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YOUTH ADVISORY COMMITTEE The National Youth Voice for 4-H Canada.

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1 YOUTH ADVISORY COMMITTEE The National Youth Voice for 4-H Canada

2 YAC Members Kathleen Fryer British Columbia Casey Morey Alberta Cameron Choquette Saskatchewan Kendra Elliott Manitoba Chris Deklein Ontario Erin Smith 4-H Canada Program Director Andrea Soesbergen Quebec Mollie Pickard New Brunswick Erica Jackson Nova Scotia Melanie Wood Prince Edward Island Melissa Taylor Newfoundland and Labrador Jennifer Bishop 4-H Canada Council Mentor

3 Presentation Overview I. YAC Structure - Four Working Groups II. Selection Process with Universal Application Form

4 YAC Structure

5  Four working groups  Members are part of one working group/year  Help to plan and facilitate programs and initiatives  Gain experience within 4-H Canada operations

6 YAC Structure 2-4 Youth Advisors per Working Group YAC Working Groups: Marketing & Communications 4-H Program & Policy Development 4-H Canada Conferences Admissions & AGM

7 Marketing and Communications  Facilitate bi-weekly posting to the 4-H Canada Blog  Provide a youth voice in marketing and communications initiatives  Including L’avantage 4-H Advantage magazine  Erica Jackson from Nova Scotia

8 Admissions and AGM  Participate in national selection processes for 4-H Canada grants & scholarships  Represent the Youth Advisory Committee at the Canadian 4-H Council board meetings as observers  Represent YAC at the 4-H Canada Annual General Meeting and report on YAC’s involvement and progress  Cameron Choquette from Saskatchewan and Kendra Elliott from Manitoba

9 4-H Canada Conferences  Key role in organizing and facilitating conferences hosted by 4-H Canada  2 members will attend Members Forum in Regina  2 members will attend Citizenship Congress in Ottawa  Casey Morey from Alberta, Chris Deklein from Ontario, Andrea Soesbergen from Quebec, Melissa Taylor from Newfoundland & Labrador

10 4-H Program and Policy Development  Help with the development of new 4-H Programs  National Science and Technology Contest  Going Global Service Projects  Investing in Me Career Exploration  Youth voice on the National Resource Network  Kathleen Fryer from British Columbia, Melanie Wood from Prince Edward Island, and Mollie Pickard from New Brunswick

11 Universal Application Form Selection Process

12  Qualifications  Youth advisors must be between the ages of 18-25 years  Youth advisors must be current 4-H members or previous 4-H members in good standing  Commit to volunteer time requirements  Demonstrate knowledge of 4-H provincially and nationally  Demonstrate interest in public speaking and teamwork  Must be willing to travel to Ottawa in February and as needed for working group requirements

13 Selection Process  Membership Terms  Two years long  Possibility of renewal Agreed on by both provincial office/council and 4-H Canada  Selection Process  Standard application form  Provincial application and selection  National can assist with selection if requested

14 Selection Process



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