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© 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved VMware End User Computing Joel Lindberg Specialist Systems Engineer, VMware.

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1 © 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved VMware End User Computing Joel Lindberg Specialist Systems Engineer, VMware

2 2 VMware Cloud Application Platform VMware End User Computing Secure Manageable Open Management Security Compliance Management Security Compliance Management Security Compliance VMware Solutions for IT as a Service

3 3 We are not in Kansas anymore… Budget Security Compliance Legacy Applications Complexity New applications Pressure to Innovate End-users Expectations Pressure to Maintain

4 4 Desktop is Being Pulled Apart Public Cloud Private Cloud Devices Computing Apps Data Computing Apps Data Interaction Apps Data Desktop Is Being Pulled Apart Into the Cloud

5 5 Challenges in a PC Centric World How do I maintain or improve desktop management when I’m required to do more with less? with diverse end-user requirements managing the variety of end point devices has become an overwhelming and expensive task I spend a lot of time on desktop support calls. But I really need to focus on strategic IT initiatives that really add value. It is difficult to respond quickly when employees are mobile and scattered across the world. Windows 7 is here, I need to prepare for it! Information and data is our most important asset. We spend too much time recovering lost data from stolen laptops. I feel like I’m constantly patching and upgrading applications and OS images How can I securely leverage SaaS and Cloud architectures in my existing environment? How do I support all these new devices?. My users are getting more demanding and want more access on and offline.

6 6 Evolution to End User Computing PC CentricUser-Centric

7 7 End User Computing Journey Secure and Optimize the Traditional Windows Environment Desktop, Virtual Machine UNIFY USER MANAGEMENT Bridge Legacy and Cloud Architectures Legacy, SaaS, and Device Apps, User Data, Users DELIVER END USER COMPUTING Collaborative User Workspace Users and Policies, Any App and Data

8 8 Critical Solution Components Reduce IT Costs  Usability  Flexibility User Experience  View Client  PCoIP Protocol  Local Mode  Simplicity  Efficiency  Security Management  View Manager  View Composer  ThinApp  Availability  Reliability  Scalability Platform  vSphere for Desktops

9 9 Let’s take a closer look at VMware View Admin Features Role based Admin Event DB, Dashboard View Power CLI extension Storage Optimization Tiered storage Disposable disk/Local swap file redirection VM on local storage Client improvement Smart-card/Proximity card Support all common OS Kiosk mode ThinApp Integration App repositary scanning Pool/Desktop ThinApp assignment vSphere 4.1 for Desktop Memory compression SAN Offload 5x Scalability – 10k desktop pods

10 10 Purpose built for desktop delivery over LAN and WAN UDP based for rich multimedia delivery Dynamic network adjustments End to end software implementation Optional hardware acceleration for graphically intense application Supports low cost, “zero” clients Supports new devices VMware View with PCoIP

11 11 High Resolution Built over time as user remains on page & bandwidth permits Full resolution image & text Medium Resolution Built over a few frames Higher quality picture High resolution text Low Resolution Initial Image Low bandwidth & resolution High resolution text Progressive Build Example

12 12 Continuously Changing Continuously Changing New Image! New Image! Not Yet Lossless Not Yet Lossless Bandwidth change detected Need to change Codec! Bandwidth change detected Need to change Codec! PCoIP Encoder

13 13 PCoIP Details: Frame Rate 30fps – PCOIP Default (NTSC Television standard) 24fps – Citrix HDX Default (Film Standard) 16fps – Good Video Quality 8fps – Basic Office Desktop 2fps – Simple Tasks (Degraded experience for most workers)  The default PCoIP frame rate is 6fps higher than Citrix HDX.  A good user experience can be had at even lower values, depending on the use case and workloads.  PCoIP can be configured to use up to 120fps

14 14 PCoIP Device Support – iPad Client Free on App Store Intuitive Gesture Support Realistic Trackpad Full Windows Keyboard Secure Remote Access Run Windows and hence Flash Websites, from your iPad

