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Status Update: Riverside County Emergency Management Project.

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1 Status Update: Riverside County Emergency Management Project

2 Summary of Project Kick-Off Meeting November 6, 2014  Excellent Participation 78 participants 33 Departments represented  Reviewed Project Background  Introduced 5 Workgroups  Scenario Discussion  Reviewed Timeline/Next Steps

3 COOP and IT Service Continuity  Complete the Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plan  Integrate IT Service Continuity for all identified essential services  Work with Departments on detailed, specific COOP Plans  Train all staff on County and Department-specific COOP Plans

4 Training for County Employees and Departments  Personal and workplace preparedness  Employees roles as Disaster Service Workers (DSWs)  Potential roles employees may fill during an emergency  Departmental roles during an emergency  How/when to transition from day-to-day operations to emergency system activation  Enhance the Joint Information System (JIS) Plan and train Public Information Officers (PIO) on how public messaging is coordinated through EOC

5 Mobilization of County Employees  Notification of County employees during an emergency Who does it? How is it done? What redundancies exist?  Develop reporting procedures for County Employees following a disaster Where do employees go? When do they go?  Review mandate to respond to work and determine need to update language

6 County Resources Assessment  Assessment of County-owned or managed resources Human capital Facilities Equipment and supplies Others  Conduct a Gap Analysis utilize results to drive future funding requests

7 Recovery and Resiliency  Host a Recovery Conference and Workshop  Partner with key community stakeholders to define: Physical recovery Economic recovery Technological recovery Mental Health recovery

8 Convening the Workgroups  Other Departments are welcome to participate in the Workgroups  Additional Departments may be brought in at various times during the process for Subject Matter Expertise  Team Approach – emergency management activities impact everyone

9 Workgroup Timelines  Workgroups will be staggered to minimize impact on Departments COOP/IT Service Continuity, Training and Mobilization will convene 1 st quarter (January, 2015) Resource Assessment and Recovery/Resiliency will convene early 3 rd quarter (July, 2015)  Goal is to have Workgroup products completed in 15 months

10 Next Steps  Email to Department’s representatives from November 6 th meeting Identify primary and alternate for each Department assigned to a Workgroup(s) Identify Departmental representation to EM Committee  Convene initial Workgroups in January, 2015  Updates at Department Heads in January, 2015  EM Committee Meeting in March, 2015  Convene remaining Workgroups in July, 2015

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