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Optimist 2.1475 ℗ © 2014 Jason Romanenko Windows 7 or Windows 8 / 8.1 Ready.

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1 Optimist 2.1475 ℗ © 2014 Jason Romanenko Windows 7 or Windows 8 / 8.1 Ready

2 Quick start Overview Optimist was initiallyan ideadeveloped by Jason Romanenko.In it’s infancy it was known as ‘Schizophrenic’s Friend’ and it spent years on the back burner as an impossibility. It’s initial aim was to function as a communicating computer program which could offer help and support for those in need. Optimist saw light of day when a breach was discovered in the area of mental illness.Mental Illness can have it’s adverse symptomsreduced, provided the subject has a general awareness for the way they are feeling. For example if you know you feel okay,then you do not feel depressed. This is a difficult contact to make sometimes, when we are surrounded by confusion,however Optimist can deliver a new point of contact. Optimist will never find the automatically confidential or logged client (user) culpable or depressed. Instead, the computed reasoning algorithm processes the user input and the now artificially intelligent computer gives a precise comment. The principle which is used is logical equivalence with a bias within the code that is designed to uplift the user. There is enough in the database to cover well over six million scenarios. The message you receive can be sarcastic, funny or just plain truthful.

3 Most of the time people have only a few answers if someone asks how they feel.If you feel fine most of the time,Optimist will still tell you what it thinks from the artificially intelligent viewpoint, however because of the size of the accessed database, the program aims to enlighten the user and offeralternatives. Because of the way Optimist delivers it’s comments, you can be assured that the answer is tailor made to suit the user. A word of caution here though. Optimist is user sensitive, thereforethe chances are that Optimist will eventually detect lies because it measures input at a very high frequency. It may however, also be possible to act as an intermediary on someoneelse’s behalf provided the subject is open minded. How to use Optimist for Personal Development Optimist is based on a very simple principle which Sherlock Holmes adamantly held to be true. Thatis roughly speaking; Given all possible alternatives, one of them has to be true. In this way the dedicated database can provide a stunningly precise reflection on your mood. It is suggested that even for personal development, Optimist is used only when needed or say less than twenty sessions per week. Quite honestly, this is comparable to bed time scenario. If you are tired then the bed serves its purpose more appropriately. In the same way, if you are feeling the ill effects of aberrant or impaired thoughts, this software is made to make you feel better straight away. All it would take is one program execution. Things will soon become clear as you get to know what to expect. For example, did you know that the more honest you are with Optimist, the more honest it is with you. The comments made are designed to steer away from the more negative feelings while still being insightful. If you are nervous, Optimist will notice and react with unique comments

4 Here we will entertain the possibility of having a session with Optimist.Suppose you are exhausted after a long day and need some comfort (a resource which isnecessary as a remedy in times of depression). This would be an ideal scenario for a session. Optimist eliminates erroneous answers by allowing infinite histories, and certainly not discounting infinite futures, however emphasis is not taken for granted so where possible it will deliver it's own point of view. Quick Start 1.) Start Optimist 2.1475 Enter the password. (This can be found on the final page of this document. 3.) When prompted to enter name, type in your name. 4.) The computer then asks how you are feeling today. In one sentence or phrase, not more than 80 characters, you can now tell the computer how you feel. It’s good to be imaginative here, and remember honesty counts. 5.) The artificially intelligent computer will generate its answer by calculating a feeling that is a little closer to the truth followed by a more practical comment. Example Please enter your name How are you feeling today? Computer’s response : This artificially intelligent computer finds you bountiful. H o w Rerun program Please enter your name How are you feeling today? Computer’s response : This artificially intelligent computer finds you really intimate. I hope you find the display aesthetically pleasing too. Rerun program Please enter your name : How are you feeling today? Computer’s response : This artificially Intelligent Computer finds you controlled. Go with the flow. Example 3 Hope is all I have. Example 2 Things are not as abundant as you imply. b e n e f i c e n t. Example 1 Exhausted Optimist is sensitive to every word entered when analysing input so apart from the relevance of the described feeling, style is taken into account.( For best results it is advised not to reference weather or food.) You may like to express reasons in your answers for more accurate responses.

