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Amy Jenks, Grant Coordinator NH RESPONDS Grant (SPDG) (603) 1 New Hampshire’s Advisory Board for SPDG.

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1 Amy Jenks, Grant Coordinator NH RESPONDS Grant (SPDG) (603) 271-3842/ 1 New Hampshire’s Advisory Board for SPDG

2 NH SPDG Advisory Board 2 Established Advisory Board just for SPDG Grant Representation from each grant partner Meet quarterly Face to face meetings Incentives for participation Communication via e-mail Evaluation

3 NH RESPONDS 3 New Hampshire RESPONDS Statewide Advisory Board New Hampshire Department of Education New Hampshire RESPONDS Leadership Team University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability NH Center for Effective Behavioral Interventions & Supports Institutions of Higher Education Local Education Agencies Family & Youth Organizations Professional Organizations Comp, Standards, Certification Training & TADemonstrationEvaluation Capacity Building Work Teams Standards Competencies Certification Curriculum Training Coaching SAU-wide ECEs & Schools PD Outcomes Students Educators Fidelity Positive Behavior Supports Literacy Secondary Transition ECE Competencies Standards Certification Outcomes Training Curriculum Competencies Sec. Tran. PD Evaluation

4 NH RESPONDS Advisory Board Membership 4 Membership made up of Representatives from following grant partners:  NH Educator Certification and College Standards Boards  School Administrative Organizations Superintendents, Principals, Sped Dir., School Boards, PTA  PTI and Other Parent Organizations  Institutions of Higher Education (4 partners on our grant)  LEAs  Other State Agencies (VR, DHHS, DCYF, Early Childhood)  Resource Library  NH RESPONDS Leadership Team Members

5 Poll Question: 5 How often do your advisory boards meet? A. Monthly B. Quarterly C. Annually D. Other [please specify in the chat box]

6 NH RESPONDS Advisory Board Details 6 Commitment of members:  Representative from each organization  Commit for 5 years of grant  Quarterly meetings 2-3 hours face to face  Review other correspondence Newsletters, statewide trainings, website  Advice grant leadership team on overall direction of grant and sustainability  Notification of change in representative Commitment of SPDG Coordinator:  Contact each organization for representative  Share 1 pager on Advisory Board with SPDG executive summary  E-mail mtg reminders, mtg agendas and notes  Ongoing contact by e-mail with representatives  Preparation of mtgs with NH RESPONDS Leadership Team  Post Advisory Board Presentations on website

7 Advisory Board 1 Pager 7  Includes Grant letterhead/Logo  Grant overview  Membership  Advisory Board purpose  Commitment requirements How long? How often will meet and duration? By what means (face to face, webinar, newsletter)?  Incentives to participate (certificate of PD hours, invitation to grant statewide trainings and alignment of initiatives, give input)  Contact information for who to call if questions

8 Poll Question: 8 How many of your advisory board stakeholders have prior experience in a community collaborative? A. 75-100% B. 50-75% C. 25-50% D. 0-25%

9 NH RESPONDS Advisory Board Meeting Format 9  Introductions  Brief update or presentation on grant Grant activities, trainings, evaluation process, data and outcomes  Question and Answer time  Focus Questions – Small group discussion Professional development, alignment with other initiatives, resources/website and data and outcomes  Report out from small groups  Process Meeting- Evaluation (Ask: What worked? What didn’t work? What could we do differently? Ah Has from today?)  Next Steps

10 Sample Small Group Questions 10 Advisory Board Focus: Initial Mtg – Grant Activities Alignment with other Initiatives Given the descriptions today of the project structure and anticipated outcomes, how do the activities of NH RESPONDS connect or complement your own initiatives and activities? Given the descriptions today of the project structure and anticipated outcomes, what (if anything) is unclear to you? Advisory Board mtg Focus: Statewide PD and Resources Parent/Community Resources and Materials What resources or materials would you recommend for parents/community members to support NH RESPONDS? What is missing or would be helpful to develop or provide, and suggestions do you have regarding the selection and/or development of materials? Professional Development and RTI What RTI PD activities are being provided throughout the state this year? How can we align them with NHRESPONDS? (Discuss timeframe, audience, location, organizing strands for our NHRESPONDS statewide trainings?

11 Sample Small Group Questions 11 Advisory Board mtg Focus: Data and outcomes Outcomes of Grant How should we tell our NH RESPONDS project story? What information will be most beneficial to constituents, and how best to share the information? What information should we post on our website and what should the format be? Professional Development –Leadership Leadership Institute –We are planning an RTI SAU Leadership Team Training in the fall for our Demonstration sites. What is the district role in RTI Implementation/what are the biggest challenges?

12 Examples of Using Advisory Board Small Group Discussion Input 12 PD and RTI Trainings  Check PD schedules of all organizations to avoid conflicts  Require school teams to attend trainings not individuals  Multiple ongoing sessions that build on one another  Connect NH RESPONDS training to NH State RTI Task Force’s RTI Framework Data and Outcomes  Updating our Grant website:  List of grant assessment tools and data collection  Exploring how we can share our NH RESPONDS work through student case study format  Leadership Institute  Focus on process part of RTI  Managing Complex Change (Implementation Stages framework presented to SAU Leadership Teams of Demo Sites)

13 SPDG Advisory Boards CHALLENGESSTRATEGIES 13 Advisory Board Structure Decision Keeping Consistent Membership Maintaining Interest /Usefulness Incentives for participation Efficient use of members time Advisory Board Effectiveness Create new group, adapt existing, other method Ongoing communication/process to bring new members up to speed Mtgs must be informative, chance for input, networking, use feedback Invites to statewide trainings, PD hour certificates, networking Use technology and other methods (Newsletters, webinars, wikis, teleconference call in option) Evaluation – process meeting, survey or focus groups, partner organization members knowledge of grant

14 NH SPDG Lessons Learned 14 Prefer to use existing group if it meets grant needs Importance of branding or logo for Grant Develop process/materials for keeping board members informed Be clear about Advisory Board purpose and member’s role Identify and use incentives to keep members involved Be creative use other means of communication and technology (wikis, webinars, newsletters, forums, etc.) (sample newsletter: s_200904.pdf Focus on specific areas/questions to get input and then use the feedback you receive to improve your grant Build flexibility into SPDG budget (for use of new technology) Need to evaluate Advisory Board and it’s effectiveness May need to consider mid-course correction if Advisory Board format is not effective just make sure to get OSEP approval

15 15 Any Questions?

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