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Nothing but net presented by Marcella Gutierrez i net.

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1 nothing but net presented by Marcella Gutierrez i net

2 Change is a collective experience, "an exercise in pursuing meaning.... New meaning and reform are created in a thousand small ways that eventually add up to a new order of things. Systems do not change by themselves. People change systems through their actions" Michael Fullan

3 This presentation seeks to bring awareness of internet teaching to the forefront of our classrooms. Internet projects, inquiries, workshops, and Web Quests are technological instructional tools that will enhance teaching practices and student learning. Internet teaching and learning is a wave of the future. As teachers, it is imperative that we be prepared to embrace this new platform in education.

4 Internet Workshop

5 1 Locate a good site with content related to a classroom unit of instruction and set a bookmark for the location 2 Develop an activity requiring students to use the site 3 Assign the activity to be completed during the week 4 Have students share their work, questions, and insights at the end of the week during a workshop session

6 Example Unit: Music Webpage TEKS:ELA 20 a-g Website: Music Last fm Activity: Answer the questions on the worksheet Create a list of your own questions you have about this webpage and share them with a peer. Write a letter to a friend telling them about this site. What would you say are at least 3 important factors to see and what are at least 2 negative things about this site.

7 Worksheet Questions What music sub-culture do you feel like you belong to? Song that describes your life? Song that makes you think? What do you listen to, to hype you up? What do you listen to when you want to calm down? Your all time favorite band? Do you know the names of all the band members that you listen to? Name them. What music genre do they belong to?

8 Select a band/musician from this website that you are unfamiliar with and compare and contrast them to your favorite band/musician. List the band members and provide biography feed back on each band member. Why did you select this band/musician? Describe their music genre. What do you like about this band/musician from the website? What don’t you like about this band/musician? List three things that you liked about this website? Explain. List three things you do not like about this website? Would you mark this as favorite on your bookmarks and share it with a friend?

9 Resources Internet Workshop and WebQuests: Two Instructional Models t2.pdf Discovery school Teaching and the Internet Scott Foresman Reading Headquarters html

10 Internet Project Internet Projects typically involve some sort of joint venture in which students from different classes around the country, continent, or world work together. They are curriculum-based and will often involve each classroom obtaining local information, conducting research, and/or producing a product. Electronic sharing between classes can occur during the class work itself or after the "product" has been prepared.

11 Steps 1. Select a web site that is an internet project site such as Global Schoolnet Foundation 2. Select a project that best fits your needs 3. Introduce project to students 4. Students engage in collaborating with other students via the internet

12 Sample Project City Quest!City Quest! (#1717) by Joan Goble (#1475) Dates: 09/01/02 to 08/31/09 Ages: 5 to 19 Project Level: Basic Project Curriculum Areas: Arts; Business; Community Interest; History; Information Technology; International Relations; Language; Multicultural Studies; Science; Social Studies; Technology; Technology Types: Student created Webs; Email, List server; Graphics: photo,draw,paint; Live Text Conference: IRC,Chat,IM; Web-published; Text: stories, essays, letters; Collaboration Types: Electronic Publishing; Information Exchange; Global Classroom; Intercultural Exchange; Simulation; Virtual Meeting or Gathering; Project Summary: City Quest highlights what is special about your town or city with your students’ reports, photos, drawings and more to share with other students worldwide. Also find curriculum ideas, newsletters, games,activities and more. City Quest is waiting for you!

13 Resources Teachnology http://www.teach- Teaching and the internet ml ml Eduweb Global Schoolnet Foundation

14 Internet Inquiry Inquiry is an approach to learning that involves a process of exploring the natural or material world, that leads to asking questions and making discoveries in the search for new understandings.

15 Question FIVE PHASES Search Analyze ComposeShare

16 What do I know about my question? What could an answer be? What do I need to know? Question Students identify an important question they want to answer, usually related to a unit of study What do I want to know about my topic? How do I know it

17 Search Students look for information to address the question they have posed. What kind of resources might help? Where do I find them? How do I know the information is valid? Who is responsible for the information? How do I know if this is enough information?

18 Analyze Students analyze the information they have gathered. What parts support my answer? How is this relevant to my question? How does it relate to the stuff I already know ? What parts do not support my answer? Does it raise new questions?

19 Compose Students prepare a presentation of their work. What is my main point? Who is my audience? What else is important? How does it connect? How do I use media to express my idea?

20 Share Students share their work and respond to questions about their investigation. Power Point Video Podcast Pamphlets, brochures, newsletter

21 Sample The essence of inquiry-based learning is that children participate in the planning, development and evaluation of projects and activities. Begin with the following questions 4. How do I prepare my presentation?3. Does the information answer my question? 2. Where can I find information about music? 1.What do I want to know about music? 5. Which media is best for my presentation

22 Resources Teacher vision technology/4514.html Youth learn Exploratorium inquiry Inquiry page

23 WebQuest WebQuests are essentially guided lessons, and the structure of a WebQuest is identical to the structure of a lesson plan.

24 Student-centered and inquiry-based, a Web Quest challenges students to explore the web for information. Most Web Quests include the links that are appropriate for students to research as well as suggestions for further research. Web Quests are generally constructed around a scenario of interest to students. Traditionally Web Quests have an introduction, a process, a task, a list of resources, a conclusion, and an evaluation.

25 Introduction: provides background information scenarios like giving students roles to play: The task: is a formal description of what students will have accomplished by the end of the WebQuest. Process: This is a description of the steps learners should go through in accomplishing the task, with links embedded in each step. Resources: This section of the WebQuest consists of a list of the Resources (bookmarked Web sites,, etc.) print resources that your students will need to complete the task. Process: This is a description of the steps learners should go through in accomplishing the task, with links embedded in each step. W E B Q U E S T Conclusion: This step allows for reflection by the students and summation by the teacher.

26 WebQuest Examples The following links provide an array of WebQuests examples for all types of curriculum WebQuest Portal Best WebQuests Teachnology puting/web_quests/ puting/web_quests/

27 Resources Concept to Classroom lass/webquests/demo_sub1.html lass/webquests/demo_sub1.html Spartenburg County District Three ml ml

28 “ Alvin Toffler wrote a book in the early 1970s called Future Shock. In it he described what he called the "acceleration in the rate of change." Technology in general, and computing technology in particular, is bringing about increasingly rapid and broad-sweeping change in our world. The World Wide Web is an icon or symbol of that change, bringing about an explosion of knowledge availability, access and use. The breakneck speed of change makes it difficult for many constituents of our global society to keep up. In the United States we are privileged to be in the position of leading the world in the proliferation of the computing infrastructure that is necessary to take advantage of what the World Wide Web has to offer. More and more homes, and the children in them, are turning to the Web for information across the spectrum of knowledge to meet their day-to-day needs. We teachers especially thus need to understand how the Web works since we are the ones charged with the responsibility of guiding children to a future which is happening every day.” Beckie Randall

29 "Change is a journey, not a blueprint" because you don’t know what really matters until your are into the journey. Michael Fullan

30 Questions?

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