses, possibly Skype) + Gateways in and out to the other islands. + Trust between participants (like having a telephony subscription/telephone line/number today)

5 Internet + Model ENUM DNS EMS TR- 069 SIP Connect 1.1 PKI The Internet with Quality Enabled Global IP Transport Network All SIP Routed Everywhere (Not Gatewayed! Via SIP Proxies – Not B2BUAs) The TOQrouter – Trust, Openness, Quality – is a routing SIP proxy, a billing meter, and with built in SBC.

6 © 2012 Intertex Data AB 6 For the Telcos To Do  Enable diffserv on Internet+ Accesses (Or provide separate high quality pipe on routable IP.)  Provide ENUM directory (public or private) E.164 numbers to SIP address resolution  Peer higher quality pipes with other carriers just as for Internet Share ENUM between the Carriers  Deploy TOQrouters* – similar to clever E- SBCs used for SIP Trunking Manage as already done in volume deployments Provide Certificates to the TOQrouter for trust TOQ routers use mutual TLS for all WAN SIP  Pick up CDRs from the TOQrouter and Bill * TOQ stands for Trust, Openness, Quality

7 © 2012 Intertex Data AB 7 Smooth Way Toward Internet+ Can Introduce Step-by-Step (and per user):  SIP Trunk Provider: Can use TOQrouter and directly offer Global UC  Flat rate over current Internet now, add +pipe with quality and billing later  TOQrouter routes PSTN calls directly over today’s SIP trunk  If on Internet now: Turn on diffserv on carriers network, +peer with other carriers later  If on quality pipe now: Use white IP addresses and +peer settlement free with others  Triple Play Provider: Can use TOQrouter and directly offer Global UC  TOQrouter presents a single LAN with global UC and telephony on the quality cloud  Flat rate first, add other price plans and billing later  TOQrouter can still route PSTN calls over today’s SIP-trunk  Use white IP addresses on quality cloud and +peer with other carriers  Mobile 3G, 4G Provider: Can use TOQrouter and directly offer Global UC  Battery draining by keep-alive packets gone!  Turn on diffserv in own network and offer quality to own users  Flat rate first - add other price plans and billing later  Use white IP addresses and +peer quality clouds with other carriers later  No need for VoLTE (it is just complicated POTS) while using existing POTS/ PSTN interop until all on IP

8 Most of the Gear is Already in Use TR-069 Internet IP-TV VoD IP-TV VoD IMS VoIP IMS VoIP PDA VLANs or ADSL Virtual Circuits The Multimedia LAN WiFiWiFi Telepresence IP- PBX …but not (yet) for Internet+ In the above deployment, the Intertex IX78 E-SBC is used for SIP trunking, but is actually capable of TOQrouter functions. This major European Telco has a high quality VoIP network using white addresses and is routed to the Internet. An Internet+ model would here simply mean IP peering their VoIP IP network to other service providers’ high quality networks, supplying an ENUM database and relying on CDRs delivered to the management system. The Intertex IX78 already provides the clean SIP interface to LAN endpoints and servers on the LAN, in parallel with its gateway approach toward the PBX and the IMS system.

9 © 2012 Intertex Data AB 9 We are the fixers – In lack of standard transport PSTN GW Data & VoIP LAN IP-PBX UC Voice Mail Remote Users Ingate/Intertex E-SBCs enable SIP based Live UC Across the Borders! (SIP does not traverse ordinary NAT/Firewalls.) SoftSwitch/SBC Overlay SIParator® Users and Services can be Everywhere: SIP must connect there!

10 © 2012 Intertex Data AB 10 For mobile and Our SmartPhones  Just replace today’s network firewall with the TOQrouter* and use the IP channel for good real-time communication also  No more battery draining (keep-alive packets not needed)  Forget about VoLTE in 4G networks. It is POTSoIP again…  No more ”mobility plumbing” needed: SIP reaches everywhere! Internet+ 4G 3G 2G VoLTE * TOQ stands for Trust, Openness, Quality

11 Most Important: SIP Everywhere – Just like HTTP! We would not have the Web, if HTTP did not go between the Browser and the Web server. Today SIP is stopped and limited by Firewall/NATs, SoftSwitches and bad SBCs. The TOQrouter is a standard compliant SIP proxy (and SBC) that routes all SIP between the Users and Servers according to RCF 3261. The TOQrouter is not interfering with the usage of the SIP communication (like today’s plumbing), but can measure the usage for billing. Proper SIP transport (by routing SIP proxies) is required: For all beyond POTS usage, UC For eliminating network incompatibilities – Interop issues are then reduced to being only between clients and services For mobility: User and services can be anywhere! For global UC: Clients, PBXs, Cloud services etc. only have to use a standard SIP interface. There is no other way to go!

12 © 2012 Intertex Data AB 12 More on the Internet+ Ingate Systems Inc. 7 Farley Road Hollis, NH 03049 United States Ph: +1 (603) 883-6569 Tel sv: +46 8 6007750 Intertex Data AB Rissneleden 45 SE-174 44 Sundbyberg Sweden Tel: +46 8 6282828 Internet+ Whitepaper (in progress) Live Demo Presentation from ITEXPO SIP Trunking Summit Miami, February 2011!

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