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Learning about the Holy Prophet (s) _________________________________________________ Academy for Learning Islam

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1 Learning about the Holy Prophet (s) _________________________________________________ Academy for Learning Islam

2 Questions on the Life of the Prophet (s) 1) Why did he marry many wives? ■ Polygyny was common during that time. It was very common with other Prophets and is mentioned in the Bible. We should not judge by today’s social standards ■ Islam modified and reformed the system of polygyny ■ The Prophet (s) was married to Khadijah, his first wife, for 25 years ■ He married his other wives during the last thirteen years of his life ■ Most of his wives were widows and elderly women ■ The reasons for the marriages were: - give protection and dignity to widows - form alliances for the sake of Islam - break wrong systems of society

3 2) Was Islam spread by the sword? ■ Islam does not accept conversion by force There is no compulsion in religion 2:256 ■ The Prophet (s) is described as reminder, not one who forces Islam upon others. Therefore, remind them, for you are only a reminder, you are not a watcher over them (88:21-22) ■ Wars during the time of the Prophet (s) were defensive ■ Islam guaranteed freedom of faith to the Jews and Christians Living under Islamic rule ■ Expansion of the Muslim Empire should not be confused with The expansion of the Islamic faith

4 3) How did he treat the non-Muslims? ■ Peaceful co-existence: The Charter of Madinah The Jews would be able to practice their religion freely. Their rights would be protected and enjoy the same security and freedom as the Muslims. The Jews shall join Muslims in defending Madinah. ■ Rights of non-Muslims relatives and neighbors ■ Enemies in the battle-field O you who believe, be maintainers of justice and (bearers of ) witness for the sake of God. Let not hatred of a people incite you to act unjustly; be just – this is nearer to righteousness (5:8) ■ Muslim behavior on the battle field ■ Humane treatment of prisoners of war

5 Books on the Prophet (s) by non-Muslim historians 1) Muhammad: Prophet and Statesman By Montgomery Watt, 1961 2 ) What everyone needs to know about Islam by John Esposito, 2002 3) Muhammad A Biography of the Prophet by Karen Armstrong, 1992 4) Muhammad: A Prophet for our time by Karen Armstrong, 2006 5) And Muhammad is His Messenger Annemarie Schimmel, 1985

6 If greatness of purpose, smallness of means, and astounding results, are three criteria of human genius, who could dare to compare any great man in modern history with Muhammad? The most famous men created arms, laws, and empires only.. This man moved not only armies, legislations, empires... But millions of men in one-third of the then inhabited world, and more than that he moved the altars, the gods, the religions, the ideas, the beliefs and the souls.. Philosopher, Orator, apostle, legislator, warrior, conqueror of ideas, restorer of rational dogma, of a cult without images,.. That is Muhammad. As regards all standards by which human greatness can be measured, we may ask, is there any man greater than he? Lamartine Lamartine Histoire de la Turquie. Paris 1854 Histoire de la Turquie. Paris 1854 Quotes on the Prophet (s) Quotes on the Prophet (s)

7 He was Caesar and Pope in one; but he was Pope without Pope’s pretensions, and Caesar without the legions of Caesar; without a standing army, without a bodyguard, without a palace, without a fixed revenue; if ever any man had the right to say he ruled by Divine right, it was Mohammed, for he had all the power without its instruments and without its supports. Bosworth Smith Mohammed and Mohammedanism My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the world’s most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history to be supremely successful on both the religious and secular level. Michael H. Hart The 100: A ranking of the most influential person in history

8 I have studied him - the wonderful man and in my opinion for from being an anti-Christ, he must be called the Savior of Humanity. I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness. I have prophesied about the faith of Muhammad that it would be acceptable to the Europe of tomorrow as it is beginning to be acceptable to the Europe of today Sir George Bernard Shaw The Genuine Islam Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936

9 Prophet Muhammad – A Reformer During the short period of 23 years of his Prophethood the Prophet changed the complete Arabian peninsula ■ From paganism and idolatry to SUMISSION to One God ■ From tribal quarrels and wars to national solidarity and cohesion ■ From drunkenness and debauchery to sobriety and piety ■ From lawlessness and anarchy to disciplined living ■ From lowly standards to the highest levels of moral excellence. Human history has never known such a complete transformation of a society or a place before or since

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