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JHU/APL Proprietary 1 Patents and Pizza July 14, 2008 Speaker: Hans Kobler, CEO ICx Technologies.

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1 JHU/APL Proprietary 1 Patents and Pizza July 14, 2008 Speaker: Hans Kobler, CEO ICx Technologies

2 JHU/APL Proprietary 2 Agenda 11:00Welcome Susan Furney 11:05Inventor Brief Teresa Colella, Office of Technology Transfer 11:15Presentation of Patent Awards Aisha Ahmad, Office of Patent Counsel 11:30Keynote Address Hans Kobler CEO, ICx Technologies 12:00Lunch

3 JHU/APL Proprietary 3 OTT Inventor Brief 7.14.08 Teresa A. Colella, Ph.D. Technology Manager  OTT and APL Innovation  Benefits of Tech Transfer  OTT’s Strategic Analysis of APL’s IP Portfolio  Identifying and Addressing Challenges  Brown Bag Inventor Focus Groups

4 JHU/APL Proprietary 4 OTT & APL Innovation  OTT encourages IP disclosures, which are one formal method by which APL demonstrates innovation to sponsors (reporting activity).  OTT serves as a “clearinghouse” for APL innovations and serves as a “connector,” helping individuals access the knowledge base within APL and the rest of the JHU community.  When appropriate, OTT demonstrates APL innovation to the community (via showcases; conferences; website; patents).  When appropriate, OTT transfers technologies to broaden the impact of APL innovation, often through dual use applications. As a result, the public benefits.

5 JHU/APL Proprietary 5 Benefits of Tech Transfer -Benefit the public. -Sponsor benefits. -Provides opportunity to interact with industry without competing with industry. -Gain access to knowledge. -Establish technological leadership. - Strengthen interorganizational networks. - Generate license income.

6 JHU/APL Proprietary 6 OTT – Strategic Analysis of IP Portfolio  Analysis of financial and non-financial return on investment for patenting activities.  Analysis of APL’s disclosures and IP portfolio according to various metrics.

7 JHU/APL Proprietary 7 Info. Processing and Management Technologies  20% of invention disclosures (296 disclosures/1,445 total)  18% of active patent portfolio (~ 35 patents/194 total)  Mature patents heavily cited (average 24 citations each)  35% of actively licensed cases (~ 37 cases/105 total)  52% of FY06 licensing income ($695 K/$1.4 million total) Of the 22 IT cases that generated license income in FY06, 6 were patented. **OTT successfully transfers copyright protected IP.**

8 JHU/APL Proprietary 8 Identify & Creatively Address Challenges  Capture and appropriately protect the Lab’s key technical contributions. - Proactively elicit disclosures.  Anticipate the future needs of potential licensees. - Interface with and elicit industry feedback.  Limited resources. - Intensified assessment effort in advance of filing patent applications and greater selectivity. - Focus on patent quality - not quantity.

9 JHU/APL Proprietary 9 New Event Brown Bag Inventor Focus Groups  Each will be dedicated to a specific technical area.  Technical presentations and discussions.  Tech Transfer Discussion, topics driven by inventor interest. For example: - What companies are reviewing APL technologies? - What new disclosures have been submitted in my technical area? - How does OTT value a technology? - What is OTT’s technology assessment process? - What really happens during negotiations?

10 JHU/APL Proprietary 10 Look for “Save the Dates” Announcement for First Inventor Focus Group & Next Speaker Event Kip Fulks, Senior Vice President Outdoor Business Unit and Innovation Team Under Armour

11 JHU/APL Proprietary 11 Patents and Pizza Presenter of Awards: Aisha Ahmad

12 JHU/APL Proprietary 12 7,298,956 Transitions in Refractive Index Using Electro-Optic Polymers Harry K. Charles Jr. Deborah M. Mechtel Arthur S. Francomacaro

13 JHU/APL Proprietary 13 7,315,277 Bit Depth Reduction for Analog to Digital Conversion in Global Positioning System Robert L. Henderson Mark A. Asher

14 JHU/APL Proprietary 14 7,317,361 Ensemble Oscillator and Related Methods Dennis J. Duven Joseph J. Suter Bruce G. Montgomery

15 JHU/APL Proprietary 15 7,317,765 Signal Observation System Steven D. Jones Naim M. Merheb Jason A. Abrahamson Robert M. Shuford Albert A. Tomko

16 JHU/APL Proprietary 16 7,352,284 Security Material and Fasteners Therefor Jerry A. Krill

17 JHU/APL Proprietary 17 7,366,148 Intrusion Detection System for Wireless Networks Albert B. Muaddi Albert A. Tomko

18 JHU/APL Proprietary 18

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