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Pr o grams and Offerings at West Bloomfield High School.

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1 Pr o grams and Offerings at West Bloomfield High School

2 Educating Students to be their Best IN and FOR the World! We will develop socially responsible citizens empowered to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing global society, and who are characterized by curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate.

3 Peer Mentorship Each incoming 9 th grader receives a mentor. In addition to welcoming our new students, Peer Mentorship gives seniors leadership opportunities and real world application.

4 Medical Mentorship This science course pairs upperclassmen with medical professionals for hands on application of skills, job shadowing, and internship opportunities.

5 Political Leadership This class aspires to instill a value of public service, awareness of diversity, and to broaden students’ understanding of the government, legal, and educational process. Political Leadership gives students a first hand glimpse of the challenges and rewards that a career in education, government, or law has to offer.

6 Engineering Academy The industrial technology department is comprised of three pathways of courses: Engineering, CAD and Architecture. Each of the three pathways is designed to teach students basic to advanced skills in their respective pathways.

7 AP Programming (APID)

8 Marketing and Business WBHS students attend the annual DECA International Career Development Conference- and often win numerous awards. Our school store, Laker Landing, allows students retail experience as well as merchandising, marketing, and management.

9 TV/Video Production In Video Journalism classes, students are designated student staff roles in a newsroom environment to produce a daily news show, “Laker Update”, which broadcasts throughout the school and community. The daily Laker Update includes school announcements, news, sports, features, and commercials. This class has an emphasis on live production as well as post- production editing.

10 AVID is a program for students in grades 9-12 at WBHS. Students take AVID concurrently with an honors or AP class. AVID is designed to help students navigate difficult courses, prepare for college, write the college essays, improve test taking, become leaders, and select the right school. AVID is designed to help students prepare for college and become successful university students.

11 Award Winning Theater Arts During the academic year our program offers a tremendous number of production opportunities for students, including our fall play, children’s show, MIFA One-ACT Festival, Student Film Festival, and Spring Musical. Our program's unique production array offers students with highly diverse backgrounds and interests a means to express their creativity.


13 Choral, Band, Orchestra

14 Dream Dialogue will open lines of communication between young people that may otherwise never be examined. The 25-30 students that participate in Dream Dialogue each year will be intimately exposed to other cultures in a way that is impossible to create in a classroom setting. They will get hands on experience at museums, camps, recreation facilities, restaurants and other culturally significant venues and each session will be led by ADL trained facilitators. Our well trained staff will lead meetings and the curriculum is interactive so the students will be the most engaged.

15 Upstanders are nominated by teachers and staff members, and are selected to attend seminars on leadership, anti-bullying, friendship, and conflict resolution. They then model their skills and promote peace in the school community.

16 African American Awareness AAA African-American Awareness (AAA) AAA is a club that promotes the education of political and social awareness. Contrary to popular belief AAA is open to all students, and challenges students to think outside their preconceptions of others. AAA is very involved with the community, they run various charity drives and invite community leaders to speak at meetings.

17 GSA The WBHS Gay-Straight Alliance has helped raise awareness and promote tolerance in our building.

18 Many Students, Many Programs There is something unique for all of our students amongst our many specialized programs.

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