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Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta (FRIAA) FRIAA FireSmart Program Presentation FireSmart Community Series March 3 - 5, 2015.

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1 Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta (FRIAA) FRIAA FireSmart Program Presentation FireSmart Community Series March 3 - 5, 2015

2 Background  Flat Top Wildfire Review Committee  Supplements the ESRD FireSmart Community Grant Program

3 Program Intent  Enhance public safety  Improve protection of forest communities, forest resources, and values associated with forested lands  Provide financial assistance to communities, organizations and groups that wish to reduce the threat of wildfire  Support community education and involvement in wildfire prevention, management and suppression issues  Support the application of the FireSmart Initiative throughout Alberta

4 Eligible Activities 1)Planning (e.g. FireSmart community plan: wildfire preparedness guides and wildfire mitigation strategies; resource-sharing and mutual-aid fire control agreements) 2)Vegetation/Fuel Management 3)Public Education (e.g. increased awareness regarding wildfire threat and application of FireSmart principles) 4)Inter-Agency Cooperation 5)Legislation and Planning (e.g. review provincial and municipal legislation, land-use bylaws and plans) 6)Development (e.g. new subdivision development re: roadway access; water supply and utilities placement) 7)Emergency Planning (e.g. develop or update procedures and response plans, and upgrading existing developments to FireSmart standards)

5 Eligible Applicants Proposal must be made in writing and submitted by a: 1)Municipality 2)Métis Settlement 3)Registered non-profit society (community associations and organizations recognized by the Department under the FireSmart Initiative) 4)Organizations or groups mutually agreed to by the Department and FRIAA

6 Eligible Areas  Projects both inside and outside of Alberta’s Forest Protection Area (FPA)  Projects located on lands under federal ownership or jurisdiction do not qualify for funding under this program.

7 Additional Details Planning Projects  Must follow the process outlined in the FireSmart Guidebook for Community Protection (2013) Vegetation/Fuel Management  Completed and approved fuels management prescription is required  Should be tied to an approved wildfire mitigation strategy  Fuel management prescriptions must be completed by a qualified individual and must be approved by the Department

8 Previously Approved Projects Call for Proposals – November 2013, March 2014, November 2014  Approximately $7.4 million in grants approved for: 10 Planning Projects 22 Vegetation/Fuel Management Projects 6 Education Projects

9 Examples of Approved Projects  Civic Centre Road FireSmart (Town of Hinton); Project category – Vegetation/Fuel Management. Reduce wildfire risk by completing fuel modification (thinning, pruning and debris disposal) of 7.9 h of Forested area within the Town of Hinton - completed  FireSmart Planning Project, (Town of Edson); Project category – Planning. Revise and update the Wildfire Preparedness Guide and Wildfire Mitigation Strategy for the Town of Edson so that they include a larger planning area that includes a 10 km radius into Yellowhead County – nearing completion.  FireSmart Education Program, (Strathcona County); Project category –Public Education Completed hazard and risk assessments in targeted communities; FireSmart information sessions; FireSmart Community Champion Workshops and community chipping events – partially complete.

10 Town of Hinton Fuel Mitigation.

11 Elements of Successful Proposals  Deliverables clearly described  Deliverables clearly linked to overall FireSmart objectives  Detailed work plan (activities by phase, timelines, staff or contractors involved, etc.)  Description of project management; who provides expertise for project oversight and reporting  Adequate budget detail to:  Provide some rationale of market value  Provide reasonable assurance of feasibility

12 Issues with Unfunded Proposals  Proposed deliverables are vague  Proposed deliverables are ineligible (e.g. capital investments)  Fail to recognize and address key requirements (e,g. need for detailed prescriptions or linkage to existing strategies)  Insufficient detail to provide support amount of funding requested  Project management not adequately addressed or adequately resourced (e.g. assumption ESRD will supervise the project)

13 Working with Potential Recipients  New program – 36 projects approved is an indication of early success  But, success rate of applicants is not as high as we would like  How do we work more effectively with potential applicants?  Questions?

14 Contact Information  For more information contact Byron Grundberg  Telephone (780) 429-5871  Email  Learn more about FRIAA on our website 

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