5 How are you feeling today? Computer’s response : I feel puzzled because you found me agitated This artificially intelligent computer finds you funny. Have you considered becoming part of the Morale Builder development team? The Ethics of Optimist Optimist was originally intended to monitor and to some extent remedy psychiatric illness.The statisticsofthis incapacitating illness mean that we are all prone in one way or another. Although designed to give a satisfactory answer first time, it may be possible to have your very own confidential session. For example you couldchoose to agree with the artificially intelligent machine by confirming in your next program execution or perhaps reply or react by saying you are puzzled, bewildered, amused or what ever. The reason this works is because the dedicated text engine searches the entry based on meaning and will read every word. You can use anyfull sentence or phrase up to 80 characters however, you must always use the context of the way you are feeling. Whilst gathering data for the Optimist database it was necessary to put into order, all the various feelings one could possibly have. In general the responses the software gives are friendly, but we did find it essential to contrast the happier feelings with the not so happy. It is suggested that where you receive a less conclusive message, you compensate for this in your next program execution. Additionally there are now three settingsandaudiopreferences for customisation to your requirements. To put it in a nutshell,

6 The deeper your predicament, the more useful each setting may be. Please be patient and not underestimate the wonders of modern technology after all. At the very least Optimist, formerly Morale Builder, grants access to a very useful database in an original and informative way. If you would like to develop your very own perfect answer to the question ‘How are you feeling today’ then this application is ideal. One of the best things about Optimist is that it can act as a spring board, something to bounce back from. There is no reason why this software can’t be used by single parent families to ease the strain, or perhaps tackle obesity with this new artificially intelligent friend. Even if you think nothing is wrong, this program can help because it can predict things such as if it's a good day for speculation, or even if you are tired, or sleepy, Optimist will know. The in-built logging functionality also makes this the perfect companion since it can document just how well your computing time is being spent. Also you can keep your log confidential or print out as necessary and of course you can refer to it anytime with a total recall of saved sessions. The saved log should be saved to your desktop and will be called 'mydata.txt'. We recommend not editing this file. It can also act as a sort of guardian angel for anyone who is using a valid username on a specified machine. When you have had an Optimist session you will have the choice of whether to save it in your log, or not. This is a safety feature which ensures that your journey through time is completely unique and belongs to you only. If you feel embarrassed or disappointed with a session, you don't have to save it. Moreover we all prefer only to remember happier times, so why not fully document them with Optimist. Introducing emphasis. We recommend using emphasis where relevant, i.e. "Quite happy","very sad","too sad","extremely joyful" are just some possible relevant feelings and the answer you receive from Optimist will be more accurate and possibly more appropriate. Being ' too sad' is a difficult distinction to make, because up until now there has been no valid way to explain this feeling and be assured of a viable response. If you ever have this feeling don't hesitate to enter it for analysis.

7 Moreover when things are going badly, when you’re lonely, if you have lost orientation in the modern world, if you need proof of your significance, if you are bored, if you’re interested in automating certain procedures, if you can imagine more constructive A-I, if you feel you need to read or to write, if you are learning English or even if you are seeking the perfect answer to the question “How are you feeling ?”, this software is for you. The Optimist 2.1475 download package can be installed onto a machine running Windows 7 and will run, unrestricted for 28 days. Most conditions can be significantly improved within that time. To conclude this manual, please take note that the software referred to herein is substantially and for the most part intended for healthy people. By doing regular mental health revision exercises, not only do you learn through repetition, you can also appreciate a somewhat larger vocabulary and anticipate others more intuitively. Additionally this software will enable you to document a more optimistic outlook or alternatively to enjoy the banter in a more aggressive style. Simply use the settings and preferences to your taste and they will be set by default. For licensed usage beyond the 28 days, negotiation is available online and/or you can contact the author of this software directly at : Or alternatively you can purchase the license key at : The password is “nice day”

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