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Indiana Library Federation InLLA Conference, July 24, 2014 Marketing Basics and Branding the Library for a Positive Experience.

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2 Indiana Library Federation InLLA Conference, July 24, 2014 Marketing Basics and Branding the Library for a Positive Experience

3 Libraries build relationships, promote services and events using website, e-newsltr, fliers, no-cost media & social media. Libraries usually have good PR efforts … we have collapsed all of this & call it marketing BUT marketing in the real sense is associated with dollars: purchasing ads, spending money

4 Differences…. Marketing – billboards are purchased- the circus is coming to town Promotion – an elephant is seen w/a sign, the circus is coming Publicity –newspaper reports elephant acc stomped on mayor’s beautiful flower garden and yard; articles in news about that mentions circus is coming to town Public Relations – mayor rides on elephant promoting the circus—no hard feelings!

5 Map for Today’s Session 1. Review the power of building good communications and public relations 2. Discuss targeted marketing 3. Building a brand; Can developing a logo and/or tagline help the library accomplish its goal? 4. Delivering on brand promise

6 Tactics to promote/mkt the library VIP: Hire the right personalities for front-line service at the library Do advertise if possible; take care in signage Use cross-promotions follow up calls; even how the parking lot looks Donor outreachOutstanding website Publications; use of “hold” message Phone manner is a form of promotion

7 Communication is the Bedrock of Outstanding Public Relations What is the main goal of a library’s message? Are there goals? Examples: to increase usage or gatecount? To target a certain segment of the population? Does the library use good comm to obtain goodwill in the community/ to promote value? Good communication allows for better decision- making in budgeting and allotment of resources Good comm could translate into more support by community, legislators, other decision-makers

8 Why Libraries Resist Doing Promotions or Outreach: Lack of resources, expertise… How to get started ? It’s best to hire someone trained in the field or use creative staff or those w/skill sets (ad writing /design); Important to get input from front line employees, board members

9 Relationship Builders: think about.. Does the director set the tone of what is valued? How does the library staff support the mission? How does the library or board set priorities? How do you track, resolve complaints? Is there a suggestion box? Some of the best ideas are given by your users!

10 Targeted Communication Plan Define the problem. What are you doing now? Where is there need to improve? Whom do you serve? Whose needs are you trying to satisfy? Clarify goals. How to best reach the target market? Who is competition? What do you want to achieve & by when? Communicate your core msg based on mission

11 Reaching a Targeted Market Your “audience” or potential visitors are segmented by demographics Write in a style that pertains to that segment Deliver msg in their preferred manner Keep msg short, clear and sell the benefit! Invite action Use the word “you” in ad copy

12 Tips on Targeted Marketing Create a msg that fits w/target group Does creativity, humor, surprise, excitement work for this audience? Use a wide range of communication tactics

13 Marketing Msgs Provide a “solution” to customer’s “problem” Use both traditional and electronic means Look for partnering opps Use testimonials from visitors Use element of surprise, humor, edgy, creative messages where appropriate

14 Ideally, Communications Planning Includes Recognize that visitors have met and unmet needs Research lib’s role Strategic Plan Put resources toward that which supports desired goals Monitor & evaluate progress toward goals

15 Leadership Sets the priority and establishes the value of the marketing/service plan for the library The leader determines the outcome through his or her knowledge, commitment, energy, plan and follow through Has vision for the library Excellence occurs when you know your visitors’ needs (current and future)

16 Personnel 1 st – Must have commitment by administration 2 nd - Staff must understand their value and how what they do fits in with the whole system; they should understand the direction of the library (ie., we are serious about great service! We are working toward improvements in x area and will have measurable results within x (timeframe) 3 rd – provide staff w/ training if possible

17 Plan your Work before Working Your Plan Set realistic goals: What kind of library do you aspire to? Mission: The task of the leaders… to develop the role of the library in the community or campus; share vision with staff Values: What are the day to day behaviors? Do those behaviors support the direction in which you want to beheading? Does the perception of library to the public (or target audience) match what you think are correct perceptions? If not, where falling short? Do you want to enhance visibility, be more responsive to visitors? increase visits or donations? Have more families in the library? Serve more children? recruit staff or more volunteers? Planning includes defining your goals and identifying the participants. Establish who will do what by when.

