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Reflections & Outlook at the end of EGF2007 Hendrik Ferdinande STEPS by EUPEN chair UGent (BE)

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1 Reflections & Outlook at the end of EGF2007 Hendrik Ferdinande STEPS by EUPEN chair UGent (BE)

2 Setting the scene Thematic Network (TN) in the frame of the ERASMUS / SOCRATES / LLL programmes of DG XXII / DG EAC / EAC EA (grant budget ~ 150 k€/a) ‘European Physics Education Network’ EUPEN I 1996/1999 EGF97 Brugge (BE), etc. Diss. EUPEN 1999/20003 ERF! EUPEN II2000/2003EGF2003etc., Uppsala (SE) STEPS by EUPEN2005/2008EGF2006Gent (BE) ‘Stakeholders Tune European Physics Studies’ New TN application: deadline 29 February 2008

3 Bologna Process AIM: Harmonisation & misunderstood ’Standardisation’ & Transparency vs REALITY: “Branding” & “Ranking” & Centres of Excellence e.g. Shanghai ranking (next page): by HEI CHE in DE, NL & BE(nl): by discipline and HEI (cfr. “Die Zeit” 2007-08-30) already 250 000 assessments!!! DISADVANTAGE: “Student en recht”, [‘Student and his rights’], 832 pages for BE(nl) L. Van Hoestenberghe en R. Verstegen (eds.) Acco, Leuven 2007

4 Shanghai Ranking Top 10 all en-speaking # of HEIs out of first 200 HEIs in: US88FR9CN2 UK23CH6C&EE1 DE 14IT + ES9IN0 NL 9Lat. Am.4Afr.0

5 Networking of HEIs and/or Disciplines SUPA (Scottish Universities Physics Alliance) (cfr. results in: Nature, Vol. 447, Issue no. 7148, 28 June 2007, p. 1031) Midlands Consortium: Birmingham + Loughborough + Nottingham Universitätsallianz Metropole Ruhr: Duisburg-Essen + MIWFT + Bochum + Dortmund BE: (nl) UGent + VUB (‘hard sci. & med.); (fr) UCL + FUNDP + FCM “Großregion/Grande Région”: 110 HEIs in Saarland, Lorraine, LU, Rheinland-Pfalz, BE (fr) & BE (de)

6 STEPS by EUPEN vs other TNs e.g. TREE = ‘Teaching and Research in Engineering in Europe’ ECTN = ‘European Chemistry Thematic Network’ TechnoTN = ‘Archipelago’ of Sci. & Eng. TNs h.f. co-ordinator for 2006/07 & 2007/08 Open Workshop on 'Scientific & Technical Education and the Bologna Process' Università 'La Sapienza', Roma (IT) 2007-11-14 info: registration: free attendance for 3 EUPEN members

7 ‘TUNING’ ‘Tuning Educational Structures in Europe’ J. González, U Deusto (ES) & R. Wagenaar, RuG (NL) or http:// or Physics Tuning Brochure: in print (Dec. ’07) Sectoral Qualification Frameworks (SQF): proposal Natural Sciences (Università di Padova, IT: L. Donà dalle Rose) Social Sciences (Universidad de Deusto, ES : J. González) (Fine) Arts & Humanities (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, NL : R. Wagenaar) Tuning Georgia Tuning Russia: e.g. Moscow (RU) 2007-10-17/18 Tuning América Latina: e.g. Lima (PE) 2007-10-29/31

8 Learning Outcomes ECA2007 "Defining and measuring learning outcomes in higher education" ETHZ, Zürich (CH) 2007-09-03/04 all presentations can be found at the following website: by ‘Organ für Akkreditierung und Qualitätssicherung der Schweizerischen Hochschulen’ (OAQ) 'ECA dissemination conference. The benefits of mutual recognition of accreditation and quality assurance decisions‘ Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona (ES) 2007-12-10/11 by ANECA

9 Reflex Survey 35 000 graduates in 15 EU countries (+ JP) Effects modes of teaching Some support for student-centred methods, like problem-based learning: they provide a good basis to start working and develop career But traditional methods often more effective in imparting relevant competences: stressing theories and facts and practical knowledge are important components to develop expertise and this professional expertise is crucial for later labour market success #1 in ranking: Harvard U, but! Harvard’s Allston Initiative (30 billion $/50 yrs) (cfr R. Dijkgraaf’s contribution in green info guide to EGF2007) ‘A compact to enhance teaching and learning at Harvard’ ‘the development of graduate students and younger faculty does not convey the message that teaching and pedagogical improvement are also central to scholarly careers’ (p. 6/7)

10 STEPS by EUPEN: acad. year 2007/2008 Management Committee Meeting Gent (BE) 2007-10-26/27 1st Thematic Group Meeting Vico Equense (IT) 2008-01-11/12 2nd Thematic Group Meeting Lake Balaton (HU)2008-05-16/17 EUPEN General Forum EGF2008 Iaşi/Sinaia (RO) 2008-09-04/06 ‘Physics Studies – Global Views, Local Needs’

11 ‘I have a dream’ “EAPT” vs AAPT meetings: ~ 500 participants (?) vs ~ 1000 participants ? EU vs US ? if united EPEC + GIREP + MPTL + EUPEN + PTEE and global ??? EUPEN + ASPEN + ARAPEN + LAPEN + AAPT ??? Opatija (HR) 2007-08-26/31 Nicosia (CY) 2008-08-18/22 Delft (NL)2007-10-25/27 part of SEFI partner in TREE

12 Many thanks to all contributors to EGF2007 and for support by [E.C.] EAC EA, EPS & UGent! EUPEN Consortium Chair: Hendrik Ferdinande Secretary: Sophie Butt STEPS by EUPEN - UGent Proeftuinstraat 86 BE - 9000 Gent, Belgium T + 32 9 264 6539 F + 32 9 264 6697 E & W

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