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The Swedish e-society Åsa Zetterberg Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions [S]

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1 The Swedish e-society Åsa Zetterberg Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions [S]

2 The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) An employer organisation for municipalities, county councils and regions - Advocate the interests of our members and offer them support and services. - Raise issues, act decisively and enlighten public opinion. Our mission is to provide municipalities and county councils with better conditions for local and regional self-government Our vision is to develop the welfare system and its services It’s a matter of democracy All 290 municipalities and 20 county councils are members

3 Swedish Local Self Government - Role of municipalities and county councils Municipalities Compulsory - Social services, schools, spatial planning, health and environmental protection, refuse collection and waste disposal, rescue services, water and sewerage On voluntary basis - Recreation activities, culture, housing, energy, industrial facilities, public transport County Councils Compulsory - Health and medical care, regional development 75% of public services 21% of GDP 80% own finance Employ 30% of the labour force 80% of work force are women

4 We are facing the biggest change since industrialization

5 Municipalities and Regions have a key role in developing the eSociety - Local and regional governments account for 70 - 80% of citizen contacts -8 out of 10 entrepreneurs have contact with the municipality

6 Urbanization

7 The new nomads

8 Demografic change

9 Transparency and openess

10 Selfservice and empowerment

11 New ways to communicate and influence

12 Higher expectations

13 Other technology trends - Cloud - Mobility - Bring your own device - Big data

14 How do we offer welfare services in eSociety? Political questions that need political commitements

15 1,3 millions of the swedes does not use Internet

16 Strategies for eHealth, eSociety, eGovernment and Digital agenda

17 ”We need standardisation and common solutions” ”It´s about meeting citizens expecations” ”It´s surpricing that politicians haven´t required more in this field” ” We´re powerless in our contact with suppliers” ”Collaboration is what everybody talks about” ”SALAR should more clealy point out the rules of the large group” Muncipalities and County councils wants to cooperate around more than eHealth ”Public sector is facing one of the biggest challenges ever”

18 Important starting points Strategy for eSociety  New demands, expectations and opportunities challenges working methods and culture!  It´s all about business development!  The development of eSociety is a strategic management issue!  Electronic exchange of information demands a set of common rules!  Collaboration is needed, on all levels and between different sectors!

19 Objective 1 Simpler everyday life for the private persons and companies - reduced reporting for entrepreneurs - improve access to geodata - improve access to information about culture activities and events - improve access to information about students development - Improve traffic information and payment system in public transportations - Improve access for patient to health information

20 Objective 2 Smarter and more transparent management supports innovation and participation -simplify access to public information and open data -improve the individual's own ability to realize their own needs, to solve problems and make their own choices -improve opportunities for public dialogue as a basis for policy decisions

21 Objective 3 Better quality and efficiency of operations -Effective exercise of public authority and administration -Minimize the risk of malpractice in healthcare/Increase results in healthcare -Increase results in our schools -Reduce impact on enviroment

22 Fields of activity in the strategy Management Kraftsamling och samordning på nationell nivå Samverkan och ansvarstagande lokalt och regionalt Laws and rules Samverkansmöjligheter Digital ärendehantering och informationsförsörjning Offentlighet och sekretess Information structure Främja användning och öka kompetens Infrastructure and information security Öppenhet istället för stuprör och inlåsning Informationssäkerhet

23 Center för eSociety (CeSam) eHealthEducation Business and work Community development, transporta-tion and environment Culture and leisure Democracy and Participation Framework for interoperability and transparency Law and rules, Information strucures, Infrastrucure, Security, E-identification, Open data, Open source Program office Coordinates project portfolio Coordinated processes och services within public sector eProcurement, eBusiness, eArchive, My authorizations, Overview of My cases, Shared services

24 Strategic management and governance Center för eSociety (CeSam) Healthcare Delegation Committee on Primary healthcare and Elderly Care Committee on Social policy Board of CeHis Steering group Committee on education Steering group Committee on growth and regional development Steering groupp Committee on planning and community development Steering group Committe on Culture and Leisure Steering groupp Committee on Democracy Steering group Board of SALAR Steering group Regional network Committee on eSociety Steering group The eGovernment Delegation

25 eHealth - Action plan 2013-2018 - Action plan 2011 – 2012 (muncipalities)

26 Education - Digital school grades - Digital national tests - More efficient school administration - Better communication with student and parents - More and better digital learning services - One computer for each student - better results by digital methods? - Register for students - Address register for schools - Federations - Standardisation - Information security

27 Business and work - Making it easier for entrepreneurs to get permits etc. - More efficient and secure process for economic aid - Better informations exchange around immigrants

28 Community development, transportation and environment - Smarter process for fees for environmental inspection - Generic process for building permits and planning - Intelligent transport system – reduce congestions and carbon emissions - More and better use of Geografic data - Committee for sustainible city development

29 Democracy and Participation - Get more people to participate in eSociety (Digidel) - Solution for administration of political boards and committees - Assessments of muncipalities websites and eServices (eBlomlåda) - Social media – guidelines - IT-solution –pilots

30 THANK YOU! Åsa Zetterberg

31 The Swedish e-society Åsa Zetterberg Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions [S]

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