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Period 18:00-9:20 Period 29:30-10:50 Lunch10:50-11:50 Period 311:50-1:10 Period 41:20-2:40.

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1 Period 18:00-9:20 Period 29:30-10:50 Lunch10:50-11:50 Period 311:50-1:10 Period 41:20-2:40

2 a) How many of you have ever accidentally bumped or ran into someone in the Breezeway? b) How many of you said, “Sorry” when you accidentally bumped someone else? c) How many of you have seen other students throw trash on the ground? d) How many of you have held a door open for another student or staff member? Were you thanked? e) How many of you have heard inappropriate language in the Breezeway? f) How many of you have said, “Thank You,” when someone has held a door open for you, picked something up off the ground that you dropped or helped when someone needed it?

3 Why it is important to demonstrate PRIDE in the Breezeway?  The Breezeway is a shared area among all students and staff  We are a community and we need to show respect for each other

4  Demonstrate patience  Stay to the right  Plan and prepare your route and supplies  Travel with a purpose

5  Use appropriate voice and language in every language  Clean up after yourself  Respect others’ belongings and school property  Appreciate school posters and student art  Promote safety  Use appropriate displays of affection

6  Take ownership of your actions  Support and protect the rights of others  Help others in need of assistance

7  Look beyond stereotypes  Look for opportunities to learn something new

8  Keep a positive attitude  Be the example for others to follow




12 Advisors: Jennifer MullerTom Muller DDHS Band consists of Concert Band (9-10 grade), Symphonic Band (11-12 grade) and Wind Ensemble (audition only). In addition, there is Stage Band, Jazz Band I and Jazz Band II. All bands rehearse and perform many styles of instrumental music. Performance is required. All DDHS Band classes meet during the school day in the Performing Arts Center.

13 Advisors: Christopher SilvaMarcia Thomas The DDHS Choirs consist of Treble Choir, Men’s Choir, Advanced Treble Choir, Chorale, Concert Choir and Troubadours. All choirs explore choral literature from all time periods representing diverse cultures. Public performance is required. All choirs meet as a class during the school day.

14 Advisor: Michelle Lindberg DDHS Orchestra consists of String Ensemble I & II, Symphonic Strings and Concert Strings. All classes work on and perform string literature. All Orchestra classes meet during the school day.

15 Advisor: Amber Cowgill DDHS Cheer supports all David Douglas Athletics and competes in several competitions statewide during the year. Cheerleaders are selected in the spring each year. DDHS Cheerleaders practice daily during their season.

16 Coach/Advisor: Erin Bray The Speech and Debate Team may be of interest if you like to talk a lot, be the center of attention, win awards, meet new people, act, argue, or look good for colleges. The Speech and Debate Team will have their first meeting Tuesday, September 29th after school in Room 144. Practice times will be announced as we get into the season.

17 Coach/Advisor: Kristina JohnsElaine Little The TAMS are the DDHS Dance Team. The team performs for school assemblies, games and a variety of competitions during the year. The team is selected from auditions done in the spring. The TAMS meet in the South Gym / Dance Room on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.


19 Advisors: LoriAnn KordalisSue Brian The ASL Club and ASL Honor Society’s mission is to promote academic achievement, to encourage student use of ASL, to improve awareness and understanding of Deaf culture, and to expose the school community to various aspects of ASL and Deaf culture. The ASL meets monthly with activities schedule throughout the school year.

20 Advisors: Jessica ClassenJeannie Daugherty The Asian Leadership Club is a club that promotes an interest in Asian culture. The Asian Leadership Club meets on Wednesdays after school in Room 153 or 159.

21 Advisors: Stacey BarberJohn Planisek The Bowling Club practices bowling skills, bowling etiquette and teamwork. The Bowling Club meets year around. Meetings are on Tuesdays after school in room S2 or S7 once a month. Bowling practice will be on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays from 3:00-5:00 at Rose Bowl.

22 Advisor: Lynette Velasquez The Break Dance Club performs at the DDHS Dance Recitals, assemblies and basketball games. The Break Dance Club practices during late lunches daily and every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00-4:00 in the South Dance Room.

23 Advisors: Sean RogersJan Wolford The Bike Club does a little bike maintenance first, then if you have a helmet you can go riding with us. The Bike Club meets on Fridays after school.

