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Splitting Up Circulation Maximizing The customer and employee satisfaction The Florida State University.

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1 Splitting Up Circulation Maximizing The customer and employee satisfaction The Florida State University


3 Why the change ? The methodology Benefits Challenges Discussion This presentation will cover:

4 History/Why Change? Access Services Department - 2007 Circulation Desk Collection Maintenance Inventory Reserves Storage Building Security And all the things no one else wanted to do…

5 Services/Org Chart FSU Access Services 2007

6 Goals 1. Link material checkout to research/projects - Circulation and Reference were potentially a natural fit - Separate out stacks maintenance 2. Increase efficiency by eliminating distractions - Projects often delayed due to circulation desk needs - Patron needs negatively impacted detail oriented projects 3. Eliminate separation between service points - Service points were located on opposite sides of the building - Negative employee perceptions between departments 4. Put the right PERSON in the right PLACE at the right TIME - Assess staff skills and preferences - Maximize staff skills, preferences, and create new opportunities

7 Methodology PrinciplePractice used Reorganize the people prior to the physical renovation. Used temporary furniture configurations to begin services. Increase the responsibilities, expectations, and autonomy of staff. Involved staff heavily in planning, assessment, and design processes. Match the personality with the position. Knowledge Skills Abilities Analysis (KSA) Staff members listed their top three position options. Worked with HR to verify process.


9 First who…then what… “If you have the right people on the bus, the problem of how to motivate and manage people largely goes away.” - Jim Collins, Good to Great

10 Services/Org Chart FSU 2011 Undergraduate Services U.S. Circulating Items – Reserves – Outgoing Circulation – Technology Checkout – Self Check Reference/Info Assistance Technology Assistance Outreach/Concierge Instruction/Tours+ Tutoring Program Training/Professional Dev. Academic Partnerships Collection Access – Stacks – Recalls – Inventory – Storage – ILL Lending – Uborrow – Faculty Delivery

11 General Benefits Everything is on the table Opportunity for change Mentally reframe everything Fine processing moved

12 Collection Access Not locked into a service point Increased project completion rates Greater level of concentration Flexibility among project priorities Increased retrieval services

13 U.S. Circulation Focus on customer service – Ritz Carlton Single service point: Ref/Tech/Circ Peer model & Peer leader model No fines discussed at/or around service point Everyone circulates Specialized loanable materials (laptops etc)

14 Quick Circulation Stats but first… Are the students happy with what we do?

15 Media Loan Program

16 Popular Literature

17 Reserves

18 Total Circulation Includes General Collection, Media Loan Program, Reserves, and Self Check.

19 Gate Counts

20 Challenges Communication (Policy Creation & Actual) Information silos Librarian “ego” and circulation Favorite staff and Change

21 What We’ve Learned To create service combinations that benefit our patrons Staff are happier when their position matches their personality Staff are more productive when they’re happy Large pools can allow for successful staff swapping Do what works

22 Thank You Ted Chaffin Dan Schoonover

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