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Jeudi le 15 mai, 2014.

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1 Jeudi le 15 mai, 2014

2 May 12-16th week Lundi l2 Mardi 13 Mercredi 14 Jeudi 15 Vendredi 16
F 1 5 FF due- 105 NOTES: Stress pronouns Je joue and AU/DU review F 1-5 FF due 100 Noun+DE+noun Possession with DE H/W: Bor. Words F sents F 1-5 FF due 90 Family/possessive pronouns B/W “F” sentences due-100 work: APT & Make flashcards F 1-5 FF due 80, Bor. Words sentences-70 Ordinal #’s & Review ER, IR, RE FLASHCARDS 5 due-100 APT for 100 H/W: STUDY F 1-5 FF due 70 Bor. Words-50, Flashcards 70 QUIZ-grammar Flashcards 5 Mon-50 NEXT: Test: Tues/Thurs. Wed: Bor. Words F quiz F 2Reg-Games due 105 Reflexive review Verbchart, game ck in. Oral practice in Text Flashcards for 105 H/W: games F 2 Reg-Games due 100 Verbchart in class Notes; DOPS/IDOPS H/W: finish Verbchart & study for quiz F 2 Reg-Games due 90 Quiz-Vocab/verbs/Reflex VC due for 100 H/W: APT F 2 Reg-Games due 80 FINISH QUIZ part B Food SKIT-rehearse, then go. DUE: VC due for 70 APT for 100 No H/W F 2 Reg-Games due 70 Food SKIT day 2 If time: Finish La Vie APT for 50 NEXT: test Tues./Thurs. Voki due Wed. F 2 PreAP-Games due 105 Verbchart, game ck in Oral practice in text F 2 PreAP-Games due 100 F 2 PreAP-Games due 90 Quiz-vocab/verbs/Reflex. Verbchart for 100 Bor.words QUIZ next week-NO sentences F 2 PreAP-Games due 80 Verbchart for 70 APT for 100 DOP practice H/W: APT 85-86 F 2 PreAP-Games due 70 APT for 50, VC 50 APT for 100 Grade on BB on own Finish LA VIE EN ROSE NEXT: Test Tues. BONUS due Wed. & Wed. is Bor. Words “L” quiz F 3-Paris 105 next Mon 5 phrases, start Geography in class, finish reading Paris Pick song ptnr & create H/W: finish packets up, get flashcards/song rough draft in Wed. Your skit translated by Thurs. Paris phototstory! swm F 3-Paris-100 next Tues Geog/Paris due-105 Review 5 phrases/unit 5, 6 words H/W: Study for quiz, get flashcards & song rough drafts in. F 3- Paris 90 next Wed Geog/Paris due 100 Flashcards 5,6 for 100 Song RD for 105 Quiz-5, 6, F/C Present FTales H/W: All projects/work done F 3- Paris 80 next Thurs Flashcards 5,6 for 70 Song for 100 Geo/Paris-70 Skit RD due 100 -Daily oral-5 phrases. Practice skit H/W: get work in. Practice song! F 3- Paris 70 next Fri Skit ,Geo/Paris,Song -50 SING SONGS-daily oral 105 Flashcards-50 Practice skit, Finish Cyrano de Bergerac NEXT: Test Tues., then presentations of FT/Poems/Paris/skits

3 May 19th-23rd week lundi mardi mercredi jeudi vendredi F 1
See DVD of units Test review Over ER, IR, RE Take book test Test date 1 Or review for test Take BOOK TEST F 1 Bor. Words QUIZ “F” Voki/VT due Present 5 FF, learn clothing OR see DVD of unit review for test Test date option 2 OR Present 5 FF Review clothing Make up test Finish any presentations Read about TinTin F 2 Flashcards for 100 See DVD of unit. Test format TEST date 1 TAKE BOOK TEST Flashcards for 50 See SAM, finish La vie en Rose OR review for test Test date 2 OR Play verb games Make up tests Flashcards for & Reflex. Of 5 Book test in class & self grade, Over Test format F 2PreAP TEST F 2 QUIZ-borrowed words “L” See SAM on YT or finish La vie en rose Dry run on games F 2 PreAP F 3 Review 4 test Finish any songs for 100. Practice skit Show fairy tales/poems Test 5/6 Practice skits tonight SKITS or skit rehearsal SKITS Final daily oral Finish skits Rest: film Draw out idea for painting!

