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Are we happier than we think? Guy Clapperton Co-author, “The Joy of Work?”

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1 Are we happier than we think? Guy Clapperton Co-author, “The Joy of Work?”

2 Who am I Freelance journalist, author, broadcaster Author, “This Is Social Media” Once wrote for “Spitting Image” Then I get this email from this Emeritus Professor in Sheffield

3 Who is Peter Emeritus Professor, Dept of Work Psychology, Sheffield University Distinguished academic and researcher Author “Work, Happiness and Unhappiness”

4 Bit of a culture clash, then… Peter is the academic expert My stuff is the anecdotal, chattier stuff

5 Themes Vitamins, ingredients analogies to happiness Querying whether we are as unhappy in work as we think Assumptions based on culture – toads, Bible, Bart, Dennis…

6 Deconstruction Unhelpful definition of ‘work’: something you have to do Happiness: very little solid definition Combination of the two is massively positive

7 What is happiness? Joy, exuberance, ecstacy Peace, contentment, calm Having a role/status, fitting in, feeling needed

8 What is happiness not? Money – the big red herring Having a dull job in times of full employment Having all your time to yourself – cp Freud’s Sunday neurosis

9 So what do we mean by happiness?

10 Happiness may be Satisfaction Security Motivation Equilibrium

11 What’s needed? Personal influence Environment Use of your abilities Variety …and the other 8 things in the book But….

12 These variables are different for everyone I’d hate to be Alan Sugar He’d probably hate to be me So test yourself!

13 Misconceptions Stress is bad Burnout is an objective truth

14 9 job features you need Influence Using your abilities Reachable goals Variety Clear requirements and outlook Social contact Money Adequate physical setting Recognition of a meaningful role

15 Vitamin analogy Overdose on some vitamins and you’re in trouble They can be harmful rather than good Remember Lord of the Flies!

16 Genes and jobs Matching the right job – or college! – to the right person is vital Some, not all, of it is likely to be predetermined And happiness is relative – remember the grass is always greener!

17 Actions – can Cubo learn? Vitamin analogy – is there something for students and study? Our definition of “work” is certainly generic Problem: no budget in many institutions.

18 Since the book… Big Society Government happiness targets Economic collapse continued

19 Innovations People actively showing off about applying different incentives Social media – both good and bad (and has an effect on self-determination)

20 Q&A and closing remarks

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