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E-Marketing Campaigns The Sequel greenmessage and The Swan Company.

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1 E-Marketing Campaigns The Sequel greenmessage and The Swan Company

2 Today’s plan Building a plan Why e-marketing? Measuring activities What next? Managing enquiries Converting into sales Learning and repeating

3 The cunning plan What Why When How Who

4 Marketing Plan DateActivityNovemberDecemberJanuaryFebruary 5 th NovBonfire night Promotion on fireworks and sausages 25 th DecChristmas tree promotion and lights All monthJanuary sales 14 th FebValentines Day – Red Roses

5 Geographical Marketing

6 Geographical marketing With added umph!

7 Google search results

8 Why all this activity? Greater exposure Understanding of your business Brings people toward you Helps you understand your customer’s needs Sales improve cash flow! Speed up your business

9 Why e-marketing? It is the most powerful, cost effective and measurable marketing tool in the box 24 hour exposure Works while you don’t Very cost effective Stops cold calling!

10 Tricks of the trade! Work your database Establish your activity timetable Content – Look at your marketing strategy! – Pick fluffy subjects – Links click here to go to another site – Downloads – Photos – Words

11 And there is more Forward to a friend Unsubscribe Who will receive it? – Platforms Outlook Mac Mail Webmail Smartphones

12 We are watching you!

13 Information you need Who opens it and when Who clicks through Bounces! Unsubscribes Forwards Web stats

14 Action is the key Plan the work Work the plan Review the plan and improve

15 The next steps Newton’s third law – For every action there is a equal and opposite re- action If you send out an e-newsletter you will get responses !

16 What’s next After a short break, Margaret from The Swan Company will enlighten you with how to turn warm leads into sales.

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