18 Learn about Customers Formal: Yearly surveys, focus groups, questionnaires, observation Informal: Short interviews, e-mail, suggestion box, staff input/dept. discuss

19 Building a Positive Image The library as an experience can be created in- house relatively inexpensively Learn what visitors want/expect Commit to making each visit pleasant Exceed expectations Be approachable. Be creative. Be collaborative. It’s ideal to have a person oversee communi- cations, print material, outreach efforts, graphic standards

20 Enlarging Your Scope of Mkt Efforts Convey what is most unique about your library Communicate about librarians, too! Make msg short, concise, focused, interesting—use humor! Speak to them in their language (write for your audience) Use a variety of methods: social media, check-out receipts, print material, website, e-news, electronic crawl signs Testimonials (powerful) Rotate displays regularly and show off resources Do presentations in the community; be a part of fairs/festivals and offer cross promos video on Web sites

21 Keeping your audience in mind… Would a slogan or a mascot work? Would your lib benefit from using a tagline to help communicate your message? In promoting services, write like someone who works in advertising. Have fun! Be creative in your ad copy. Read while you drive! Do research in your pajamas. Ask us! Save $$ - check out DVDs We’re your partner in tech training

22 Goal: Raise awareness to business comm a well-designed Web page Well-written news releases (someone proof them w/journalism exp; get in habit of writing how news reporters write) Library news is all around: Use interesting facts, figures, circulation #, stories of impact News about services, staff, collection, programs Can stream short video spots online (inexpensive and effective)

23 Finalizing Your Plan Define the problem you wish to solve (It should fit w/mission and strategic plan) Research & define audience and comm methods Create timeframe as to your goals Develop message and tactics Set budget; organize staff (who will do what by when) All staff need to understand library’s goals, areas of desired improvement. Implement ; seek feedback; evaluate Revise where and if necessary

24 The power of various media Social media – personal, immediate, targeted Newspapers –immediate; easy and inexpensive Magazines – high credibility; very high lead time Radio – intimate yet somewhat expensive Brochure – allows for more detail; inexpensive TV – lets you show/demonstrate but expensive Fliers – economical and provides good info Internet – interactive and not expensive Billboard – serves as a reminder but only 7-8 words

25 Famous Brands

26 What is a Brand? Identifiable entity, recognizable concept What immediately comes to mind Makes a specific promise of value In a store or library, for example, a visitor’s perception is reflected by the associations he/she has & holds in memory Your library already has a brand whether or not you are managing it…what comes to mind

27 They evolve…

28 But not too much! What famous logo was originally to be named after Pequod, a whaling ship from Moby-Dick, (it was rejected by co- founders) and was instead named after the chief mate on the Pequod.Pequodwhaling ship Moby-Dickchief mate

29 1 st franchise w/arches in Phoenix

30 Use of building element w/in logo

31 More than a word or symbol … A brand represents the immediate image, emotions, perceptions, tangible/intangible qualities of a product or service Brands create a perception in the mind of the customer that there is no other product or service that is quite like yours. What sets your library apart?

32 Building a Brand Using a Logo Graphic identity communicates what you do Tries to capture the look and feel of the organization Builds consistency with use of colors/fonts/ overall look on all material, ads, signs, Web site, forms, etc.

33 Guiding Values of Marriott to Establish their Brand Wanted to turn their image around Wanted to be known for friendly service, excellent value Treat people well Hard work, yet keep it fun Continual self-improvement, training

34 The brand promise If you create a tag line, those words must be a part of the library’s culture. The brand promise must be consistent, doable, enforceable. Are you able to do what you say you will do? Administration must have commitment; branding takes time. Staff should be trained and understand how this fits with overall mission/plan.

35 Not fitting with the brand promise

36 Brand building can include a tagline Access Knowledge Success Explore! Expand! Your Passport to the World Engage. Enlighten. Enrich. Learn, Discover, Enjoy Meeting Your Needs Your destination for research, learning & friends

37 Taglines Be a reader … be informed Information & Imagination! What sums up or captures the essence of your library?

38 Brand building

39 Famous Taglines Good to the last drop You’re in good hands with _______ Bet you can’t eat just one M’’mmm, m’mmm good! It keeps going and going and going… Save Money. Live Better. We’re #2, we try harder

40 Which tagline do you think won? A world of information – right here in North Dakota Making Powerful Connections Answers NOW! When you need information North Dakota State Library: We’re all about serving you Online all the time Every Question deserves an answer Line up. Download: Your Library Delivers

41 Consistency (Standards) in colors, look, font, size Graphic identity = your library’s unique logo mark conveys a tone, feel and non-tangible evocation This use of a graphic identity makes an organization seem more professional, more unified. Important to communicate to staff the graphic standards/guidelines.

42 Some Library Logos “Connecting people, information and ideas”

43 Contact: Susan Akers or ILF: 317-257-2040 ext. 101 I’ll be at the Chesterton library in a couple of years!

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