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2 CHARISMA Greek word means beautifully inspired gift A special quality of leaders whose purposes, powers and extraordinary determination differentiate them from others

3 Charisma is a positive forceful quality of a person that makes many others want to be led by him Mostly related to vision

4 Charisma Leadership that has a magnetic effect on people The process of influencing major changes in attitudes & assumptions (beliefs, ideas) of organization members

5 TYPES OF CHARISMATIC LEADER Some leaders use their power to help others. Attempts to develop a value equivalence between himself and elements related to him. Formulates & proposes goals that fulfil group needs. Followers are independent, self- governing, empowered and responsible Socialized Charismatic:

6 TYPES OF CHARISMATIC LEADER Such leader exercise few control on their use of power so they may to best serve their own interest. Impose self serving goals Offer consideration and support to group members only when it facilitates their own goals Followers are obedient, submissive and dependent Personalized Charismatic

7 TYPES OF CHARISMATIC LEADER Office-holder Charismatic : Charismatic leader is more a property of office than of his or her personal characteristic. Office holder attain high status by product of being placed in a key position Individual lose much of leadership immediately after leaving office

8 Personal Charismatic: Has the right traits, characteristics and behaviour. Exert influence irrespective of status position Gain high esteem, people have faith in them. TYPES OF CHARISMATIC LEADER

9 Divine Charismatic: Endowed with a gift of divine charm Taken as savoir(who know), who would arise to lead people through a crises. TYPES OF CHARISMATIC LEADER

10 The ability to imagine different and better conditions and the ways to achieve them. Ineffective leaders lacks a vision or has unclear vision. THE VISION COMPONENT OF CHARISMATIC LEADERSHIP

11 CNN To create the first truly global information company, the global network of record, seen in every nation on the planet, and broadcast in most major languages Apple Computer We don’t want to make computers. We want to change the world

12 The leaders communicate their visions, goals and directives in a colourful, imaginative and expressive manner THE COMMUNICATION STYLE OF CHARISMATIC LEADERS

13 The charismatic leader has two styles of communicating. Management by Inspiration They deliver highly emotional message so that people are inspired. Management by Anecdote It is the technique by telling fascinating stories. THE COMMUNICATION STYLE OF CHARISMATIC LEADERS

14 Transformational leader is the one who brings about positive major changes in organization. Many charismatic leaders are not transformational. TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP

15 It focus on what the leaders accomplishes rather than on the leaders personal characteristics and his or her relation with group member TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP

16 To transform organizations from low performance on acceptable performance or from acceptable performance to high performance TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP

17 Ways through which transformation take place. TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP 1. Raising peoples awareness He aware them about : Importance of values of certain rewards Pride workers would experience when the firm become number one in its field. 2. Helping people look beyond personal interest He help group members to look at the “Big Picture” for the sake of team and organization.

18 Ways through which transformation take place. TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP 3. Helping people search for self fulfilment He helps people go beyond a focus on minor satisfaction. They guide them satisfaction comes from achieving big goals 4. Helping people understand the need of change. He helps people to understand the need of change. Change is related to peoples emotions and its difficult task to make people understand

19 Ways through which transformation take place. TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP 5. Investing Managers with sense of urgency He infuse sense of urgency in the managers mind. 6. Committing to greatness Business can be opportunity for individual greatness. Greatness encompasses striving for business effectiveness and high stock value

20 Ways through which transformation take place. TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP 7. Adapting a long range perspective Observing organizations issues from a broad rather than narrow perspective.

21 THE DARK SIDE OF CHARISMATIC LEADERSHIP Charismatic leadership can be exercised for evil purposes Some charismatic leaders are unethical and leads the organization towards illegal and moral ends Abusing power

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