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DwB 2 nd Regional Workshop Round Table Panelists Presentations.

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1 DwB 2 nd Regional Workshop Round Table Panelists Presentations

2 M. Brandt (DESTATIS)

3 … if : - You have the same goals - All involved parties benefit - You can generate a win to win situation - You have an agreement, how to reach your goals - Even interspecies cooperation between Data Archives an NSIs is possible Cooperation makes sense, in a way…

4 -Like in a good marriage: -Share of work, share of burden, share of joy -Everybody needs to know the tasks -There are rights: And duties: -The tasks, rights and duties must be split in a fair way, accepted and the work needs to be done at the end -Constraints and borders must be accepted as well Cooperation between Data Archives and NSIs

5 We have good cooperation within CESSDA We have good cooperation within the ESS This needs to be transferred to interdisciplinary teamwork On national level we have partly good cooperation between Data Archives and NSIs 2 different levels  cooperation on an international level can be only as good as the cooperation between NSIs and Data Archives on national level Cooperation agreement for CESSDA and the ESS could be helpful – This requires to identify topics for cooperation – Legal framework and borders of cooperation – What is desired from both sides The ESS could surely learn more about service orientation Cooperation between CESSDA and the ESS

6 P. Doorn (DANS)

7 My (DANS) view on further co-operation on data within & without boundaries 1.Co-operation is not easy; disagree with respect 2. A long-term perspective is necessary; quick wins as intermediate results help 3. Identify the real win-wins: these should define the priorities!

8 4. The results of collaborative projects need to be secured, also of DwB 5. Dutch “intra-boundary” wishes for DANS-CBS already presented 6. Further International co-operation: opportunity for a concrete new proposal: H2020-EINFRA-2015-1, deadline 14-01-2015: Topic: e- Infrastructures for virtual research environments (VRE) Secure VRE for access to data across boundaries Researcher passport for microdata access

9 A. Dulce Pinto (INE Portugal)

10 Stones in the road? I save every single one, one day I´ll build a castle How I see projects like DwB

11 In general : Possible definition - joint action in which people come together in a more or less organized way to achieve the same goal. As a Way to something: WHAT kind of cooperation can be achieved? WHO can manage an effective cooperation? HOW to achieve a useful cooperation? How I see Cooperation

12 It allows the splitting and sharing of responsibilities among parties with specific knowledge, which renders the system more efficient; There are limits for the data a NSI can provide to researchers (legal, financing, methodological and technical); At a national level, cooperation solutions must be found according to the law; At European level cooperation is harder to achieve; different national laws and therefore different basic concepts, for instance WHO is a researcher, may be a STONE. Cooperation in the process of easy access to official microdata – topics for discussion

13 M. Isnard (INSEE)

14 A necessary cooperation between NSI and DA Lack of resources Lack of competence : Statistician making good documentation for a researcher ? Incentive (spur) to go on

15 A long & useful cooperation in France 20 years Scientific Use File + Metadata Researchers consulted for social sciences surveys by Insee

16 A cooperation to be strengthened Access to Secure Use Files (with CASD) Documentation for Secure Use Files Business surveys Accreditation

17 P. Jackson (CESSDA)



20 EurostatNSI Europe from a NSI perspective

21 CESSDA DA Europe from a Data Archive perspective

22 Eurostat NSI CESSDA D.A. NSI D.A. NSI Europe from a Social Researcher’s perspective

23 R. Silberman (CNRS-RQ)

24 Questions What is the state of play of cooperation? What are the future developments, challenges, opportunities for cooperation? What kind of strategy would be most fruitful, realistic?

25 What is the state of play of cooperation ? Impossible ? Not at all true !! It happened and it is developing  My experience in France  Other countries experiences  On-going developments including DwB experience  Process rather similar : researchers as drivers, archives competencies, trust However various histories, contexts, models … And in several countries still not existing, in several cases no archive but on-going developments

26 What are the future challenges /developments / opportunities for cooperation? Demand for Secure Use Files for OS will increase rapidly and may become the main channel i.e. NOT EXCEPTIONNAL!  Increasing demand for administrative data located in different places, for linking data, for transnational access  Metadata issues but also accreditation issues, checking outputs issues increasing New challenges  With big data both for the ESS, for the research community and for the archives  With Open data bringing more actors How are the NSIs going to deal with this increasing burden ? How are the different communities going to face these challenges ? Alone, together ? At national level, at European level ?

27 What kind of strategy would be most fruitful, realistic ? More actors than 2 :  Researchers: don’t mind who, want to access rapidly, need some one to answer my questions, want more, no silos would be great  Complex landscapes for OS in many countries, not only NSIs and Eurostat Keep the users in the circle Involve all stakeholders (Research Ministries/Research Councils, Authorities in charge of Privacy Protection, other producers) Regional workshops: Things change rapidly, talking together helps, other countries experiences useful ! Keep an umbrella for discussions, sharing experiences developing partnerships crucial ! Regional workshops, EDAF … beyond DwB ! Who should do this ? Eurostat ? CESSDA ? Eurostat and CESSDA ? ESS and CESSDA ? European Commission ?  Subsidiarity principle: developments at national level crucial for cooperation at European level  European level helps for national developments Keep the different levels involved ! Be ambitious and optimist !  In countries where setting up an archive is starting, bring cooperation into the discussion !  In countries where there is some cooperation, go further !  In countries where there is mature cooperation, discuss bilateral transnational agreements  Think transnational and European !

28 Thanks for Listening Now, the floor is yours...

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