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Electric Canvas Brigette Berkery, Sophie Keen, Kate Shannon & Bridget Whitnall.

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1 Electric Canvas Brigette Berkery, Sophie Keen, Kate Shannon & Bridget Whitnall

2 Artist/ Art Collective Peter Milne- Projection Designer/ technical director Glenn Williams- Chief Technician Dean Maxwell- Operations and Production Manager Jonathan Nix - Artist and Designer Stephen Paul - Onlyview, PIGI and IT Technician Diana Golden- Administration and Logistics Manager Eric Guo - Chinese Export Manager, Accounts administrator

3 Background Established 1997 Came together after all having different experiences Worked with Vivid Sydney in 2009 World wide projectionists Vivid 2009 Opera House- Electric Canvas with Brian Eno

4 Interests “Projections need to be bright and vivid” Contrast Working with other artists to create their visions Expanding their abilities as a group

5 Style Bright abstract projections Patterns, lines Depends on the project Fun The Electric Canvas – Enlighten 2014 | National Portrait Gallery, Canberra

6 Gender 6 Male 1 Female The Electric Canvas’ Managing Director- Peter Milne | Botanic Gardens 31 st Jan 13’

7 Why do they create the work? Enjoyment – being paid for doing something you love Enhance Individual skills For clients

8 Artist: Electric Canvas Artwork: Macquarie Visions- Designing the Nation Site: St Mary's Cathedral Size: The main front of the Cathedral

9 Material Practise A very complex process is undertaken in order to achieve large scale production High powered digital projectors and PIGI filmstrip projects are used Light is applied to sites and surfaces for a variety of purposes The Electric Canvas | Vivid 2013

10 Step 1) understanding the projection site

11 Step 2) Designing projection images

12 Step 3)

13 Conceptual Practise Designing the Nation commemorated the 200 th anniversary and the story of two visionary leaders: Lachlan and Elizabeth Macquarie Macquarie was a Governor of NSW The pair built churches, schools, hospitals and banks around Sydney

14 Mr and Mrs Macquarie arrived in Sydney on the 1 st January 1810 The pair ordered the construction of St. Mary’s Cathedral This is one of their most significant contributions and why it was chosen to commence the story of the Macquarie’s Projections symbolize the natural beauty of the area, the influence of culture, Aboriginal inhabitants, the 2 nd chance given to convicts, Catholic beliefs and the Macquarie’s

15 Portrait of Lachlan Macquarie

16 Organic, natural patterns intertwined with leaves and flowers reflect the beauty if the natural landscape Aboriginal preservation off and respect for the natural landscape

17 Reflects Macquarie’s immense contribution This is includes building: military hospitals, St. Mathew’s Church, orphan schools, charity school houses, bridges, enlarging streets, stone wharves, botanical gardens and government stables Designing the nation- The Electric Canvas

18 The reoccurring light blue, is of high religious significance and often symbolizes purity Mary, the mother of Jesus Nurturing presence of the Cathedral

19 Audience: General public of Sydney

20 Purpose: Educate yet entertain Bring to life history through the new 21st century contemporary art approach The Electric Canvas- Winter Olympics Vancouver 2010

21 The Electric Canvas- Enlighten Festival, 2011. Howard Moffat/AUSPIC Concept How does it engage its intended audience? Purposeful location of the monumental St Mary’s Cathedral Though unique original forms of art. Its openness and free viewings. Open for different interpretations. Through physical and sensory interaction (sight and hearing)

22 Unfamiliar Customs- The Electric Canvas 11’ World The artwork is a celebration of Governor Macquarie’s vision for the future of the young penal colony of New South Wales Governor Macquarie’s influence on the development of our nation from a penal colony to such a prominent position on the world stage is so great that he is referred to as “The Father of Australia”

23 The juxtaposition of old and new with the modern medium of digital image projection layered over the classic and prominent Macquarie-influenced architecture of St Mary’s Cathedral, highlights the Governor’s vision St Mary’s Cathedral as a building represents cultural and economic progression and compares favorably with similar buildings in other parts of the civilised world The Electric Canvas | Vivid 2012

24 The use of colourful light and images of the digital projection draws the attention of the individual to the magnificence and prominence of the building in the contemporary landscape and busy modern lifestyle Wonderland- The Electric Canvas | White Night Festival 2014

25 Questions? Finger paint/ Cadman’s Finger- The Electric Canvas | Vivid 2013

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