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Brain Sex by Daniel G. Amen, M.D. By: Liliana Funes Crystal Meza Ranjana Wickramasekaran Christy Youssef.

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1 Brain Sex by Daniel G. Amen, M.D. By: Liliana Funes Crystal Meza Ranjana Wickramasekaran Christy Youssef

2 The Brain The Male Brain is very different from the Female Brain  Driven by: Beauty Shape Fantasy Obsession It is the main organ used during sex. Sex is an important factor in maintaining a healthy Brain.

3 Testosterone Testosterone defeminizes the brain.  Higher Testosterone leads to: Higher level of mathematical skill  Better ability to visualize objects in 3 dimensions. Better sense of direction. Aggression More interest in objects and competition Increases assertiveness and Sexual desire  The sex side of the brain is twice as large in males. Too much can risk:  Autism  Dyslexia  Stuttering  Immune dysfunction There is a second burst of testosterone in puberty giving males 20 times more testosterone than females.

4 Testosterone Cont. Low Levels of Testosterone in Men  Low Energy  Decreased Memory  Poor Work performance  Loss of Strength and Endurance  Unassertive behavior  Shyness  Language centers of the brain become more developed  An increased likelihood to get married and stay married Testosterone can be found in both males and females but there is a higher level found in males. Video Clip

5 Attraction The Brain’s visual Area is one of the main components involved in the process of attraction. 30% of brain is used for vision The amygdala is also involved in attraction  Controls emotions and motivation Dopamine  Associated with feelings of reward and motivation Phenylethylamine (PEA)  Activated by visual cues  Increases the flow of information between the neurons

6 Commitment New love  Raises dopamine PEAs which gives you the sensation of being “high”  Lowers the neurotransmitter serotonin responsible for mood regulation and emotional flexibility Low levels of serotonin can cause: obsessive compulsive disorder and over activity in the brain’s anterior cingulate gyrus Lower levels of serotonin may also cause depression if the relationship breakup is final and in extreme situations, it can even lead to stalking or excessive calling

7 Commitment Cont. Oxytocin  stimulated by touch  involved with bonding and attachment  secreted in higher levels from the brain’s emotional centers when we feel connected to and in love with an individual  Usually low in males and an orgasm can make it sky rocket. Serotonin and Oxytocin have longer term effects than dopamine and PEA One with healthy activity in the prefrontal cortex causes an increased ability to focus for longer periods of time, and a greater amount of empathy making him/her a better spouse.

8 Orgasm The right hemisphere of the brain is involved with sexual pleasure and orgasm For males, when they orgasm there is an overall decrease in all brain areas except the right frontal cortex where the blood flow increases significantly. It is anti-depression effects because it increases activity in the emotional parts of the brain. Smell triggers arousal and sexual response  There is a direct connection between the olfactory bulb and the erection center of the brain called the septal nucleus.

9 Benefits of Sex for Men Increases heart rate variability  Indicates a healthy heart and peaceful mind Males who have sex twice a week or more experience half as many heart-attacks or strokes in ten years as males who have sex less than once a month. Advances prostate function Improves Sleep Burns around 200 calories Sex influences happiness

10 Interesting information Levels of testosterone and genital size can be measured by the length of a males ring finger. A male’s level of testosterone can influence his ability to commitment in a relationship. The amount of activity in the prefrontal cortex can impact the quality of the spouse.

11 Critique Implied that people who don’t have sex are unhealthy and unhappy. How much is “too much”? Neglects to mention the negative and positive effects of sex.

12 Summary Testosterone causes many of the difference between the “sexual appetite” of males and females and plays a major role in attraction, attachment, commitment, and sexual performance. The physical appearance of a female heavily influence the brain activity in a male The attachment level of the individual changes the chemistry in the brain having long-term and short-term effects. Sex results in happier and healthier brain.

13 Multiple Choice Questions 1. What is the hormone that most distinguishes the male brain from the female brain? a. Oxcytocin b. Serotonin c. Testosterone d. Estrogen 2. What are the benefits of sex for men? a. Lower risk of heart disease b. Increased happiness c. Improves sleep d. All of the above e. None of the above 3. Testosterone can cause… a. Increased sexual desire b. Shyness c. Aggressiveness d. Both a and c e. All of the above

14 True and False A male’s testosterone level can be measured by the length of his ring finger. High Testosterone levels will result in a more committed spouse. The largest sex organ in the body is the brain.

15 Answers to Questions 1. A 2. D 3. D 4. True 5. False 6. True

16 References Amen, D. G. (2005). Brain Sex: Making Love is Good for Your Brain. In Making A Good Brain Great (pp.134-146). New York: Three Rivers Press.

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