4 May 26th-30th week OFF lundi mardi Mercredi 28/5 jeudi vendredi
F 1-Re-test a.m./p.m. Finish presentations Sing songs from song packet F 1 Re-test a.m/p.m. Exam format Review Over songs Start Tintin F 1 Exam review Finish Tintin Q & A for exam if needed Mon-5th is 9:30 (60) Tues-5th, 6th class Thurs-Exam 5th Fri-Exam 6th F 2 Re-test a.m/p.m. Play verb games Start Rocket F 2 Finish Rocket Mon.—class Tues-Senior exam Thurs-4th exam Fri-7th exam F 2PreAP Re-test Rocket F 2 PreAP Study hall Mon-senior exam, Tues-short class Wed-final exam F 3-Re-test Present 15 min. PAINT! VOKI/VT due F 3 Finish painting DEAD DAY Mon-Senior exam Tues-short class Wed-Final exam

5 F 1 DUE: 5 FF due 80 DUE: Bor. Words sentences-70
DUE: Flashcards 5 & clothes 6 for 100 Due: APT for 100 SEE/REVIEW: Ordinal #’s* Review for quiz: Pg QUIZ: STUDY: Au/Du…places, Jouer Au/Du …sports/games, Stress pronouns, Noun de noun, possession with de, Mon/ma/mes (possessive adjectives) ---NOT #’s or VERBS! 3. If time: review ER, IR, RE verbs? H/W: STUDY The UNIT 4 powerpoint on BB for your quiz tomorrow! 25 questions! Tomorrow is the last day for the 5 Famous Frenchmen projects!

6 D Les nombres ordinaux p. 233 Compare the following regular numbers and the ordinal numbers in French: (2) deux deuxième Février est le deuxième mois de l’année. (3) trois troisième Mercredi est le troisième jour de la semaine. (4) quatre quatrième J’habite au quatrième étage (floor). To form ordinal numbers, French speakers use the following pattern: NUMBER (minus final -e, if any) + -ième (6) onze : onz- + -ième onzième six : six + -ième sixième (6) (11) Continued...

7 D (5) cinq cinquième (9) neuf neuvième
Les nombres ordinaux p. 233 EXCEPTIONS: (1) un (une) premier (première) (5) cinq cinquième (9) neuf neuvième Ordinal numbers are adjectives and come BEFORE the noun. Continued...

Les nombres ordinaux p. 233 LEARNING ABOUT LANGUAGE Numbers like first, second, third, fourth, fifth are used to rank persons or things—to put them in a given order. They are called ORDINAL NUMBERS. In English, most ordinal numbers end in -th.

9 F 3 Flashcards 5,6, Geo/Paris for 70 Song for 100 & Skit RD due 100
Makeup quizzes Daily oral-5 phrases. Work on song with partner, get skits done! H/W: get all late work in, song & skit due Fri. for 100 Practice song-You can go on Friday for 105! NEXT WEEK: Your Paris photostory is due Mon. for 105. Test is Tues. Skits/presentations Wed-Thurs. Fri-finish all & movie!

10 F 3-les 5 phrases (L’interro!!!)
Tu me manques- I miss you Ne t’inquiète pas-Don’t worry Ça me plaît- That pleases me…I like it Je n’ai aucune idée- I have no idea De rien, il n’y a pas de quoi, Je vous en prie-You’re welcome, it was nothing, at your service

11 F 2 Reg Absent? : Take yesterday’s notes from blackboard & copy into your notebook! PLUS: Turn in your verbchart for 100. Everyone else: V/C for 70% 1. DUE FOR ALL: Games for 80% & APT for 100% 2. IN CLASS: FINISH QUIZ part B 3. SKIT-rehearse, then present! H/W: V/C-50%, APT-late for tomorrow, practice skit!

12 F 2 PreAP Absent? Take yesterday’s notes from blackboard & copy into your notebook! Then take makeup quiz-on slides. PLUS: Turn in your verbchart for 100. DUE FOR ALL: *Games for 80% *APT for 100% *Verbchart for 70% 2. DOPS* see slideshow & then work on APT 85-86 H/W: APT-late for tomorrow!

