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Marketing APL Inventions March 16, 2001 Kristin Gray Office of Technology Transfer ext. 7927.

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1 Marketing APL Inventions March 16, 2001 Kristin Gray Office of Technology Transfer ext. 7927

2 Outline Assumptions Invention Marketing –Targeted Process Inventor(s) Role Timing –General Process Goals of Marketing Future programs/plans

3 Assumptions *  There is no one marketing blueprint, but experience demonstrates some strategies should be pursued over others.  Technology transfer is a business of building relationships: “Tech transfer is a contact sport.”  Universities need to understand industry priorities  The marketing process is a strategy. Define goals, create a plan, implement that plan, track results. *courtesy of Doug Jamison, University of Utah Technology Transfer Office

4 APL Invention Marketing Targeted invention marketing General invention marketing

5 Targeted Invention Marketing Invention/Assessment/IP Protection Set strategy Lead Generation Lead Pursuit Non-confidential invention summary Non-disclosure/Confidential disclosure Agreement Confidential invention information Company visit/discussions

6 Marketing Strategy Application areas/industries Key/appropriate companies in the industry based on: –size –standing in this product line –stability and direction of company –availability of resources –location - Maryland preferred

7 Identifying Potential Licensees Tier 1 contacts: Inventors, OTT contacts, Industry R&D sponsor/partner, other personal contacts - >70% of license agreements generated from Tier 1 contacts Tier 2 contacts: Past licensees, Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM)/Licensing Executives Society (LES) members/referrals - 20% Tier 3 contacts: Market research - web, consultants, R.E. Gibson Library, corporate info services, CorpTech, NERAC, etc. - <10%

8 Non-confidential Invention Summary One pager: –The problem –The APL solution –Stage of development –Graphic/drawing –IP status –Type of licensing arrangement sought by APL (exclusive, non-exclusive, etc.) –Contact information Inventor review

9 Invention Summary

10 Confidential Invention Information Other papers/publications Discussion with inventor Confidential information Conference call Visit After a two-way non-disclosure agreement is signed:

11 Inventor Role Invention marketing process is most successful with active participation by the inventor(s) –Send OTT your contacts –Review marketing materials –Interact with company to answer technical questions (filtered by OTT)

12 Timing University invention marketing process can take from a few months to years depending on the industry, type of technology, (IT vs. biomed), stage of development technology, regulatory factors –Examples Akorn, GuardedProfile, FutureHealth

13 Marketing Communications –Newsletter (TST) –Press releases/coverage (CPA) –Web site - (TST) –Event participation/hosting/ sponsorship –Advertisements –Marketing materials (print/online/multimedia - TST) General Invention Marketing

14 Goals of Marketing To find a licensee Continued assessment of the invention(s) Relationship building: move tier 3 contacts to become tier 1

15 Rate of License At a mature (5-10 year old) technology transfer office, 20-25% of university inventions are optioned/licensed to industry.* *source: Association of University Technology Managers (

16 Future Plans All unclassified patents pending searchable on the web Customized email notification list of new inventions On-line trade shows Inventor(s) to conferences APL conferences, e.g. Next Generation Sensor Initiative (NGSI) University/industry affiliates groups Suggestions…?

17 Part III. May 7, 2001: Licensing and Royalty & Development Income

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