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Expository Writing Practices Across the Content Areas.

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1 Expository Writing Practices Across the Content Areas

2 Activating Prior Knowledge What do you know or think you know? 1.What is Expository Writing? 2.Why do my students need to learn Expository Writing? 3.How can I integrate Expository Writing activities within my content area? 4.How might I find time for reflection and feedback?

3 What is Expository Writing? The writer: Explains, describes, gives information or informs Assumes the reader has no prior knowledge of the topic Requires a high level of knowledge on organization

4 What is Expository Writing? Narrative Tell a story Enlighten Entertain Real or Imagined Experiences Expository Argue Compare Cause/Effect Describe Explain Inform Problem/Soluti on Reason Retell Sequence Both Structured Sequenced Detailed

5 Why do my students need to learn expository writing? 80% of writing activities across content areas in the CCSS focus on Expository Writing!

6 Expository Writing in my Content Area Math Create a 2-column chart. Compare/contrast attributes of a rhombus with those of a square. Science Restate the process of photosynthesis using three vocabulary words from the lesson. Social Studies Write an explanation of Queen Lili’uokalani’s quest for moral and political restitution. Health Translate a technical article about the benefits of buying food from local farmers into language that is suitable for a school newsletter. English Language Arts Write a position paper on the quote: “A recent survey revealed 55% of teens listed ‘who their friends are’ as the top factor influencing their opinion of their peers.”

7 Creative Applications to Tease Your Thinking! "Long Lost" Scientific Logs or Historical Journals: Based upon the informational research, have students keep multi-day logs or journals about scientific or historical topics, complete with "antique" maps or illustrations. The Family Photo Album: Illustrate the controlling concept and facts through photos, paintings, or drawings, bound together in a scrapbook format. Add written captions that describe the visual information. Comic Collections: Using a comic strip format, write the actual informational report in the speech or thought bubbles!


9 What did you learn? Expository writing is… Expository is not… My students need to learn expository writing because… I can easily integrate expository writing into my curriculum in the following ways… I can monitor for understanding by…

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