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2001 (c) Eric van Heck1 Designing eAuctions dr ir Eric van Heck.

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1 2001 (c) Eric van Heck1 Designing eAuctions dr ir Eric van Heck

2 2001 (c) Eric van Heck2 Examples

3 2001 (c) Eric van Heck3 Examples

4 2001 (c) Eric van Heck4 Today…. Introduction “Designing eAuctions by Information Management students” Assignment Experiences and Evaluation Conclusions

5 2001 (c) Eric van Heck5 Introduction Course Electronic Commerce (B07IM) Specialized Course for Information Management students 110 students in September - October 2000

6 2001 (c) Eric van Heck6 Objectives Terms and aspects of electronic commerce Analyze business models and impact and alignment of electronic commerce Analyze and specify useful electronic commerce applications Design and build electronic commerce applications

7 2001 (c) Eric van Heck7 Structure Weekcycle Lectures Homework: reading book/reader and preparing assignments in working groups Presentations by working groups and evaluation

8 2001 (c) Eric van Heck8 Assignment 3 Design an eAuction for a specified product or services Build prototype Evaluate prototype

9 2001 (c) Eric van Heck9 Background Assignment 3 Designing is core in Information Management Using software “Commercepack” by a Dutch firm “Infocommerce” “Infocommerce” assist and evaluate the prototypes Using RSM eRoom in J1-30

10 2001 (c) Eric van Heck10 Example “The FBK Car Auction” by Martijn Bakker, Michiel de Boer, Michael Kloprogge,Jasper van Orden,Martijn Oremus Flow Diagram Datamodel Prototype

11 2001 (c) Eric van Heck11 Enter Site Register Unsold Lots 1)* Main Login View Bids*Make Bid*Add Lot* View Lot*Search Lot(s)* View Listings* Make Bid*Lot* Results* View Lot 1)*

12 2001 (c) Eric van Heck12

13 2001 (c) Eric van Heck13

14 2001 (c) Eric van Heck14

15 2001 (c) Eric van Heck15

16 2001 (c) Eric van Heck16 Experiences and Evaluation Students like the assignment; critique on course: working load too heavy eRoom (J1-30) too small (16 places for 110 students) Role “InfoCommerce” positive

17 2001 (c) Eric van Heck17 Conclusions Learning to design is ‘learning by doing’. Learning objectives are met. eRoom facilities are essential - We (RSM and FBK) have to invest more in it. Next year: wireless component

18 2001 (c) Eric van Heck18

19 2001 (c) Eric van Heck19 Thank you.

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