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Jefferson Middle School 27900 Rockwood St. Clair Shores, MI 48081 LAKEVIEW PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

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1 Jefferson Middle School 27900 Rockwood St. Clair Shores, MI 48081 LAKEVIEW PUBLIC SCHOOLS

2 Mission Statement Jefferson Middle School uses effective instructional strategies and an interactive, integrated curriculum so that students meet or exceed course expectations. We build partnership with families and the community, and provide a network of support services that promote a safe, responsible, and respectful environment.

3 Personal Experiences Joslyn Brennan-Blue, 6th Grader Luke Hyde, 7th Grader Tessa Lau, 8th Grader Mrs. Wilczak, Parent

4 High School Graduation Requirements English4.0 Credits Math4.0 Credits Science3.0 Credits Social Studies3.0 Credits Physical Ed.1.0 Credit Health/Nutri.1.0 Credit Arts (Vis, Prf, Apl)1.0 Credit World Language1.0 Credit Required18.0 Credits Electives14.0 Credits Total28/32.0 Credits JMS students begin fulfilling Their first year of a two year world language requirement during their 8 th grade year. All 8 th graders take Algebra 1 and Earth Science, both high school courses.

5 Curriculum Resources GLCEs HSCEs Staff Staff directory Staff members are listed alphabetically Click on the classroom website links Resources Understanding the Common Core A New Foundation for Student Success

6 Elective Offerings Performing Arts Drama (6-8) Vocal Music (6-8) Music Exploration (6-8) Band (6-8) Orchestra (6-8) Visual Arts Intro to Art (6) Arts & Culture (6) 2-Dimensional Design (7-8) 3-Dimensional Art Sculpture(7-8) 3-Dimensional Art Ceramics (7-8) Core Extensions Patriot Publications (6-8) Project Science (7-8) Inventions/Marketing (6-8) Physical Education (8) (required 6 & 7) Technology/Industrial Arts Computer Literacy (6-8) Web Design (6-8) Technology Lab (6-8) Studio Skills (6-8) Video Production (6-8) Skills for Adolescence (6-8) Graphic Design (7-8) Applied Tech (6) Woodworking (7-8) Exploring Tech (7-8) Industrial Tech (7-8)


8 Reaching All Learners Remediation 8 th hour ASAP RiT Level Math Classes Language! Morning Homework Help Other opportunities from teachers Accelerated Opportunities Accelerated Math Language Arts Social Studies Science See p. 13 in the course selection book

9 Accelerated, Remediation, Interventionists, and 8 th Hour ASAP Classes 14-15 Accelerated opportunities include; ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies 8 th hour ASAP opportunities include: ELA & Math Study Skills classes for ELA (replace electives) Interventionists MEAP, NWEA, Explore, and grades are used for placement A rubric and teacher recommendations are used to differentiate placement of students into the program

10 Zeroes Aren’t Permitted When a child is given a homework assignment and fails to complete the assignment by the given due date the student will be “ZAPPED”. The student will be given a ZAP form to take home along with the incomplete assignment. This gives students one last chance to complete the assignment before actually being ZAPPED. The student is to: Complete the assignment Have their parent/guardian sign the ZAP form Return both the assignment and ZAP form to the ZAP basket in the main office BEFORE 8:00 A.M. the next day.

11 ZAP continued If ANY of the above do not happen, the student will receive a pass to their T2R class and will report to the cafeteria where they will complete the assignment and then read their T2R book silently. If the assignment is not completed at the end of the hour, they will take it home and turn it in to the ZAP basket the next morning, or they will be ZAPPED once again. If a child continues to be ZAPPED: Parent/Guardian will be contacted Parent/Guardian will meet with administration Detentions and/or ISS will be assigned

12 Time to Read- T2R 25 minutes of sustained silent reading 12-15 minutes of JMS TV During the 2014-2015 school year students will have the opportunity to read or to complete/get help with work during T2R

