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How to prepare for an IEP/504 meeting For a list of items to prepare for the meeting, please see the handout titled “Preparing for an IEP/504 Meeting.”

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1 How to prepare for an IEP/504 meeting For a list of items to prepare for the meeting, please see the handout titled “Preparing for an IEP/504 Meeting.” I have also provided a handout about the questions/ideas you may want to ask during the course of the meeting.



4 Common Accommodations Handout of compiled list of accommodations may be helpful specifically for a child with Stickler syndrome. More specific vision/hearing loss accommodations listed on the SIP website. Child’s 504/IEP team will likely have their own list of accommodations as well.



7 Physical Education and Recess Modifications Language in the IEP/504 should reflect the physical needs of your child, particularly in the areas of P.E. and recess. Your child may need accommodations or modifications to an existing physical education program (to help protect joints, vision, etc…) under a 504.

8 Physical Education and Recess Modifications Or, your child may need adaptive P.E. with an educator who specializes in modifying physical activity for students. Adaptive P.E. services qualify a student for an IEP and require assessment from a specialist to qualify for these services.

9 Physical Education and Recess Modifications Recess can also present safety issues for a student with Stickler syndrome. Suggestions from parents/colleagues have included: Having an indoor recess playgroup Having a “safe zone” outside Allowing older student to work in younger students classroom as a helper or as an office aide

10 Physical Education and Recess Modifications Many parents have expressed concern that students are not simply left in the office for recess. This may inhibit the child from being able to interact socially with peers, so be sure to discuss this with school staff if you feel this is a concern for your child. Note that a one-on-one aide is considered a “restrictive” environment for the student.

11 Emergency Care Plan This can be part of the 504 or IEP or can be a stand alone document. Your child’s teachers and the school office should have access to this document as well. An example is provided on the handout.

12 Emergency Care Plan The Emergency Care Plan should include phone numbers for your child’s physicians. It should also include a description of potential areas of concerns/risks to your child’s health that may need to be addressed (for example a retinal detachment.)



15 Parent/School Communication Parent/School Communication regarding the IEP/504 can help both parties ensure the student has a positive school experience. Parents may want to: E-mail teachers and staff regarding questions/concerns/student’s progress Visit the school/student’s classroom Request Parent/Teacher conference to discuss student’s progress

16 IEP/504 Non-Compliance An IEP or 504 is a legally binding document. The school is responsible to ensure the IEP/504 is in place and followed.

17 IEP/504 Non-Compliance If you feel there is an issue with the enforcement of the IEP/504, follow the chain of command for your child’s accommodation plan.

18 IEP/504 Non-Compliance 1. 1. Discuss and put in writing your concerns. For example, write an e-mail or letter to the teacher or staff member involved. Include: the date your concern/issue reference to 504/IEP in place meant to remedy the issue

19 IEP/504 Non-Compliance 2. 2. Next, if needed contact in writing: the school’s 504 coordinator OR the case manager for your child’s IEP

20 IEP/504 Non-Compliance 3. 3. If needed, request another IEP/504 be held to address your concerns. Bring the written documentation regarding your concerns to the meeting Bring any other documents you have related to the IEP/504 plan

21 IEP/504 Non-Compliance 4. 4. If compliance continues to be an issue, contact the school district if needed after and know that you can file a formal complaint. Your school district should provide you with the forms to file such a complaint.

22 IEP/504 Non-Compliance For IEP/504 non-compliance issues, there are also mediation services offered as part of your “due process.” You can visit: The Office for Civil Rights website (OCR) for 504 complaints File a letter with your state superintendant of education for IEP violations.

23 IEP/504 Non-Compliance You may also contact your county’s SELPA (Special Education Local Plan Area) office for further assistance.

24 School Survival Kit 6. Eraser - to remind you everyone makes mistakes and they can be erased. 7. Paperclip - to hold it all together 8. Starburst - to give you a "burst" of energy when you need it 9. Hugs and Kisses - because lots should always be shared 1.Lifesaver - to remind you that that's what you are for your child 2. Piece of string – if you get to the end of your rope 3. Candle - an extra one when you are burning yours at both ends 4. Rubberband - to remind you to be flexible 5. Bandaid – to heal hurt feelings

25 Contact Information For an excellent resource, be sure to visit the SIP website – both the teacher and parent pages include much more information, for example: IEP requirements, field trip accommodations, and many helpful

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