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2 ROBERT POSNER, M.D.  Diplomat, American Board of Internal Medicine  Practicing medicine for over 30 years  Former decorated U.S. Navy Medical Officer  Obtained patent for the first oral serotonin supplementation, January, 2000  Developed the Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program, 2002  National Lecturer at Medical Meetings  Author

3 THE SEROTONIN-PLUS (SP) WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM  A behavioral/life-style change program with a medical “jump-start”  Exclusive use of a patented, natural serotonin supplement that reduces carbohydrate cravings  Copyright-approved dietary plan based on “real food”  Not the sales of shakes/bars/prepackaged foods  12-Weekly visits to instill behavioral modification  Use of an FDA-approved prescription medication at safe and responsible dosages  Patients pay $1200 for the 12-week program

4 THE SP WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM RESULTS  Greater than 200,000 patient encounters and 14-state experience of complete safety and superior efficacy  Average weight loss in females: 30 pounds in 12-weeks (average female 48 y/o, 200 pounds) and 40 pounds in males (average male 45 y/o, 250 pounds)  If people have more weight to lose, they can stay more than one session  Results have been presented at peer-reviewed medical meetings  Mechanisms put in place to reduce recidivism rates

5 THE SP NATIONAL EXPANSION  Started expanding nationally via a licensing model to other physicians in 2009  Target physician/groups: GYN, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Aesthetics and Pain Clinics  Most successful practices have an NP, PA or RN running the program = physician time minimal  Factors that make a practice a great Target Practice : Good socioeconomic area, high volume of patients, physician already involved with some “out of insurance” cash paying services, well developed website, e-mail contact with patients and entrepreneurial lead physician(s)  Most successful SP national practices generate $30-40K a month

6 THE SP VALUE OPPORTUNITY FOR LICENSED PHYSICIANS/GROUPS  NO UPFRONT INVESTMENT  Little to no physician time required  Program can be run by an NP, PA or RN  SP provides all of the patient materials, web based EMR, marketing materials, serotonin supplements as well as administrative and clinical training of designated staff that will run the program  Licensed physician/group keeps 65% of the revenue, SP receives 35% of the revenue  Each new 12-week patient requires no more than 4 hours of total work on the part of the NP, PA or RN over those 12 weeks  Depending on the number of new patient entries a month, licensed physician can generate $20-60K a month of ancillary revenue with NO RISK/NO INVESTMENT

7 THE SP WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM: THE “WOW” FACTOR FOR PHYSICIANS The VERY BEST clinical weight loss program in the country NO INVESTMENT required Little or no physician time required: Nurse Practitioner, Physician’s Assistant or Registered Nurses can take the lead Robust ancillary revenue stream developed Hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly NO increase in overhead or expenses required SP Team works directly with practice team members on the clinical and marketing aspects of the SP Program

8 THE SP WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM: TELEMEDICINE ALTERNATIVE Note: Best used for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon office Option provided for new SP practices (1 st visit at their office; follow up visits conducted virtually by SP Burke, VA staff) Virtual = Telephone or SKYPE Requires less physician/staff time at new SP practice

9 THE VALUE OPPORTUNITY FOR A SP REPRESENTATIVE  Upfront commission for any physician/group that meets all of the criteria to sign a licensing agreement with SP  Strengthen the relationship with your physicians: You are bringing them an incredible, no investment opportunity

10 THE SP WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM: THE “WOW” FACTOR FOR SP SALES REPS  The “No Investment” model for the doctors means an easier sell  Every practicing physician has overweight/obese patients so no convincing physicians of the need for a weight loss solution  No need to close the deal; just “open the door” for a discussion between doctors

11 SP WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM: IDEAL TARGET DOCTORS/PRACTICES  GYN, Internal Med, Family Practice, Endocrinology, Chiropractors with an M.D. in the practice  High volume practices = lots of patients coming in day in and day out  Aesthetic and Anti-Aging practices: If they perceive $1200 is a good pay day for a service AND lead doctors are engaged  2 or more doctors in practice  Good socioeconomic areas  Practice has a mid-level (i.e.- PA, NP)  Have a website and e-mail contact with their patients

12 SP WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM: IDEAL TARGET DOCTORS/PRACTICES  Decision making doctor(s) have an entrepreneurial flare, as evidenced by things they have done already outside of insurance  Great bedside manner; good patient contact (example of the opposite: Plastic surgeon that is one and done after doing a face lift; they may not have a deep relationship with patients)  Practices where $1200 is perceived as a healthy "hit“  GYN struggling with 10 dollar co-pays and a paltry insurance check for services will be highly interested  Has enthusiasm for weight loss!  Great reputation among the medical community and/or on health reviews  Is NOT already doing HCG, Medifast or any other weight loss program

13 SEROTONIN-PLUS WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM SUMMARY  BEST medically–supervised weight loss program in the United States  Helps patients become much healthier and happier  Great opportunity for physicians to use their own existing patient base to develop a robust ancillary revenue stream  NO INVESTMENT/NO RISK for Target Physicians  GREAT opportunity for Sales Reps: Just open the door for discussions between SP and Target Physician. SP will do the “close” NO servicing of that account required.

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