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OUHSC Fall Faculty Meeting

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1 OUHSC Fall Faculty Meeting
September 26, 2011 M. Dewayne Andrews, M.D. Senior Vice President and Provost Executive Dean, College of Medicine

2 OU Health Sciences Center:

3 OUHSC Missions Health Professions Education
Discovery – research and development Service Health care – primary to tertiary Public outreach Community

4 HSC Student Enrollment – Fall 2011
Medicine 1,035 Nursing 835 Allied Health 641 Pharmacy 476 Dentistry 337 Public Health 259 Graduate College Many graduate students based in other colleges TOTAL = 3,624 Plus over 600 physicians in residency and fellowship training in 60 specialties and subspecialties of medicine

5 Some Key Centers of Excellence
Stephenson Cancer Center Harold Hamm Diabetes Center OU Breast Institute Heart Rhythm Institute Center for Alcohol Studies Oklahoma Center for Neurosciences Center for Research in Women’s Health Center on Child Abuse and Neglect Reynolds Oklahoma Center on Aging Reynolds Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence Bioethics Center The JUSTICE Center William K. Warren Medical Research Institute International Center for the Study of Terrorism and Crime Oklahoma Tobacco Research Center Center for Biosecurity Research

6 College Initiatives College of Nursing celebrates its 100 year anniversary in Over 11,000 Nursing alumni nationwide and in 9 international locations. OUCN case management program for community based frail elders is nationally recognized. OUCN research is focused on health of older persons, and ways to enhance lives of persons and families affected by cancer and those with health disparities. Public Health external awards increased from $4M in 2002 to $29M in FY proposals submitted in FY 2011

7 College Initiatives College of Pharmacy installed Biomarker Generator®, first to be installed anywhere in the world. Pharmacy students received one of four national awards presented by American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy for community service at the Rescue Mission College of Dentistry has completely revised the curriculum, installed new clinical management system, and is changing clinics from conventional to digital radiology Dental students are active in community service through OK Mission of Mercy, Kid’s Day, Good Shepherd Mission Two Allied Health faculty are the first in college history to receive funding from NIH

8 College Initiatives The College of Allied Health graduated its first Doctor of Physical Therapy students in May 2011 Graduate College students are involved in research projects totaling over $35M in awards and have contributed to more than 75 peer reviewed papers More than 100 graduate students have presented research findings at national and international scientific meetings COM – incorporated in other slides

9 HSC Research Strategic Plan 2005-2010
Focus Areas Cancer Diabetes and Metabolism Neurosciences/Vision Infectious Diseases/Immunology Geriatrics

10 Strategic Plan Success
New RSP Faculty in Cancer, Aging 12 Research and Pediatric Diabetes External Research Awards by these 12 faculty since their arrival at OUHSC $28M (represents 95 awards) Enrollment in Cancer Center clinical trials increased in FY 2011 to 428 from 39

11 RSP Investment—Public/Private Partnership
OUHSC: RSP salary lines & start-up $7.2M PRIVATE DONORS: Hamm gifts to Diabetes Center $30.5M Cancer Center Campaign $50.0M Children’s Hospital Foundation $13.5M Reynolds Foundation-Aging Research $ 7.5M STATE OF OKLAHOMA: Cancer Center - Legislative $ for building construction $16.5M Tobacco taxes-building & equipment (to date) $36.0M Diabetes Center $ .5M

12 Stephenson Cancer Center Initiatives with Colleges
71 research members: Allied Health Medicine Nursing Pharmacy Public Health Arts & Sciences Engineering Oklahoma Tobacco Research Center–$1.5M annual funds Dr. Laura Beebe (Public Health) and Dr. Robert McCaffree (Medicine) co-direct. OTRC has awarded seed grants to multiple colleges Director, SCC’s Patient Supportive Care Research Dr. Kathy Dwyer (Nursing) Awarded three $50,000 breast cancer seed grants— Pharmacy Public Health OSU Assisted with start-up packages in several colleges

13 Hamm Diabetes Center Initiatives with Colleges
Campus-wide weekly and annual seminars and conferences are widely attended by OUHSC faculty NIH P20 Health Disparities grant component with Public Health and Pediatrics Outreach collaborations with Pharmacy faculty and students in “Know Your Numbers” program Educational rotations with Allied Health Nutritional Sciences students and Nursing students Collaborating with Dentistry to develop a dental facility in the Diabetes Center Extensive collaboration with Ophthalmology faculty in eye-related grants

14 NIH Awards – OUHSC By NIH Fiscal Year

15 Summary of All OUHSC Sponsored Funding: Research Grants, Training Awards, Professional and other contracts Fiscal Year

16 OUHSC Budget Trends

17 OUHSC Funding Sources FY2012
Total $803,982,681

18 OU COM Funding Sources FY 2010 Oklahoma City Campus
Total $481,857,705

19 OU Physicians Visit Volume Oklahoma City
Info received from Kevin Elledge (HSC) Note: Figures above do not include c. 340,000 visits at VAMC and 110,000 visits at OU Medical Center in which COM faculty and residents are involved.

