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English Language Arts in the Health Science Classroom.

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1 English Language Arts in the Health Science Classroom

2 One Pager HOSA Medical Reading Books

3 What It Does ▩ Connects the verbal with the visual ▦ Connects the literature thoughts with the students thoughts ▥ It appeals to visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners

4 Create an Image They create an image that captures the central meaning for the chapter they just read.

5 Brainstorm Brainstorm around the central image (four statements, three words or less). Ambition Fear Belief in prophecy Self Doubt

6 Citations Cite the two most important passages from the text. Use parenthetical citation (author’s last name or name of book, page #). Example: In the earlier study, the same team of doctors found that teenagers said that the hardest part of living with food allergies was social isolation. Their parents cited the most difficult issue was fear of death. (Beasley, pg. 300) All citations must be at least two sentences long.

7 Ask Questions Ask two thought provoking, open-ended questions. Provide two thought provoking answers. Questions must relate to the image, brainstorm, and citations.

8 Personal Connection Make a personal connection about what you read. No judgments. Do not state whether or not you liked the story or essay.

9 Impact When a one pager is completed, anyone who looks at it will gain an instant interpretation of how you understood the story.

10 Guidelines Must be Colorful No lined paper Use color pens, pencils, computer clip-art, photos, pictures from magazine, etc. Be creative, even unusual


12 One pagers can take many forms. When being creative, do not limit yourself to the confines of a single sheet of paper. For those who want to be more adventurous, consider creating a One- Pager that is three dimensional or something that is created by using a computer.

13 Each Entry = 30 Points/5 pts each 1 Image 4 Brainstorms (Each must be 3 words or less) (1pt) 2 Citations (Must be at least 2 sentences) 2 Questions (Must be open-ended) 2 Answers 1 Personal Connection (No judgments) On the back: Write a two sentence evaluation, stating what you did well and what you could do better or differently next time according to the standards of comprehension, analysis, and evaluation for what you read.

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