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Relevant. Effective. Advocacy. Advocis Government Relations Guide for Provincial Advocacy Committee Members Alberta Grass Roots Engagement November 2011.

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1 Relevant. Effective. Advocacy. Advocis Government Relations Guide for Provincial Advocacy Committee Members Alberta Grass Roots Engagement November 2011

2 2 Introduction First – Welcome and thank you! Goal – give you the tools and knowledge to effectively engage local politicians in order to advance our collective issues How this document is organized: –PowerPoint slides with notes section –Links to outside resources, tools and templates –Elected officials will be referred to as “Members”

3 3 Things we will cover Advocis Government Relations Strategy What is a PAC and what do they do? How Advocacy is organized and supported What is my responsibility and what’s in it for me? What is grassroots advocacy? Activities to engage politicians Defining your engagement as a PAC member

4 4 Things we will cover How-to guide to organising a meeting with your local Member –Goal of the meeting –Key terms –Successfully talking to your Member –Sept One – Arrange a meeting –Sept Two – Prepare for the meeting –Step Three – The meeting –Sept Four – The follow up –DOs and DON’Ts

5 5 Things we will cover Key messaging and support –Advocis –Provincial Focus –Federal Focus Training module - Role playing Helpful links

6 6 Advocis Government Relations Strategy Main drivers of our advocacy efforts: 1. Consumer protection, access and choice 2. Value of financial advice

7 7 Five Advocacy Pillars 1.Professionalism of financial advisors 2.Regulatory convergence

8 8 Five Advocacy Pillars 3. Distribution of financial services and compensation 4. Supporting the business of financial advisors 5. Improving retirement income and financial security of Canadians

9 9 How Advocacy is organized TFAAC Board TFAAC Legal & Regulatory Policy Committee * Sub-committe on Investment Retirement income Adequacy Committee Task Forces as needed TFAAC Government Relations Committee * Nine Provincial Advocacy Committee Executives BC PAC Executive Alberta PAC Executive Saskatchewan PAC Executive Manitoba PAC Executive Ontario PAC Executive Nova Scotia PAC Executive Newfoundland & Labrador PAC Executive New Brunswick PAC Executive PEI PAC Executive

10 10 What is a PAC? Provincial Advocacy Committee (PAC) Network PACs are province-wide committees comprised of Advocis members who are committed to being involved politically They are sub-committees of the National Government Relations Committee

11 11 What is a PAC? Provincial Advocacy Committee (PAC) Network Created to provide advocacy support on regulatory and policy issues Develop a lobbying capability for our organization

12 12 PACs – What they do Promote political involvement within Advocis’ membership and develop an effective network Interact and communicate with Advocis members and in particular chapter executives on advocacy initiatives Implement decisions of the National Regulatory and Government Relations Committees

13 13 PACs – What they do Identify provincial legislative and regulatory actions Evaluate relevant provincial policy initiatives and make recommendations to the National Committees of Advocis Coordinate with Advocis staff and the National Committees of the Board on major advocacy initiatives

14 14 How Advocis supports you Political engagement guide Ongoing training Communications Advocis Government Relations Grid Government relations web page

15 15 What’s my responsibility? The primary purpose of a PAC member is to develop a long-lasting relationship with local elected officials both provincially and federally so that we can better advocate for our profession when there are issues of interest or concern

16 16 What’s in it for me? You are in fact: Advancing issues that affect your industry and ultimately your ability to make a living in your chosen profession Help protect my profession and consumers from unscrupulous and dishonest practitioners that tarnish our reputation Meeting opinion leaders and affluent members of your community that can help drive your business

17 17 What is grassroots advocacy? Simply put, advocacy is the "art of persuasive communication" Grassroots advocacy is the expression of popular support (or opposition) for a position that demonstrates the depth of constituent support and gives legislators an added degree of confidence in their position

18 18 What is grassroots advocacy? Advocis members deliver important services to the public that many legislators are not familiar with All you need is personal experience and factual information to back it up Then build a relationship with your local politician to deliver the message

19 19 Activities to engage politicians (and commitment level) Participate in Legislature Days (1.5 days) Meet with politicians in their office (1 hour) Attend local events where the politicians are in attendance (varies) Petitions, letters and emails (half hour)

