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IEP Training/ EasyIEP System

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1 IEP Training/ EasyIEP System
Step-By-Step process on how to be SUCCESSFUL this 2011/2012 SCHOOL YEAR

Always double check your files (paper) and EasyIEP System. Have a print out of your caseload and roster sheet to make sure they match. Know every IEP! What supports are they receiving, how many hours can they be out of the ES room? Keep all files in the SEL’s office and your classroom organized and neat! Use the district filing system that they have created to keep the files in order.

3 Quick Tips When your IEP has been finalized you have 5 days to hand in any Access Billing papers to your SEL. If an IEP is out of compliance while waiting for the re- evaluation to be completed– YOU MUST COMPLETE THE IEP! Every IEP needs to be in compliance everyday. CASE MANAGERS MUST BE AMENDED IN THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR, OTHERWISE A NEW SYMBOL WILL APPEAR ON THE EASYSYSTEM. You will then be considered out of compliance if this is not amended.

4 Quick Tips Request for a RE-EVALUATION needs to be promptly handed in at least 60 days in advance if the psychological is more than 3 years old. Your DRAFT IEP needs to be in the system 30 days before the meeting for the SEL or CATCH staff to review.

5 Quick way to keep track of what is due for your students files!!!!!

6 CONTINUED… The previous slide is a clear example of a great way to track your students dates and to see when things will be due. This form was provide my Philadelphia School District and was to be sent in monthly. This form is called a “student tracking form”. The next slide will show a similar form that was provided by CATCH last school year.


8 What does a Compliant IEP look like?

9 Related Services What services do your students receive and what services should you include in their IEP? All students in an Emotional Support classroom should receive COUNSELING SERVICES. **Reccommended that the student receives at least 10 minutes a week with their counselor. When writing the IEP make sure you have two counseling boxes on the screen. One for inside the special education classroom and another for out of the special education classroom. This means divde the 10 minutes in half!

10 What type of support do your students receive?
Itinerant Supplemental Full time What percentage of the day will the student be in/ out of the Emotional Support classroom?

11 What happens when everything is finalized?
It is your responsibility to file all IEP paperwork when finished and signed. You need to hand in the EASY FAX sheet and all material that goes along with it to your SEL. Send home a COPY of the signed IEP to the parent and keep a new copy in your own personal files in the classroom. PLEASE BE PROMPT IN SENDING HOME PAPERWORK!!!!! Do not make the parent and SEL wait.

12 EXAMPLE IEP On the following pages you will find an IEP written in the middle of the school year of 2010/2011. This IEP was reviewed by an SEL along with the Head of Special Education from Philadelphia School District. Although, IEP writing is always evolving and it is a working document the foundation is the same. Remember this is a legal document that is written by the teacher and makes the teacher liable for all services that should be given to the student. The IEP must be followed and well written for it to be considered a “GOOD” IEP.

13 EXTRA HELP! All forms that have been shown on this PowerPoint will be electronically sent out as the school year begins. If anyone is in need of support on file organization, EasyIEP System, Goal/Objective writing please feel free to contact… Hamirah Mobley Jamie McKinney

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