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Mercredi le 28 mai 2014 A Final Exam Spr 2014 (1).doc.

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1 Mercredi le 28 mai 2014 A Final Exam Spr 2014 (1).doc

2 May 26 th -30 th week lundimardiMercredi 28/5jeudivendredi OFF F 1-Re-test a.m./p.m. Ce/cet/cette/ces Finish presentations ALL notebooks due F 1 Re-test a.m/p.m. quel/quelle/Exam format & Review Over songs Read: Tintin F 1 Exam review Finish Tintin F 1 Finish Tintin Q & A for exam if needed Mon-5 th is 9:30 (60) Tues-5 th, 6 th class Thurs-Exam 5 th Fri-Exam 6 th OFF F 2 Re-test a.m/p.m. Finish LA VIE EN ROSE F 2 Re-test a.m/p.m. Exam format Play verb games & vote F 2 Exam review Start Rocket F 2 Finish Rocket Q & A for exam if needed Mon.—class Tues-Senior exam Thurs-4 th exam Fri-7 th exam OFF F 2PreAP Re-test Finish La vie en rose F 2PreAP Re-test Exam format Play verb games & vote F 2 PreAP Exam format Finish Rocket film F 2 PreAP Study hall Finish Rocket Mon-senior exam, Tues- short class Wed-final exam OFF F 3-Re-test Paris bonus pkt due VOKI bonus due Prac. 5 phrases Song & Skit oral grades F 3-Re-test Finish daily oral grades Draw painting F 3 Start painting Exam format & study guides F 3 Finish painting, Exam review Mon-Senior exam-rest can finish painting Tues-short class-party! Wed-Final exam

3 F 3 1.Finish songs oral grade/give exemption status 2.5 phrases-daily oral grade 3.Skit practice …go today? 105-Doing this tomorrow as you sketch your drawings! 4.Thurs: Skits in class, exam format, sketch out what you want to paint. FYI: Senior exam-75 questions (Mon. June 2nd 7:25) Others-100 questions (Wed. June 4 th 9:05)

4 F 3 les 5 phrases (B) (L’interro la semaine prochaine) LAST ONE!!! 1. Mon dieu! C’est incroyable! My goodness, That’s incredible! 2. Sans joke! 3. Fais gaffe…watch out Laissez-moi tranquille!- Leave me alone! 4. J’en ai marre…. I’m fed up, I’ve had it Laisse tomber! ….Let it drop! Forget it! 5. Tiens! (gosse/mec/nana) Hey! Kid, dude, girl C’est interdit! It’s not allowed/it’s forbidden

5 F 2 DUE: ALL NOTEBOOKS & ABSENT WORK Finish “La Vie en Rose” (Per. 2 & 7 only) ------------------------------------------ 1. Today: Playing games & voting on them. 2.ALSO: exam review guide out & tentative exemption status. Thurs: Over exam format, begin “Rocket” Fri: Exam Q & A, see “Rocket” Mon: STUDY HALL DAY Tues: FFF!

6 F 1 1.Tentative exemption status & Exam study guides out 2.Quel/quels/quelle/quelles practice & Ce/cet/cette/ces practice** 3. Read about Tintin 4. Song packets out to SING! 5. ANY FFF? Thursday: Exam format and See Tintin Friday: see Tintin. If you need exam tutoring-see me in the hall. Same for Monday! Tues: FFF! 5 th per. Exam: Thurs. June 5 th 6 th per. Exam: Fri. June 7 th

7 F 1 1.______ film aimes-tu? (which/what) 2.J’aime ____ film! (This/that) 3.______ appareil-photo aimes-tu?(which/what) 4.J’aime _______ appareil-photo.(this/that) 5._______ villes aimes-tu? (which/what) 6.J’aime ______ villes. (these/those) 7.______ maison aimes-tu? (which/what) 8.J’aime ______maison. (this/that)


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