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WELCOME 5 TH GRADERS  I received my Bachelor’s Degree at Miles College Other School-Wide Involvement: American Education Week, International Baccalaureate.

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2 WELCOME 5 TH GRADERS  I received my Bachelor’s Degree at Miles College Other School-Wide Involvement: American Education Week, International Baccalaureate Candidate School, Rocket Team, Science Club, Science Fair, Spanish Club, Winter Program, Cub Cheerleaders, Book Club

3 Weighted Grading Scale ◦ Homework constitutes 15% of a student’s grade. ◦ Tests constitutes 40% of a student’s grade. ◦ Projects are 35% of a student’s grade ◦ Daily Work/Participation will constitute 10% of a student’s grade. ◦ Extra Credit points may or may not be given during each 9 week grading period. ◦ However, I do like to add extra project points to those of you who exceed expectations.

4 Drills! Absolutely NO TALKING for emergency directions Fire Drill Procedures: ◦ We always will line up in a straight line at the door. I will lead you out and up the closest stairwell and outside on the sidewalk. We move in a quiet and orderly fashion, which is MUCH safer for you. Tornado Drill Procedures: ◦ For this drill, I will lead you out into the hallway. ◦ You are to have a seat against the wall with your hand protecting the wall.

5 Restroom Breaks ◦ Try to use the restroom before class begins. We begin promptly at 8:00. ◦ You will be given two restroom breaks during the day. This should be sufficient. ◦ If you have a medical issue related to this, then I need to have a written excuse from your doctor, please.

6 Deadlines To keep on the path to success, you must have homework and projects turned in on time ! Check the homework board for deadlines and write them in your student handbook.

7 Weekly Schedule MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday 8:00-8:45 D.O.L./ Writing Journals D.O.L./ Writing Journals D.O.L./ Writing Journals 8:45-10:00Math 10:00-11:30Reading/La ng 11:30-11:45IB Blend Science/So c. IB Blend Science/So c. IB Blend Science/So c. IB Blend Science/So c. IB Blend Science/So c. 11:45-12:45 M&F- Investigatio n 12:45-1:15 Lunch/ Restroom/ AR/S.S.R. Lunch/ Restroom AR/S.S.R. Lunch/ Restroom AR/S.S.R. Lunch/ Restroom AR/S.S.R Lunch/ Restroom AR/S.S.R. 1:15-1:45P.E.Drama/P.E. (12:45-1:15) P.E.(12:45- 1:45) Spanish/P.E. (12:45-1:15) P.E. 1:15-2:50 IB Blend(cont. ) Science/So c. Stu. blend Science/So c. Stu. Blend Science/Soci al Studies Blend 2:50-3:00Pack up/ Dismissal Pack up/ Dismissal Pack up/ Dismissal Pack up/ Dismissal Pack up/ Dismissal

8 Classroom Library Procedures: ◦ Independent reading time will be allotted to you daily for at least 20 minutes. ◦ If you are not sure where the books belong, have the librarian reshelf them for you. ◦ Use a sign out sheet for checking books of interest out of the classroom. ◦ Everyone will be given computer time for AR quizzes to receive points. ◦ You must earn at least an 80% to receive points. If you meet your goals at the end of the nine week period, you will receive an award! Determine Genre of interest Read synopsis Select book on AR level Select books relative to your AR level Determine purpose for reading

9 Respect vs. Disrespect ◦ Positive consequences for good behavior: ◦ Extra privileges (i.e. computer time, reading time, educational board game time, etc.) ◦ End of the year awards ◦ Positive phone call to family ◦ *Note~ If the entire class has absolutely NO referrals to the principal then you will be allowed to watch a movie at the end of each nine week period. ◦ Negative consequences for poor behavior: ◦ Loss of privileges ◦ Phone call to family ◦ Referral to an administrator ◦ Conference with teacher, family, and principal

