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School Leadership Team

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1 School Leadership Team
2017 2016 2015 2014 School Leadership Team Elon Park Elementary, South Learning Community

2 Welcome Staff Meeting Norms: Agenda: Begin on Time, end on time.
2017 2016 Staff Meeting Norms: Begin on Time, end on time. Come prepared. Stay on Schedule 100% Participation No Sidebar Conversations Cell Phones on Vibrate 2015 Agenda: Introductions New Staff/Existing staff Vision/Mission SLT Responsibilities Celebrations EOG data SIP Questions, comments, concerns Scheduled SLT meetings 2014

3 Introductions/New Staff
Mr. Dennis Queen, Zone Superintendent Mrs. Jane Armbruster, Assistant Principal Lisa Mahony, First Grade Teacher Rebecca Ferguson, Second Grade Teacher Janet Thomas, Second Grade Teacher Kristen Martin, Second Grade Teacher Cortney Arnold, Third Grade Teacher Elizabeth Gilbert, Third Grade Teacher Kristen Goodman, Fourth Grade Teacher Cyndi Wolitzky, Fourth Grade Teacher Neil Deegan, Fourth Grade Teacher Kerry Shenoha, Fifth Grade Teacher Lisa Pagano, Talent Development Teacher Stephanie Arem, Art Teacher Brittany Pylant, Art Teacher Carolyn Whitt, ½ Time Exceptional Children’s Teacher New Guidance Counselor position Name tags Pens

4 Existing Staff with New Assignment
Jason Geiger, Principal Intern Jill Boyajy, Literacy Facilitator Dorothea Heath, ESL Teacher Alyssa Ryan, Kindergarten Teacher Cheryl Scales-Chavis, First Grade Teacher Marie Deegan, full time Talent Development Teacher Jennifer Moore, full time Music Teacher Ryan Shinn, full time P.E. Teacher

5 Vision At Elon Park Elementary, staff, students, families and community members collaborate to provide an extraordinary learning environment where all reach their full potential, enrich their individual talents and exhibit school pride…at ALL times, in EVERYTHING they do.

6 Mission At Elon Park Elementary, the school community will support the commitment to the following: Providing every student with rigorous, engaging and balanced instruction. Basing all decisions on student strengths and needs according to all available data. Appropriate, effective collaboration among staff, families and community members for the benefit of each student. Facilitation of 21st century learning through implementation of best practices. Delivery and participation in effective professional development. Continuous school improvement. 180 School Days resulting in a minimum of one year’s growth academically for every student.

7 SLT responsibilities Facilitating the involvement of the school community in the development of the school improvement plan; SLT members encourages, supports and creates opportunities for involvement from parents in the community, contributes to the design of the school improvement plan and monitors the effectiveness of the school improvement plan strategies.

8 Celebrations 2017 2016 2015 Are you looking for information on the top public elementary schools in the Charlotte area? Below you'll find rankings on some of the best Charlotte-area elementary schools. - Top 50 schools - Rank School 4 Elizabeth Lane Elementary School Matthews 5 Providence Spring Elementary School Charlotte 7 McKee Road Elementary School Charlotte 8 Ballantyne Elementary School Charlotte 16 Beverly Woods Elementary School Charlotte 17 Hawk Ridge Elementary School Charlotte 19 Polo Ridge Elementary School Charlotte 29 Elon Park Elementary School Charlotte 30 Waddell Language Academy Charlotte 34 Collinswood Language Academy Charlotte 2014

9 Elon Park EOG Scores (as of 8-20-14)
Celebrations 2017 Dorothea, Lisa M., Lisa P. and Mary selected as participants in the Governor’s Teacher Network (Most of any CMS School). The amount of time spent by teachers this summer. Student Achievement: 2016 2015 2014 Elon Park EOG Scores (as of ) Test Name (Level 3&4) (Level 3, 4 &5) (Level 4&5) 3rd Reading 79.20% 89.78% 82.25% 3rd Math 84.50% 91.28% 85.64% 3rd Composite 81.80% 4th Reading 63.10% 84.93% 75.30% 4th Math 90.96% 88.55% 4th Composite 73.80% 5th Reading 63.70% 77.60% 67.20% 5th Math 76.20% 86.36% 83.32% 5th Science 69.90% 85.71% 75.86% 5th Composite School Composite 74.20% 84.42% 77.20%

10 What is Value-Added? The goal is to find whether a student made a year’s worth of academic growth in a school year. In its simplest terms, to meet value added targets, a student will appear at about the same place on the curve or score at the same percentile from year to year. If they’re lower on the curve or have a lesser percentile rating, they do not meet value added. If they’re further along, they score above it.

11 Math

12 Reading

13 Science

14 Overall… -0.82 Meets Expected Growth

15 Anything Less is Unacceptable
Achievement is 2017 Strategic Calculated Purposeful “Education is the kindling of a flame not the filling of a vessel” Socrates Illuminate Enlighten Empower Inspire Anything Less is Unacceptable 2016 2015 2014

16 School Improvement Plan
Goal 1 – Duty free lunch Goal 2 – Instructional Planning time Goal 3 - Positive School Climate Goal 4 – Increase growth in Reading Goal 5 – Increase growth in Math Goal 6 – Positive School Culture Please make sure you have signed and put your on the SIP form

17 Scheduled Meeting Dates
-October 5pm -November 5pm -December 5pm -January 5pm -February 5pm -March 5pm -April 5pm -May -June 5pm

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