20 20 Activities to engage politicians (and commitment level) Donate to local elected officials or attend fundraising events ($) –Some events are organized by Advocis members Volunteer on election campaigns (variable) Participate in political associations (variable) Social media – sign up for politicians’ Twitter and Facebook (minutes) Make presentations to Legislative Committees (significant)

21 21 Defining your engagement as a PAC member As part of the PAC we would like you to: Participate in a Advocis Legislature Day or related activity in your province, and Engage your local elected representative face- to-face two times during the year Feel free to engage elected officials in any of the other engagement activities outlined above if you want to do more


23 23 What's the goal of the meeting? The purpose is to make the elected representative and their staff aware of the issues, with clear key messages, then to ask for specific actions The general goals are to: –Elevate government awareness –Increase the credibility and visibility of Advocis –Achieve specific aims, as outlined by the PAC –Raise public awareness on important issues

24 24 A few key terms The titles of elected officials: –Federally Member of Parliament (MP) –Provincially Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) Member of the House of Assembly (MHA) Members of the National Assembly (MNA)

25 25 A few key terms Prime Minister of Canada - The Right Honourable (full name) Prime Minister of Canada Premier of a Province - The Honourable (full name), Premier of (Province) Provincial/Territorial Cabinet Ministers - The Honourable (full name), Minister of _______ Members of a provincial legislative assembly - Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss (full name) MLA or (MPP, MNA, or MHA)

26 26 Alberta Regulatory Framework 26 People and BodiesLegislation Minister of FinanceINSURANCE ACT Ministry of FinanceSecurities Act The Alberta Insurance Council Alberta Securities Commission Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada Mutual Fund Dealers Association

27 27 Step One – Arrange a meeting Call your Member’s local constituency office and request a meeting Provide the assistant with a brief written summary or an agenda about why you are calling – LINKLINK Confirm the time and place of your meeting and clearly state your purpose of your meeting Before a meeting is secured contact: Juno Da Silva at –We need to be aware of these meetings

28 28 Step Two - Prepare for the meeting Get to know your elected official Prepare for your meeting –Review key messaging about Advocis and the current issues in your province –Be prepared to tell your personal story –Review your “Ask”

29 29 Step Three – The meeting Introduce yourself and Advocis Explain the goals and objectives for your meeting Provide your Member with a “leave behind” Introduce and explain the issues you want to discuss Be sincere and passionate Secure their commitment to communicate their support to the proper minister, and the other Members of their caucus Take notes

30 30 Step Four - Follow up Write a thank you letter to your Member – LINK LINK Ask them to keep you informed about their efforts and actions Call and thank the Member’s assistant Let us know about your progress by filling out our reporting form – LINKLINK Keep in touch with your Member

31 31 DOs & DON’Ts Be Informed Be Prepared Appeal to reason Tell the Truth Personal Contact Designate a Spokesperson Be Early Be Brief

32 32 DOs & DON’Ts Be Polite and Professional Make it Known that you Vote When a Member Wanders off Topic If a Member Doesn't Show don’t be Offended Stay Focused Fill in the Response Form Don’t Feel Intimidated

33 33 Messaging support Advocis will provide: Key Messages Background Notes “Leave Behind” document / material

34 34 Key Message - About Advocis Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada, is the oldest and largest voluntary membership association of financial advisors and planners in Canada. With more than 11,000 advisors and planners in 41 chapters across Canada, Advocis members provide financial advice, product service and employee benefit planning to millions of Canadians in a number of areas including estate and retirement planning, wealth management, risk management and tax planning.

35 35 Sample Key Messages

36 36 Sample Backgrounder

37 37 Sample “Leave Behind”

38 38 Helpful Links Recent Regulatory Bulletins Recent Submissions Advisor Voice Advocis Regulatory Affairs Grid Advocis Government Relations Grid

39 39 Appendix – Provincial Legislatures Parliament of Canada Legislative Assembly of Alberta Legislative Assembly of British Columbia Manitoba Legislative Assembly Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick House of Assembly, Newfoundland and Labrador The Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories Nova Scotia House of Assembly Legislative Assembly of Nunavut Legislative Assembly of Ontario The Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island The National Assembly of Quebec The Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan The Yukon Legislative Assembly

40 Appendix – Find Your MPP/MLA British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario New Brunswick Newfoundland and Labrador Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Federal 40

41 41 Thank You Once Again for Advancing your Profession through your Advocacy

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