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Doing Home Theater Installer EXPLAINING PROJECTOR TV.

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1 Doing Home Theater Installer EXPLAINING PROJECTOR TV

2 Teknologi dan Rekayasa Explaining Projector TV  Parts of CRT :

3 Teknologi dan Rekayasa  TV Projector Behind :  Tube Ray Cathode (Cathode Ray Tube / CRT), CRT use 3 each cathode yield to ruddle, green and is blue. This can yield big picture with good contrast but big also and heavy.  Digital of Light Processing (DLP), Using one or three digital micro mirror apparatus (Digital of Micro Mirror Devices / DMD) to create all piksel which forming picture. DLP arranged also to create good picture, but interpose between micro mirror can yield screen door effect. Some consumer also note the existence of an rainbow effect when removing its focus from one part of screen to other arrangement at DLP which only using one DMD.

4  Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Instructing light through to liquid crystal and enlarge to be projected. A LCD TV can become slim and light, but not have good black level, ability yield really black colour is important for the detail and good contrast.  Liquid Crystal On Silicon (LCOS), This look like intersection between DLP and of LCD. LCOS not have screen door or yielded by rainbow effect is DLP. This is not as other physic type and some arrangement not have black level very goodness.

5 Teknologi dan Rekayasa  Tube Ray Cathode (Cathode Ray Tube / CRT), CRT Projector use tube which smaller than standard television. This tube create picture which as same as TV standard by shooting off electron at screen arranged in layers pospor. Projector CRT can cover :  One CRT pospor red, green and blue,  One black and white CRT and wheel turn arounded of colour enhancing colour,  Three CRT each squeezing red, green and blue.

6 Teknologi dan Rekayasa  Digital Light Processing (DLP), Projector of DLP use digital apparatus of micro mirror (digital of device micro mirror / DMD), small, made parallelogram of microscopic mirror to make the picture. Size of DMD (Photo courtesy Texas Instruments)Texas Instruments

7 Teknologi dan Rekayasa  Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Excellence of LCD is to create a picture of grayscale. To enhance colour most projector use a series of mirror elaborating light into red, green and blue colour. Every binding to be overcome to pass separate LCD and lens collect third bind and project picture at screen. LCD also used to create panel level off television.

8 Teknologi dan Rekayasa  Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS), LCOS simultaneously bounce and light of transmissive, and that look like technological combination of DLP and of LCD. In peripheral of LCOS, light overcome to pass liquid crystal coat, and then surface bounce light. When light re-overcome to pass liquid crystal, crystal act as light valve to create dark and bold picture area. Most projector of LCOS use red winnow apparatus, green, blue and lens combine the three colour.

9 Teknologi dan Rekayasa System Mirroring At LCOS.

10 Teknologi dan Rekayasa  Things Which Must Be Paid Attention In Designing TV Projector :  Size measure Room and screen.  Planning of usage.

11 Teknologi dan Rekayasa  Next TV Projector : Next Projection Of System

12 Teknologi dan Rekayasa Next System Projection By Reflektive.

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