13 STUDENT SERVICES Programs Individual and small group counseling Educational support groups Parent education and counseling; referrals to community resources Mentoring Proactive Programs Yellow Ribbon (suicide prevention) Diversity Awareness Red Ribbon (substance abuse prevention) Anti-Bullying

14 STUDENT SERVICES Classroom Presentations- 6 th grade: Study Skills 7 th grade: Conflict Resolution & Anti Bullying 8 th grade: Decision Making/ Goal Setting 6 th, 7 th, and 8 th grades Career Explorations Standardized Tests: MEAP ACT – Explore NWEA


16 JMS Boot Camp First week of school 2014-2015 All students will learn, practice, and demonstrate expected behaviors in the following areas: Positive Behaviors Literacy and Studying Strategies Reading Strategies Writing Strategies Math Strategies Technology Attributes of Successful Students

17 Progress! How have academics and behaviors changed as a result of our efforts? MEAP ACT





22 Spring 2013 Explore Results for the Class of 2017 ELAMathReadingScienceComposite National Average15.215.91516.815.9 JMS 8 th Graders Class of 2017 15.715.915.217.216.2

23 Cohort Growth Per Test from Spring 2012-2013 for the Class of 2017 ELAMathReadingScienceComposite Class of 2017 Growth from 2012 to 2013

24 Extended Opportunities Kidz Korner (latch key) Paid service 6:30 am-7:53 am 2:51 pm- 6:00 pm Power Start (breakfast) Paid service 7:30 am-7:53 am Morning Homework Help Free Two to three teachers volunteering M-F Media Center 7:15 am- 7:53 am

25 JMS Athletic Teams, Clubs, and Organizations ATHLETIC TEAMS – 7 TH & 8 TH Grades FallFootball (no tryouts) Girls’ Volleyball (tryouts) Cheerleading (tryouts) Cross Country (no tryouts) WinterGirls’ Basketball (tryouts) Boys’ Basketball (tryouts) Wrestling (no tryouts) SpringTrack (co-ed, no tryouts) Swimming (no tryouts) CLUBS  MITES  Jazz Band  Sports Reporters  Triathlon  Strato Club  Drawing  Shores Network for Action and Prevention  Patriots with Pride  French Club  Spanish Club  Workout Club  Robotics Club  Friends of Rachel  Girls on Track “Action is the foundational key to all success.” Pablo Picasso Pablo Picasso

26 JMS Athletic Teams, Clubs, and Organizations ORGANIZATIONS AND ACTIVITIES National Junior Honor Society Student Government Spelling Bee Geography Bee School Parties Band, Orchestra, and Choir Performances HOPE Fund SUPPORT SERVICES Tips/Seminars for Successful Parenting Health Information Classes Educational Support Groups Mentoring Program 8th Hour A.S.A.P. A.M. Homework Help Latch Key Breakfast

27 8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip Chaperones Athletic Event Supervision Coffee Talks Meet the Teacher Night Parent Meeting - Human Sexual Development/Reproduction courses Parent Teacher Conferences School Parties School Spelling Bee Superintendent’s Forums /Task Forces Athletic Event Concessions Girls’ & Boys’ Lock-in Market Day New Student Orientation PTSO Barbecue Lunch PTSO Meetings Parental Involvement Parent Teacher Organization

28 Parental Involvement "STUDENTS WITH INVOLVED PARENTS ARE MORE LIKELY TO: Earn higher grades and test scores, and enroll in higher-level programs; Be promoted, pass their classes, and earn credits; Attend school regularly; Have better social skills, show improved behavior, and adapt well to school; and Graduate and go on to postsecondary education" (Henderson & Mapp, 2002). Parent Participation Check PowerSchool regularly Check Staff Websites regularly JMS Workshops Specifically for Parents Washington D.C. trip chaperone training Superintendent’s Forums Coffee Talks PTSO Meetings Anti-bullying Special Education

29 Questions Feel free to address any of us with questions you have regarding the educational opportunities JMS has available for your child(ren) David Lavender, Principal 586-445-4130 All students can and must learn! GO PATRIOTS!

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