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How are they linked? How does the film follow the cycle?

2 The Steps in the Hero’s Journey Cycle
1. Status Quo 7. Crisis 2. The Call to Adventure 8. Treasure 3. Assistance 9. Result 4. Departure 10. Return 5. Trials 11. New Life 6. Approach 12. Resolution

3 Marlin and Nemo are living there normal life in a normal world.
Marlin is excited about new home, waiting for new eggs to hatch. Nemo is excited to go to school. Marlin is nervous to let him leave their comfort zone. STEP 1 – STATUS QUO

Challenge: Marlin has to rescue him! Sometimes this includes the “Refusal of the Call”. The hero is afraid, and refuses to take part. Ex. Marlin is scared of the open sea. Problem: Nemo is out in the open ocean and is caught by the men in the boat!

5 The mentor is Dory who plays the part of a good trickster, using her humor to overcome her weakness as a forgetful character. (physical memory loss) Through Dory, Marlin will learn how to NOT be afraid and to learn to let go and let Nemo take some risk. He must learn to believe in Nemo. STEP 3 - ASSISTANCE

6 STEP 4 - DEPARTURE Marlin leaves his comfortable, safe zone and swims after Nemo. He continues to follow the boat, even in the wide open ocean!

The shark who says they are friends Dory is forgetful, which can make things difficult  Marlin learns lessons while he is inside the whale Becomes friends with Crush, who helps him in his journey to find Nemo STEP 5- TRIALS (TESTS, ALLIES and ENEMIES)

8 STEP 6 - APPROACH The hero has hit setbacks during their trials and may need to reorganize their helpers or rekindle morale as they move closer to their goal… Marlin believes Nemo is dead. He says goodbye to Dory and swims away. Dory rekindles Marlin’s hope when she finds Nemo alive.

9 Marlin returns to save Dory form the jellies
Marlin returns to save Dory form the jellies. The jellyfish stings Marlin and almost dies, but he survives and recovers and gets help from Crush to make it through the currents. He experiences a rebirth to continue his journey. Marlin also is able to witness how Crush is able to let his son go and take risk when the boy turtles get knocked out of the current. The biggest life or death crisis – the hero faces their biggest fear. Sometimes this involves them experiencing “death” and “rebirth”, experiencing even greater powers to see the journey through to the end STEP 7 - CRISIS

10 STEP 8 - TREASURE Nemo gets out of the tank and his free in the ocean. Both Dory and Marlin think he is dead, but Nemo survives death (from the hands of Darla) Dory helps him find his dad, who returns when he hears Nemo’s cry. Marlin and Nemo are re-united! The hero has survived death, overcome their greatest fear and now earns the reward they sought.

11 STEP 9 - RETURN The hero must recommit to completing the journey & travel the road back to the Ordinary World. The dramatic question is asked again. This sometimes includes another challenge for the hero to overcome. Marlin is put to the test to see if he has learned his lesson. Dory is caught in a net and Nemo wants to save her, but Marlin is reluctant to let Nemo go. He finally realizes that he must let Nemo grow up and take some risk. He must also have confidence in Nemo so he can save Dory. Nemo draws from his lessons in the tank and uses an idea that Gil used to break away from the net.

12 Marlin must now apply everything he has learned when he thinks that Nemo is dead. Marlin realizes his mistake. He apologizes to Nemo for not believing in him. Marlin learns to let go and believe that all will work out in the end. The hero faces the most dangerous meeting with death – this shows the hero can apply the lessons they have learned and can bring back their new wisdom when they return to their ordinary world/life STEP 10 - RESULT

Marlin brings Nemo back to the ordinary world and applies the lessons he has learned. He allows Nemo to go to school without fear, which allows him to live a happier life. The lesson learned is that the challenges of life can be applied to everyday living in the ordinary world. STEP 11/12 – NEW LIFE and RESOLUTION Sometimes these steps are separate, but sometimes they are put together in the story

14 WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Sometimes the cycle starts all over again (implied at the ending of the moving, in the sequel, etc.) The cycle is meant to be a symbol of the challenges, adventures, etc that heros go through repeatedly in life (in movies, stories, in our everyday lives!)

15 Think of a film you enjoy that follows the Hero’s Journey cycle.
Remember… Sometimes the order of the steps are slightly different In some cases, the steps are a little harder to realize. This will take some detective work and insite from you, but it will be fun.  NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!

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