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AIMS WRITING TIPS 7 TH GRADE. FACT 100% of you passed the AIMS writing test last year with either a score of “Meets” or “Exceeds.”

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2 FACT 100% of you passed the AIMS writing test last year with either a score of “Meets” or “Exceeds.”

3 FACT Many of you were very close to reaching the “Exceeds” label.

4 QUESTION What can you do to reach a score of “Exceeds”?

5 ANSWER: DO THE FOLLOWING: Read and then reread the writing prompt Ask yourself: what they are asking? Ask yourself: what format will you be writing? Ask yourself: who is your audience?

6 SENTENCE TYPES A declarative sentence makes a statement and ends with a period(.). We played games all night long. An interrogative sentence asks a question and ends with a question mark(?). What game do you want to play? An Exclamatory sentence shows strong emotion and ends with an exclamation point(!). I want to play Red Rover! Imperative gives a command. Pick up your laundry

7 SENTENCE TYPES Simple Compound Complex Compound-Complex

8 ATTACKING THE PROMPT You can either do a 5 paragraph essay OR You can write with a good introduction, body, and conclusion.

9 5 PARAGRAPH ESSAY FORMAT Paragraph 1 – introduction with a 3 prong thesis Paragraph 2 – body paragraph #1 Paragraph 3 – body paragraph #2 Paragraph 4 – body paragraph #3 Paragraph 5 – conclusion with a restated 3 prong thesis

10 FORMAT It doesn’t matter how many paragraphs you write. What DOES matter is that you give the grader enough text to grade. What does that mean??? FILL UP BOTH SIDES OF THE PAPER!!!!! Yup! ALL of it!!!!!!!

11 TYPES OF ESSAYS / PROMPTS Persuasive – persuade the reader to think like you do Argument - support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence. Narrative - develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, relevant descriptive details, and well-structured event sequences. Expository / Informational - examine a topic and convey ideas, concepts, and information through the selection, organization, and analysis of relevant content. Letter – either business format or friendly letter format

12 ????? List the five parts of a friendly letter: Heading Greeting Body Closing Signature

13 ????? List the 6 parts of a business letter: Heading Inside address Greeting Body Closing Signature

14 FOR PERSUASIVE WRITING REMEMBER TO ADD PROPAGANDA Faulty reasoning Loaded words Bandwagon Transfer Testimonial Card stacking

15 REMEMBER… Read the prompt!!! If the directions tell you to write a letter, write ALL parts of the letter. If the directions tell you to write the body of a letter, write ONLY the body.


17 FAILING ENGLISH Today the publishing world is filled with how-to books. The information in those books deals with every subject imaginable, including how to produce spinach, how to tell people “no” and how to fix a car. However, one important subject which deals with students in high school has been overlooked. That subject is how to fail English. Three surefire ways to fail English are simply to never pay attention, never do homework, and never pass the exams.

18 Probably the easiest way to fail English is to never pay attention. Instead of listening to what the teacher is saying, a student can stare off into space thinking about that date last Friday night. Or if he did not have a date last Friday, he can write notes to the person he would like to date this Friday. If neither of these methods will work, a person can clear out his wallet and show pictures to his neighbor or sell M and M’s on the sly and busily count the money collected. For the girls in class, another favorite method of escape is to apply makeup. All of these methods will assure that the student will not have any idea what the teacher is talking about, what page he is on, or what the assignment is. If by accident an individual happens to hear an assignment, a second sure way to fail English is to never do that assignment.

19 There are several methods that can be used to avoid doing homework. Perhaps the best way is to watch television from the moment one gets home. Another enjoyable and effective way to avoid assignments is to go to or plan a party every evening. If these two won’t work for someone, he can either get a job working forty hours a week or join every club and go out for every sport on campus. Then he will never have any time to concern himself with homework. If, however, none of the above is effective, it might be simplest to just forget about all work assigned by the teacher. To further ensure a failing grade in English, one more step must be taken; the student must fail all tests given.

20 The easiest way to fail a test is to forget to study so one won’t have to worry about remembering anything. A person might also just guess the answer or, better yet, leave the answers blank. That way the answers will definitely be incorrect. If, however, a person does go so far as to answer the questions, he can make sure to do poorly by reading very quickly, skimming the test so that he will be first to finish, and then never checking his work. If followed, these methods should guarantee a failing grade on any test.

21 For the student whose goal in life is failing English, these methods should help him attain his goal. Failing English is just like setting any other goal. If a person really sets his mind to it, he can be a successful failure. Is this really what you desire in your educational experience? If not, you’d better resort to Plan B and pay attention, do your work, and study for your exams!

22 AND… Be sure to write a FABULOUS TOPIC SENTENCE of 3-Prong Thesis! Give 3 or more details to support that thesis / topic sentence. Conclude your writing (wrap it up in an exciting way).

23 BE SURE TO WRITE A FABULOUS TOPIC SENTENCE OR 3-PRONG THESIS! Three surefire ways to fail English are simply to never pay attention, never do homework, and never pass the exams.

24 DON’T FORGET TO RESTATE YOUR THESIS IN THE CONCLUSION! If not, you’d better resort to Plan B and pay attention, do your work, and study for your exams!

25 Introduction How do I begin???

26 HOW DO I BEGIN??? Restate the question in an interesting way. That way the reader will know what you’re writing about in this topic sentence.

27 HOW DO I BEGIN??? If you’re doing a 5 paragraph essay, this would become your three prong thesis statement.

28 BODY Remember to add at least 3 details!!! …Or more if necessary!

29 BODY Don’t forget to use those different types of sentences – especially complex ones! Use fabulous word choice.

30 BODY Don’t skip lines between paragraphs; indent instead. Watch for noun and verb agreement.

31 BODY Spell correctly – you can use a dictionary and a thesaurus. PROOFREAD!!!

32 CONCLUSION Bring your writing to a close. NEVER say, “I hope you enjoyed my essay.”

33 AND FINALLY… Remember to REREAD what you wrote. An easy way to check for spelling is to read your essay backwards (misspellings really stand out!!!) Make any corrections DON’T WORRY ABOUT TIME!!! You have until 4:00 to finish your writing test!!!

34 ??? ARE THESE CORRECT ??? My aunt is always there for me, and willing to help me no matter what. their vs. there vs. they’re it’s vs. its

35 ??? ARE THESE CORRECT ??? ; joins 2 clauses (I wanted to go to the mall; however, Jon didn’t. : is for a list, a business letter, time

36 ALWAYS!!!. ”and,” ? And ! can come before or after the quotation marks (depending on how they’re used)

37 ??? ARE THESE CORRECT ??? Word Choice: Stay away from: StuffEtc.A lot ThingsKid DO use some of your new vocab words fom this year!!!

38 ??? ARE THESE CORRECT ??? Agreement: Two and two makes four. Correct? NOPE!!! They make four.

39 ??? ARE THESE CORRECT ??? CORRECT? Carl joined John and I. NOPE! Carl joined me. (Carl joined John and me.)

40 ??? ARE THESE CORRECT ??? Most paragraphs are successful when they are all 5-8+ sentences long!

41 PARALLEL WRITING ` These adults are excellent decision makers, they get kids involved in adult conversations, and they are extremely kind.

42 Receive Separate

43 NO FRAGMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


45 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Write out all numbers under 20! NEVER start a sentence with an Arabic numeral – write out that number – no matter how big it is. Ten million ants were at the picnic.

46 ????????????????????????????????????????? I am younger than them. Or I am younger than they. I am younger than they (are).

47 WRITING PROMPT Choose a character from a book that you just recently read (fiction or non-fiction). Tell why this character stands out above others.

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