20 GOING FORWARD How have I spent the first three months as your Senior Vice President and Provost? What constitutes my vision, values, goals, aspirations? What are the challenges and opportunities ahead?

21 Early activities Meetings with each College’s administration
Meetings with HSC Vice Presidents and key division heads OU Regents Retreat – presentation and discussions Oklahoma Health Center Foundation briefing Congressional and legislative visits Faculty Senate Executive Committee Events Continuing work of Executive Dean, COM Thinking about the future and how we will advance

22 Key Questions Posed to HSC College Deans
What are the two most important goals or projects for your College during the next 2-3 years? What is the single greatest challenge to your College during the next 2-3 years?

23 Summary of Colleges’ Goals and Challenges — 2011-12
Meet the health care workforce needs of the state and region Retention and recruitment of faculty in a competitive marketplace Continue to develop research programs Special emphasis on clinical and translational research Build on our existing strength: strategic investments Advance Cancer Center and Diabetes Center Resource constraints – Federal and State Physical facilities Academic space & Research space Clinical programs

24 Vision The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center will be the premier enterprise for advancing healthcare, medical and health professions education, biomedical research and public outreach for the community, state and region. Through our combined efforts, we strive to improve the lives of all people.

25 Values We believe that caring for our patients must be at the center of all we do. We act with honesty and integrity. We respect our colleagues and co-workers. We magnify our effectiveness through teamwork. We improve continually through harnessing innovation and encouraging high performance. We believe in open communication. We are committed to providing outstanding educational programs. We will be a leader in the advancement of basic, translational and clinical research.

26 Overarching Goals Innovative Education Advancing Knowledge
Exceptional Service Uncompromising Quality Institutional Strength

27 Objectives serve Goals
Under the five overarching goals we must establish a framework of key objectives which must be achieved in order to reach our goals. Iterative process for establishing objectives (strategies, tactics) Some objectives apply across the Health Sciences Center Some objectives are highly specific to a College Each College must define how it will achieve specific objectives in order to reach the overarching goals.

28 Some of my special concerns

29 Research/Research Space
Appointed Research Space Allocation Committee Review research allocation and assignments Recommend new or amended policies and practices to make the most efficient and effective use of research space Look at appropriate metrics for research productivity Assessment of additional research space needs over next 10 yrs Need to refresh our research strategic plan for

30 Diversity The number of African American applicants in 2010 was 45.3% less than in 1993. Number admitted and enrolled was 66% less than in 1993. The number of Hispanic applicants in 2010 was 53.2% less than in 1993. Number admitted and enrolled was 29.4% less than in 1993. The number of Native American applicants in 2010 was 61.8% less than in 1993. Number admitted and enrolled was 73.6% less than in 1993. The number of Asian American applicants in 2010 was 250% more than in 1993. Number admitted and enrolled was 76.7% more than in 1993.

31 Diversity Statement example
The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine holds diversity as a value at the very core of its educational, research, service and health care missions. The College recognizes that diversity embraces race, ethnicity, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and disability. We are committed to increasing the representation of women, ethnic minorities, and individuals who are members of groups underrepresented in medicine and science among our students, trainees, faculty and our leadership. The College of Medicine is committed to developing programs that will promote the academic advancement and success of minority students, faculty and staff; weaving and enhancing cultural and diversity instruction in our curriculum; breaking down racial and ethnic stereotypes and promoting cross-cultural understanding; and promoting new areas of research and scholarship that involve multi-cultural issues. The College's programs strive to enhance diversity and cultural competency in the health care workforce and to improve access to health care for under-served populations. The College of Medicine diversity goals support the University culture in which diversity and academic excellence are seen as inter-dependent. April 2011

32 Interests Interdisciplinary Health Care Interdisciplinary Education
Faculty Recognition Administrative streamlining

33 Key Issues and Questions That Must Be Addressed

34 Rethinking research indirect costs recovery
Issues and Questions Academic office space Research lab space Rethinking research indirect costs recovery Faculty breadth vs. depth – more focused and strategic recruitment Can we afford to expand our research enterprise without measurable ROI? What are we going to expect for base salaries? What is the future of the Tulsa School of Community Medicine? Expanding clinical departments without new base salary lines Clinical enterprise Should OU Physicians expand to multiple areas in the region? Hospital partnerships and relationships

35 Future Goals and Challenges
Meet the health care workforce needs of state and region Retention and recruitment of faculty Continue to develop research programs Special emphasis on translational and clinical research Build on our existing strength; strategic investments Advance Cancer Center and Diabetes Center Physical facilities Academic space Research space Clinical programs

36 The Future If the past is any indication, the future is Impact Bright
Exciting Impact Center of health care education and production of health care workforce Dynamic force in biomedical research Economic development Most major cities have a large, dynamic, growing academic medical center Adds to the intellectual environment Betterment of health care for many citizens

37 Key Partners in Success
University Hospitals Authority & Trust OU Medical Center Dean McGee Eye Institute Presbyterian Health Foundation Children’s Hospital Foundation (formerly CMRI) Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Philanthropists and Benefactors Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce and the business community City of Oklahoma City

38 Thank you!

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