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Getting Organized Is this you ?!?!?! Hope not!!!.

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1 Getting Organized Is this you ?!?!?! Hope not!!!

2 Many teachers (and your parents) want you to… Be able to multitask. Be organized all of the time. Hand in homework on time. Be the perfect student.

3 Remember to be you! Learning Preferences will help you to keep balance, make your brain happy while improving your school performance (thus making your parents even happier). Trust me…

4 Home Study Area Describe to your partner what your home study area is like. What’s in your area? If you do not have an area, create one and use it. How are you positioned in that area? Laying on the floor, on your bed… What else are you doing? Listening to music, TV, eating???

5 What works for you???? Visual learners … Like to read Memorize by seeing graphics and pictures Find verbal directions hard to follow Doodle Notice details Love color Are easily distracted by noises

6 What works for you???? Auditory Learners Talk to themselves Experience difficulty when directions are written Like to be read to and whisper to self while reading Memorize by steps in a sequence Enjoy music and listening activities

7 What works for you???? Kinesthetic Learners Like physical rewards Are in motion most of the time Like to touch people when talking to them Tap pencil or foot while studying Like to solve problems by working them out Are poor spellers and reading is not a priority

8 Your Environment Background sound  silence  background music  low noise  loud background sounds

9 Your environment Light  Bright light  Medium light  Low light

10 Your environment Position  Sitting up straight at a desk  Relaxing on the bed or floor (ever tried a bean bag or body pillow?)

11 Your environment Time of Day  Early in the morning  Afternoon  Evening  Later at night

12 Your environment Physical Activity  Being still  Moving around  Fidgeting with a fidgit (like a stress ball or worry stone)

13 Create your space Studying is not always fun but learning can be. Make your study place a place that you like and can get away from everyone and distractions. Make your space a relaxed fun place with all of your “comforts” to help get you through the study task.

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