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Market-Based Management, 4th edition

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1 Market-Based Management, 4th edition
Defensive Strategies Chapter Thirteen

2 Defensive Strategies Chapter Thirteen Defensive Strategic Market Plans
Core Defensive Strategies Sub Defensive Strategies

3 Defensive Strategic Market Plans
What are the main objectives of defensive strategies? Protect profitability and manage profitability When are Defensive Market Plans employed?

4 Core Defensive Strategies
Core Strategy 1 Core Strategy 2 Core Strategy 3 Protect Position Optimize Position Monetize, Harvest, or Divest Maintain Sales Maximize Profits Cash Flow

5 Defensive Core Strategy 1: Invest to Protect Position
Sub Strategy A Sub Strategy B Protect Market Share Build Customer Retention Protect position in growth markets Protect a high-share position Protect a follower share position Protect a niche share position

6 Defensive Core Strategy 2: Optimize Position
Sub Strategy A Maximize Net Marketing Contribution Sub Strategy B Selective Market Focus

7 Defensive Core Strategy 3: Monetize, Harvest, Or Divest
Sub Strategy A Sub Strategy B Manage for Cash Flow Harvest-Divest for Cash Flow Harvest Price Strategy Harvest Marketing Resource Strategy Divest Market Strategy

8 Takeaways/Review Strategic Market Plans Profit Protection
Portfolio Analysis and Strategy Selection Defensive Strategies Defensive Tactics

9 Marketing Performance Tools
Defensive Strategy to Protect Share

10 Marketing Performance Tools
Evaluating Defensive Strategies

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