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Chapter 11 Section 1 Forces in Fluid.

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1 Chapter 11 Section 1 Forces in Fluid

2 What is Pressure? Pressure is a type of force exerted over an area.
Pressure and Area; the larger the area over which the force is distributed, the less pressure is exerted. Calculating Pressure: Pressure =Force Area Unit for Pressure is Pascal (Pa)=1N/m2

3 Problem solving 1. Who exerts more pressure on the ground a 500N woman standing on high heels with a total area of m2, or the same woman standing in work boots with total area of 0.05m2 Calculate the pressure she exerts on the ground in both cases. The woman standing in high heels exert more pressure because the force is exerted over a small area. 100,000Pa , 10,000Pa

4 What is Fluid Pressure? Fluid particles constantly move, as they move, they collide against each other and against the walls of the container. In a fluid, all of the forces exerted by individual particles combine to make up the pressure exerted by the fluid. Air Pressure Air exerts a pressure because it has mass, each cubic meter air around you has mass of about 1 kilogram. Atmospheric pressure, is air pressure caused by the weight of air.

5 What is Balanced Pressure?
Balanced Pressure Fluid pressure at a given point is exerted equally in all directions. The pressures balance each other out. The reason that air pressure does not crush us is because of balanced pressure, our body has fluids and those fluids exert a reaction force into the air.

6 Variations in Fluid Pressure
Atmospheric pressure decreases as your elevation increases. Water pressure increases as depth increases. Measuring Pressure The instrument used to measure the atmospheric pressure is known as barometer. Atmospheric pressure at sea level is 101,000Pa or 760 millimeters of mercury

7 Page 422 Do numbers 1 a #2 a,b #3 a,b,c

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