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Action Planning… Making the Business Case for Investing in Simulation Deborah Buttrum, RN, MSN Megan McClintock, RN, MS.

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1 Action Planning… Making the Business Case for Investing in Simulation Deborah Buttrum, RN, MSN Megan McClintock, RN, MS

2 Objectives Identify specific ways to persuade administration to consider development of a simulation lab program. Construct a preliminary plan for approaching administration. Begin to develop a three year plan for your simulation lab including goals and funding/marketing ideas. Identify resources available for simulation lab development.

3 Why us?

4 Making an idea a reality


6 Persuading Administration Identify the hot topics for your administration Know your staff and their strengths and weaknesses Find some “seed” money Have an overall goal for the simulation lab

7 Will they spend the money? Identify ways to make the lab sustainable Identify benefits of simulation Remind them it costs less in the long run Remind them we have to be competitive and/or innovative to make it in the marketplace Involve them in every step

8 Presenting to Administration Research what has been done at other schools and hospitals – locally and nationally Develop a polished presentation Consider your audience Know the financial impact


10 Planning Assess your current situation For each of the next 3 years, identify: Goal Plan Funding Ideas Marketing Ideas


12 Current Lab  6 hospital beds (4-fully working, 2-non-functional)  5 task-trainer mannequins (poor condition, parts missing)  1 moderate fidelity simulation mannequin (excellent condition)  1 large open room  2 wall units simulating bedside equipment  Bed separating curtains (not installed)  Used primarily for skills training in first semester  Rarely used in other 3 semesters of program

13 Summer 2008 Goal: To update current lab and be prepared for use throughout all 4 semesters of nursing program by August 1 st Plan:  Establish lab director/coordinator  Complete inventory of current equipment/supplies  Visit several nursing simulation labs (OCCC, TCC, UCO, Temple, WELLS Center) to observe, consult and plan for our lab  Work with faculty and equipment reps to identify needed equipment/supplies  Redesign the physical layout of the lab to better resemble a hospital unit

14 Summer 2008 (cont.)  Purchase equipment/supplies with grant funding  Obtain training on current and purchased equipment  Inservice faculty on current and purchased equipment  Work with faculty to integrate simulation into all nursing courses for school year 2008-2009  Develop policies and procedures for simulation lab  Work with faculty and simulation network to develop scenarios

15 Year 1 (2008 – 2009) Goal – Increase retention and increase enrollment, integrate simulation throughout the curriculum Plan:  Learn to use current simulation equipment to its maximum potential  Continue scenario development  Work with faculty to include simulation in every nursing course  Begin updating outdated equipment  Survey rural Western Oklahoma hospitals, nursing homes, ambulance services, and LPN programs about desire/funding for on-line LPN to RN program with centralized (or mobile) bi- weekly simulation labs

16 Year 1 Funding Ideas  Establish consortium with local hospitals (Park View, Kingfisher, Canadian Valley Integris) to obtain outdated supplies and equipment  Establish a collaborative relationship with EMT department at RCC to utilize budgets, equipment, and supplies more efficiently  Department of Education congressionally-directed grant  RCC budget  Student lab and supply fees (no longer having students purchase supplies through the bookstore)  Nursing Foundation

17 Year 1 Marketing Ideas  Update current brochure to include simulation  Update website to include simulation  Create simulation video to show during recruiting sessions  Promote/provide tours for high school student groups interested in health careers

18 Budgeting Remodeling Equipment Equipment Maintenance Warranties Consumables Moulage Supplies Software Lab personnel

19 Sample Spreadsheet HaveNeedsWantsDreams Big Equipment4 beds with power Crash cart (1)BedsAmbulance 2 beds without power Overbed tables (3) Crash cart (1)18 wheeler for mobile simulations MannekinsBedside trashcans (6) Head wall units (4) SimMan 3G ($60,000) Crash cart (doesn’t roll) Storage boxes/ shelves for supply room Telescoping curtains Atlas monitor Overbed tables (3 roll, 1 no roll) Mounted sharps boxes (4) Isolation cartEKG machine Bedside chest (3 new, 3 old) Mounted glove holders (4) Bedside chairs (6) Trashcans with lids (2 ancient) StretcherGooseneck lamp

20 Sustainability Collaborate with: Other schools Local hospitals Local healthcare agencies Community service groups Community leaders Find ways to make money Expand your program Think outside the box

21 Resources Books Websites NLN Meti Laerdal INACSL Listservs Existing simulation labs Articles

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