15 15 VMware View & PCoIP in action at VMworld 2010.5 All labs were run on View 4.5 with PCoIP, architecture and network performance are as follows: Bandwidth is fixed at dual DS3 (45 Mb) pipes Total of 480 concurrent sessions: 480 Wyse P20 zero clients driving dual monitor desktops (Teradici PCoIP zero client processor onboard) Streaming 120 PCoIP session connections to Florida Datacenter ( increased to 240 by the end of VMworld) Streaming 120 PCoIP session connections to Virginia Datacenter Locally running 240 PCoIP connections Running VMware View™ 4.5 Lab sessions use a Flash driven full screen menu and attendees describe screen motion as extremely smooth, responsive, and crisp. 480 sessions to 3 datacenters over WAN PCoIP traffic per session averages 100 Kb - 130 Kbps

16 16 Streamline Image Management Easily Manage Thousands of Desktops Decrease storage costs by 70% Fewer images = easier to manage Separate OS Image and User Data Disks Guarantee updates and patches Storage Performance and Optimization Tiered storage support Leverage different tiers of storage to maximize performance vs. cost Tier I - $$$ Tier II - $$

17 17 Local Mode for Offline Access and Mobility  Check out virtual desktops to physical devices  Support devices that lose network connectivity  Extend policies to offline users  “Heartbeat” back to datacenter Synchronization, Update, Remote Expiration  Support mobile users, contractors and EOIT/BYOPC use cases View Manager

18 18 Simplified AV with vShield Endpoint Improve performance and effectiveness of existing endpoint security solutions  Offload AV activity to Security VM (SVM)  Eliminate desktop agents and AV storms  Enable comprehensive desktop VM protection  Centrally manage AV service across VMs with detailed logging of AV activity  Partner Integration through EPSEC API - Trend Micro VM Persona APP OS Kernel BIOS VM Persona APP OS Kernel BIOS VM Persona APP OS Kernel BIOS SVM OS VMware vSphere AV Hardened Introspection

19 19 Operating System Application Virtualization  Features Decouple applications and data from OS Agent-less architecture Wide platform and application support Plug into existing application management tools  Benefits Enable OS migrations and streamline application patch updates Enable application mobility and flexibility of access Minimize the number of desktop images managed Eliminate application conflicts Enable the use of multiple versions of applications Application Operating System VOS Application sandbox Application sandbox App Files

20 20 Package Once, Deploy Everywhere

21 21 Full IE6 Support on Win 7 and 2008 R2 Easily Create IE6 packages No “install capture” - Harvest of IE6 from XP SP3 Easy deployment into newer OSs Run IE6 on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems Run IE6 side-by-side with native IE Run different versions of components (Java,.NET/ActiveX, Flash, etc.) in separate IE6 packages on same Win 7 No more “Web App Hell”! Thindirect allows seamless user experience between browsers GPO policy based administration of URL’s associated with different browser versions /internet-explorer-6on-windows-7.html For more info..

22 22 Optimized Desktop Infrastructure Platform  Scalability: Built for the largest desktop environments 1000s of VMs/pod Faster and more efficient vMotion leading to decreased migration time for VMs Shrink and grow desktops based on demand and priority Dynamic Resource Allocation  High Performance Optimized for desktop workloads  Best Density Increased desktop VM density – 16-20 VMs/core  High Availability and Business Continuity

23 23 Proof Point vSphere 4.1 – Memory Compression Description Optimized use of memory (freeing up space as needed) Safeguard for using memory overcommit feature with confidence Reclaim Performance A new hierarchy for VMware’s memory overcommit technology (a VMware key differentiator) Customer Feedback “Great for running VDI with memory over-subscription.” 1,000x faster than swap-in! Virtual Memory (Virtual Machine) Physical Memory (Physical Host)

24 24 Next Step: Smartphones C ORPORATE vPhone P ERSONAL ♬ vPhone

25 25 The VMware Difference Windows (Azure) Windows Mobile Internet Explorer Windows Tablet (?) Windows Apps iPhone MacOS iPad App Store Safari Google Cloud Android Chrome Google Apps Android VMware End User Computing Heterogeneity is our DNA Cross-OSs (Desktop, Clients) We have the fundamental cloud building blocks Choice: Run in the Enterprise or on a vCloud Provider We have the key end user assets required: Virtualization, Application Virtualization, End User Data management and Interaction We have the key end user assets required: Virtualization, Application Virtualization, End User Data management and Interaction

26 © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved Thank You! Joel Lindberg Twitter: @viewgeek

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