10 Dress Code ◦  Solid white, blue, black and khaki shirt with collar. The shirt must be uniform style. This must be a collared shirt, dress shirt, turtleneck, or mock turtleneck. The shirt must be buttoned. No logos, symbols, pictures or writing on the shirt other than the approved school logo. ◦  Navy blue, khaki, or black pants, skirts, Capri pants, jumpers, “walking” length shorts limited to 2” above the knee. ◦  Sweaters/Sweatshirts - V-neck style pullover, crew neck style pullover, cardigan or sweater vest in the solid uniform colors. Hoods, Masks, or Coverings over the face MUST not be worn in the school building at all. No logos, symbols, pictures or writing on the sweaters/sweatshirts other than approved school logo. ◦  Any shoe can be worn except: shoes with open toes, boots with chains, steel toes, or metal reinforcement or decorations, shoes with wheels or lights, or any other shoes the principal deems unsafe. ◦  Gloves, coats and hooded jackets worn to school must be stored in lockers or other designated locations during the normal school day. Students sensitive to cold temperatures may include a sweater or sweatshirt as part of the uniform as described above. ◦ 5. THESE ARTICLES OF CLOTHING OR STYLES OF DRESS ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN WHILE ON THE SCHOOL CAMPUS OR UNDER SCHOOL SUPERVISION: ◦  JEANS/DENIM ◦  CARGO STYLE PANTS; OVERALLS OR COVERALLS ◦  OVER-SIZED PANTS OR SHIRTS; PANTS WORN BELOW THE WAIST OR “SAGGING” ◦  PAJAMAS, ATHLETIC WEAR (sweat suits, gym shorts, etc.,) ; KNIT, NYLON, SPANDEX OR SKIN TIGHT/TIGHTLY FITTED CLOTHES (dresses, tops, bottoms and etc.,) ◦  VISIBLE CLEAVAGE ◦  SLEEVELESS/TANK TOPS, TUBE TOPS, HALTER TOPS, MESH TOPS, MIDRIFF TOPS ◦ DRAFT ◦  TEE-SHIRTS OR TALL TEES HOODED JACKETS OR SWEATSHIRTS INSIDE THE BUILDING ◦  SUNGLASSES  BUTTONS, JEWELRY, ACCESSORIES, OR ANY CLOTHING WITH OFFENSIVE,   LEWD, VULGAR, OBSCENE LANGUAGE, SLOGANS OR PICTURES WHICH ADVOCATE/ADVERTISE USE OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL OR DEPICT WEAPONS OR ACTS OF VIOLENCE ◦  SECRET SOCIETY, FRATERNITY OR SORORITY SYMBOLS OR LETTERING ◦  ROLLERS, COMBS, OR COSMETOLOGY CLAMPS,SCARVES / HEAD RAGS /DOO RAGS / BANDANNAS/ SWEATBANDS / HATS / CAPS OR OTHER HEAD COVERINGS ◦  VISIBLE UNDERGARMENTS CLOTHING ALTERED BY CUTS, SLITS OR HOLES OR THAT IN ANY WAY EXPOSES THE SKIN ◦  GOLD TEETH OR FANGS (UNLESS REQUIRED BY A DENTIST WITH WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION ON FILE)  ANYTHING ELSE THE PRINCIPAL OR DESIGNEE DEEMS INAPPROPRIATE OR DISRUPTIVE OF THE EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT.

11 ELECTRONIC DEVICE POLICY Disclaimer: Employees of Birmingham City Schools ARE NOT in any way responsible for the repair, replacement of any electronic device a student may bring to school. A student’s, possession, use, transfer of any electronic device during the school day or any other school event, it is AT THEIR OWN RISK. ◦ 1. Students are allowed to possess electronic devices on campus. However, all electronic devices must be turned COMPLETELY off during the school day. ◦ 2. Electronic devices MUST NOT be visible and or audible during the school day. They should be stored in a secure location (vehicle, locker). PLEASE READ: ITEM #7. ◦ 3. If cell phones are visible and/or audible during the administering of Tests, the test(s) may be deemed invalid. ◦ 4. At all times, possession of electronic devices is strictly forbidden in private areas, such as locker rooms, restrooms, dressing areas, classrooms, and offices. Electronic device policy violations will be treated as Class II or Class III offenses. Such use may also be in violation of state and federal law. ◦ 5. Students participating in field trips, extracurricular activities, and athletic events must get permission from their teacher, coach, or sponsor before using electronic devices during such events. ◦ 6. Any phone communication during the instructional day will take place on school telephones as authorized by administrative personnel with the exception of emergency situations deemed by the principal. PARENTS SHOULD CONTINUE TO CALL THE SCHOOL FOR ANY EMERGENCY SITUATION. ◦ 7. Possession of an electronic device is a privilege that may be forfeited by any student not abiding by the terms of this policy. Students shall be personally and solely responsible for the security of their electronic devices. Neither Birmingham City Schools nor its employees shall assume any responsibility for theft, loss, transfer, use or damage of any electronic device or its unauthorized use.

12 Wish List ◦ Dry erase board markers (colorful) ◦ Staplers (2) ◦ Durable Pencil Sharpener (electric) ◦ Color Printer Paper ◦ Anti-Bacterial Wipes ◦ Donated 5 th -12 th grade AR books ◦ Classroom Snacks (incentives/rewards) ◦ Age Appropriate Educational Board Games ◦ Modeling Clay/ Minerals/ Magnets

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