24 Advisors: Faye RobinsonMichele Powelson D.R.E.A.M. stands for Discover, Realize, Enlighten others, and Accomplish Miracles. The D.R.E.A.M Club is a community service volunteer club that serves DDHS and the Portland Metro area. Currently, we are NOT accepting any new members this year. The D.R.E.A.M. Club meets once a month, usually on Saturday mornings because of scheduling challenges with members.

25 Advisors: Stacey BarberEric Matthews The Earth Club studies environmental processes and works on restoration activities and chimpanzee research. The Earth Club meets after school in room S2.

26 Advisor: Gordy Scott The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a group that meets about issues related to Christianity and athletic participation. The FCA meets every other week before school. There is always an announcement in the daily bulletin. The meeting room is still to be determined.

27 Advisors: Kate MolonyJennifer Healey The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) is a club that creates a fun, safe place to gather with friends. All are welcome, whether or not you are gay or straight. The GSA will determine meeting times after the Club Fair.

28 Advisors: Michael GivlerJudy LeCoq The Thespian Society learns about acting, theater and design through competitions, field trips and activities. The Thespian Society meets in the PAC basement as needed.

29 Advisors: Michiko Hern The Japanese Club works to understand and promote Japanese culture. The Japanese Club meets every Thursday after school in Room 204.

30 Advisors: Bill Berry&James Sanford The Life Trek Club is a club where students are encouraged through Bible study and each other. The Life Trek Club meets on the last A day of the week during both lunches in Room 115.

31 Advisors: Natalie DennyDerek Lew The Math Club competes in a few national contests, hosts a math contest for David Douglas 5-8 graders and regularly plays with math--games, puzzles, fun problems & topics. The Math Club meets the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month in Room 121.

32 Advisors: Sarah WilliamsHeidi Willis Valoree Hill The National Honor Society (NHS) is a group of academic and service student leaders who volunteer inside and outside school for service projects that benefit the community. The National Honor Society meets monthly in Room 168.

33 Advisors: Martha DecherdAmy Holman The Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) participates in the statewide OBOB competition. Students will read the 16 books on the list and prepare for the spring competition. The OBOB Club will meet as needed in the Library.

34 Advisors: Cari HarrisSean Betker The Peer Mediation Team is not a club, but a team of trained students who are available to help mediate conflicts between students. The Peer Mediation Team is available to help with a conflict during the school day as needed. To seek help from a peer mediator or to inquire about getting involved, contact Mrs. Harris or Mr. Betker.

35 Advisor: Oliver McCurnin The Poetry/Literature Club gathers during lunches and read poems we have either written or of other poets we admire. We have published books of poetry written by students and have recorded spoken word tracks on garage band and mixed them with music or other audio art. The Poetry/Literature Club meets during lunches in Room 141. The days of the week are still to be to determined.

36 Advisors: Rod WorthingtonOliver McCurnin The Philosophy Club encourages students to seriously examine their own beliefs and opinions while giving consideration to the beliefs and opinions of others. The hope is that this examination will lead to a more confident, successful and happy life. The Philosophy Club meets 3:00-4:00 every other Wednesday (sometimes more often) in Room 108.

37 Advisor: Rachel Reckord The Photo Club is a place for students to have a place to share and talk about photography. The Photo Club meets after school every other Wednesday B day in Room 136.

38 Advisor: Sandra Mueller The purpose of the Rocket Club is to challenge the next generation of engineers and scientists by forming teams for the annual rocket contest sponsored by AIA. The Rocket Club meets every Friday at 3:00 in Room 110.

39 Advisor: Anne Kemp The Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Club promotes activities that raise awareness of the risks of making poor choices with drug and alcohol use. This club plans activities with our student body and is involved in service activities during the year. The SADD club meets in the Library/Conference Room once a month or as needed.

40 Advisor: Sean Rogers The Science Club competes in Science competitions and fun labs. The Science Club meets Thursdays after school in Room S6.

41 Advisor: Janelle Snoderly The DDHS Wrestling Hostesses keep score at the dual wrestling matches, tournaments and help stage the State Wrestling Tournament since 1972. The Wrestling Hostesses meet from November to February every Tuesday in front of the Library.

42  SADD  Philosophy Club  Asian Leadership  Math Club  Bike Club  Science Club  REAP  Thespian Club  Life Trek (Bible Study)  Gay-Straight Alliance  Break Dance Club  Earth Club  Rocket Team (launching rockets)  Bowling Club  Japanese Club  Speech and Debate Team  Baseball  Scots’ PRIDE  Outdoor School  Key Club  Oregon Battle of the Books

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