13 F 2-me, te, nous, vous, le, la, les, lui, leur
me, to me you, to you us, to us him/it her/it them to him/her to them me te nous vous le la les lui leur MEMORIZE THESE!

14 Direct object pronouns replace a direct object (noun).
I see Bob. I see HIM! plural singular me / m’ - me nous - us te/ t’ - you vous - you him/it(masc.) le/l’- les - them la / l’- her/it(fem.)

15 le, la, l’, les=DOPS! la (l’) her,it les them
can refer to people or things le replaces a masculine person or thing (Marc, le stylo, ce crayon, son livre) la replaces a feminine person or thing (Sophie, la pizza, cette glace, ta maison) l’ replaces a masculine or feminine word before a vowel les replaces plural people or things (Marc et Sophie, les stylos, ces hamburgers, mes amis) le (l’) him, it la (l’) her,it les them

16 Des exemples Tu regardes la télé? Oui, je la regarde. Tu connais Sara?
Oui, je la connais. Tu aimes le film? Oui, je l’aime. Tu as les stylos rouges? Oui, je les ai. la = l’ = les = la télé Sara le film les stylos rouges

17 Practice Tu aimes la pizza? Oui, je _______ mange beaucoup.
2. Tu veux regarder le match? Oui, je veux _______ regarder. 3. Tu manges les oranges? Non, je ne ______ mange pas. 4. Tu vas voir tes amis? Non, je ne vais pas ____ voir. la le les les

18 Indirect object pronouns are used to
replace a noun that would be introduced with the preposition à/pour/de plural singular me / m’ - (to) me nous - (to) us te/ t’ - (to) you vous - (to) you lui - (to) him/her/it leur - (to) them À plus a person! I give the book BOB. I give the book TO HIM!

19 lui and leur-IDOPS! lui and leur replace à + nouns representing people
lui = (to) him, (to) her leur = (to) them Note:“to” is in parentheses because sometimes in English we don’t say “to” where the French use “à”. Example: Je téléphone à Sara. I call Sara. (not “I call to Sara”).

20 Exemples 1. Tu écris à Sara? Oui je lui écris.
2. Tu parles à Marc? Oui, je lui parle. 3. Tu téléphones à tes grands-parents? Oui, je leur téléphone. 4. Tu parles à Marc et Sara? Oui, je leur parle. lui = à Sara lui = à Marc leur = à tes grands-parents leur = à Marc et Sara

21 How do I know if I should use lui and leur? Or Le, la, les?
As we’ve said, lui and leur replace à + a person. In French, some verbs always have à after them. You need to learn these verbs. When you see them, use lui or leur to replace the person instead of le, la, les. If the verb is not on the à list, use le, la, les. Note: me, te nous, and vous can be direct or indirect objects, so they can work like both lui/leur and le/la/les.

22 (some) verbs that use lui and leur
écrire à parler à rendre visite à répondre à téléphoner à acheter … à demander…à dire… à donner…à emprunter…à montrer …à prêter… à to write (to) to speak to to visit to answer to call to buy for to ask for to say/tell (to) to give (to) to borrow from to show (to) to loan (to)

23 DOPS/IDOPS with commands (imperative form)
Call me! Téléphonez-MOI! (note Me-> Moi, Te-> Toi) With an + command (imperative)= put the pronoun after the verb JUST LIKE ENGLISH and add a hyphen! Don’t call me! Ne ME téléphonez pas! With a negative command though: It goes before the verb just like before! (sweaty guy)

24 So, where do they go again?
If there’s one verb: Right BEFORE the verb: Je le regarde. If it’s negative: Right BEFORE the verb: Je ne le regarde pas. If there are 2 verbs: Right BEFORE the 2nd verb: Je vais le regarder. Je ne vais pas le regarder. If you want to make a command (imperative): Positive: attach to the end with a hyphen: Regarde-le! Negative: Right before the verb: Ne le regarde pas!

25 FIN See: Leçon 14-Les Pronoms D’Object Indirect Ppt Presentation_files Also today & tonight: SEE THESE PRACTICE POWERPOINTS & VIDEOS! D O Pronouns by P W to French(2).ppt Direct Object Pronouns 1 and 2.ppt L femme voit le chien.ppt

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