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The Journey Elon Park Elementary, South Learning Community 2015 2014 2016 2017.

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1 The Journey Elon Park Elementary, South Learning Community 2015 2014 2016 2017

2 Vision At Elon Park Elementary, staff, students, families and community members collaborate to provide an extraordinary learning environment where all reach their full potential, enrich their individual talents and exhibit school pride…at ALL times, in EVERYTHING they do.

3 Mission At Elon Park Elementary, the school community will support the commitment to the following: Providing every student with rigorous, engaging and balanced instruction. Basing all decisions on student strengths and needs according to all available data. Appropriate, effective collaboration among staff, families and community members for the benefit of each student. Facilitation of 21 st century learning through implementation of best practices. Delivery and participation in effective professional development. Continuous school improvement. 180 School Days resulting in a minimum of one year’s growth academically for every student.

4 Coffee Chat Norms Please put cell phones on vibrate If you have to take a call, please go into the hallway Limit sidebar conversations Hold questions until the end of each segment Focus on issues that are within our control Today’s Agenda: 1.2013-2014 Student Achievement Data 2.Achieve 225 3.Words Their Way 4.BOY Assessments 5.Rumor has it… 6.Parent Feedback

5 2014-2015 Leadership Team Chuck Fortuna – Principal Jane Armbruster – Assistant Principal Craig Higgins – Dean of Students Jason Geiger – Principal Intern Mary Strawderman – Facilitator Jill Boyajy - Facilitator

6 Celebrations 2014 2015 2016 2017 Are you looking for information on the top public elementary schools in the Charlotte area? Below you'll find rankings on some of the best Charlotte-area elementary schools. - Top 50 schools - Rank School 4 Elizabeth Lane Elementary School MatthewsElizabeth Lane Elementary SchoolMatthews 5 Providence Spring Elementary School CharlotteProvidence Spring Elementary SchoolCharlotte 7 McKee Road Elementary School CharlotteMcKee Road Elementary SchoolCharlotte 8 Ballantyne Elementary School CharlotteBallantyne Elementary SchoolCharlotte 16 Beverly Woods Elementary School CharlotteBeverly Woods Elementary SchoolCharlotte 17 Hawk Ridge Elementary School CharlotteHawk Ridge Elementary SchoolCharlotte 19 Polo Ridge Elementary School CharlottePolo Ridge Elementary SchoolCharlotte 29 Elon Park Elementary School Charlotte 30 Waddell Language Academy CharlotteWaddell Language AcademyCharlotte 34 Collinswood Language Academy CharlotteCollinswood Language AcademyCharlotte

7 Celebrations 2014 2015 2016 2017 Dorothea Heath, Lisa Maples, Lisa Pagano, and Mary Strawderman have been selected as participants in the Governor’s Teacher Network (Most of any CMS School)

8 Achieve 225 Grant awarded to Elon Park and 22 other schools in CMS. 100% Teacher Led. Focuses on preferred play. Provides common rules. Teaches conflict resolution strategies. Reasoning for grant adoption at Elon Park.

9 Why Achieve 225?

10 Words Their Way Research based word study. A major shift from traditional spelling.

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