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“Standalone Assessments and FIEs” Denton ISD Fall 2012.

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1 “Standalone Assessments and FIEs” Denton ISD Fall 2012

2 First of all ---- What is an FIE? All FIEs must address all assessments areas –Make sure your report puts the “F” in “FIE”. –This includes “speech only” assessments. –This does not mean that all areas have to be formally assessed.

3 Informal Assessment Informal assessment may suffice - but a statement to that effect must be included in the FIE. This may be as simple and reporting that the classroom teacher has not observed any items of concern. All pages in our legal forms (found in SEM) must be completed.

4 Before You Start Assessment –All Assessments require: ARD Meeting. Notice of Assessment Form. Assessment Planning Supplement. Signed Parent Consent.

5 So what constitutes “Assessment”? Any assessment that is conducted by special education evaluation personnel. Psychological Assessment Speech Assessment Occupational Therapy Assessment Physical Therapy Assessment Assistive Technology Assessment Adapted PE Assessment In home / Parent training Assessment Etc. (you get the idea) Does not include assessments conducted by instructional staff to develop IEPs.

6 When do you do an FIE? ARD committees should carefully consider whether an FIE should be completed any time additional assessment is requested. –This is the preferred practice for Denton ISD –This does not mean that all areas of the FIE must be formally reassessed. –A new FIE may include areas previously assessed and areas newly assessed. –For example, a new FIE may be written for a speech only student that uses language testing from a year ago. But this information should still be included in the new FIE.

7 Standalone Assessments In the event the ARD committee decides a standalone assessment should be completed……. –Required pages for all assessments: Notice of Assessment Title Page Relevant page to the assessment (ie. Language, Emotional Behavioral) Summary Conclusions Part II Recommendations Assurances

8 Bad Examples

9 Responsibilities It is the shared responsibility of the case manager and the professional conducting the assessment to ensure that all components are included in all assessments. –Assessors should not begin an assessment until all pre- requisite steps and forms are completed. –Case managers should not conduct ARD unless all FIE forms are completed.

10 Questions?

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