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Thank you for becoming a volunteer and for spending a few minutes watching this presentation. If you are not already viewing this slide in full-screen.

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1 Thank you for becoming a volunteer and for spending a few minutes watching this presentation. If you are not already viewing this slide in full-screen mode, please select View Show from the Slide Show menu on the PowerPoint toolbar. After that, just click once to advance each slide.

2 building your community in a fun and powerful way

3 We at the San Francisco Education Fund believe all students no matter their background or income level should receive a quality education so they graduate from high school prepared for success in college and in their careers.

4 By becoming a volunteer you are joining the 1,000 volunteers we placed in schools last year to help make sure San Francisco schools are strong and are helping all our kids graduate college, career and civic ready

5 strong students Factors needed to help create strong students and provide them what they need to excel inside and outside of the classroom are

6 strong students caring relationships & high expectations from peers and adults at home and in school

7 strong students resiliency to bounce back from challenge

8 strong students and a deep engagement in their education by participating and caring about what they learn, where they learn it, and how to apply it to their lives outside of schoo l

9 As a volunteer you can support student development in all these areas by being a “caring adult” who

10 support young people in their growth and provide opportunities for them to learn

11 value differences

12 enjoy shared decision-making

13 are dependable

14 and know the difference between supporting and saving There is a difference between adults who work in partnership with young people, who see themselves as supportive friends and advocates in contrast to adults motivated to save, reform or rescue young people from their circumstances. Be that friend.

15 90% of them are children of color and 57% are from low income families & receive free or reduced lunch they speak 44 languages Educates 55,272 students San Francisco Unified School District

16 The Education Fund works with schools who can most benefit from our programs

17 we match volunteers skills and interests to a teacher who has requested help in those areas

18 the role of a volunteer

19 One of the most basic and yet most important roles of a volunteer is to get to know a student and provide a safe atmosphere for students to take risks—to not know everything.

20 Positive Communication Focus your critical feedback on the actions you want to see. Instead of, “Don’t run!” You could say, "We walk in the hallways.” Be specific with your praise. What behavior should they replicate? Instead of, “You are a great student.” You could say, “I really like how well spaced your words are in your letter.”

21 School = A Safe Place for All School is a protected place where all people need to feel safe – Be cognizant of boundaries, physical and verbal – School is not a place to try and persuade students of your political or religious beliefs – Be discreet and respect confidential information – Report to the teacher or principal if you hear of any situation that might cause harm to a student

22 Allies for Education Program San Francisco Education Fund leverages your company’s expertise and assets to strengthen our public schools. The Education Fund engages businesses in our programs and school based projects by garnering financial and human capital. Your company joins a select group of businesses, our Allies for Education Partners, who have committed to having their employees volunteer together at a school.

23 Effective Businesses Hire strong leaders Develop stellar talent Implement creative solutions We deploy the same strategy on behalf of public schools

24 Education Fund Programs Build… Leaders: Strong Teachers - we transform how teachers are prepared to serve in public schools. We recruit the best and brightest and use a medical school model to train teachers with a balance of theory and practice under the guidance of a master teacher. Talent: Strong Students - we engage students as leaders and change agents to act as conflict mediators, tutors and mentors for their peers in order to promote academic achievement, prevent violence and encourage healthy living. Solutions: Strong Schools - we incubate and disseminate innovative approaches to improving student success.

25 Current Allies for Education Partners Advent Software at Dr. Charles Drew College Preparatory Academy For 12 years Advent employees visit Drew weekly—one group tutors literacy during lunch and a second group mentors. Arup at Philip Sala Burton High School The engineering firm sends employees bi- weekly to engineering pathway classes, tutor math & science, help students with engineering projects and deliver career presentations. Chronicle Books at Bret Harte Elementary School Volunteers help students discover their love for reading Employees volunteer read with students to increase their comprehension and fluency. They donate books too!

26 Google at Daniel Webster Elementary School Pen pal program with: Ms. Lul Tesfai’s 4 th Grade Class

27 School Core-Values: Safety, Responsibility, Respect Located in the Potrero Hill Moraima Machado, Principal

28 Daniel Webster Elementary School Student Demographics Student Enrollment = 180, of them 50% are Latino, 24% African American 35% are English Language Learners (ELL) 82% qualify for free or reduced lunch

29 Contact Information At Google Jenny Tsai 650.253.4291 At San Francisco Education Fund Jane Phan, School Resources Coordinator (415) 749-3700 x3035

30 In summary – thank you for joining the education reform movement to make sure more students graduate high school ready for college, careers, and civic responsibility. Joining a movement

31 Almost Done… To complete your online orientation: Click Here Click Here

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