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Vocabulary: the state of Kansas to build the fires a stove to save a person from the fire couragehealthymile to blow up.

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2 Vocabulary: the state of Kansas to build the fires a stove to save a person from the fire couragehealthymile to blow up

3 This is the true story about a boy who had real courage. His name is Glenn Cunningham. He was a well- known runner. At seven Glenn was a healthy boy living in Kansas. His elder brother, Floyd, wanted to be a great runner. Glenn wanted to be as good or better than Floyd.

4 Every morning the two boys ran about three miles to school where they worked to earn a little money. Their job was to build the fires in the school house. But one day a terrible thing happened. The two boys were building the fire in the school when suddenly the stove blew up.

5 The next thing Glenn knew was that flames were licking all about him. He ran out of the building. Then he remembered that Floyd was inside. Back he ran into the fire. He had to save his brother.

6 Match the opposites. false to earn money courage true inside outside to spend money bad good sick healthy cowardice

7 Glenn fought his way as far as he could. The flames raced across the floor. The smoke began to choke him. He shouted:” Floyd! Floyd! Floyd!” There was no answer. Glenn tried to cover his face with his coat. Suddenly he fainted.

8 He woke up in bed in his own home. His legs were in bandages. He tried to move, and the terrible pain made him cry out. Then he remembered Floyd and tried to get up. ”Where is Floyd?” he asked in a weak voice. Then the doctor told himthat people had come too late to save his brother.

9 Floyd had died in the fire. For weeks Glenn was lying helpful. His legs were badly burnt.The doctors were afraid that he might never walk again. As for running, there was no hope. He lay in his bed and cried.

10 At last the doctors took the bandages off. Glenn’s parents helped him out of bed and gave him crutches. The boy learned to walk again.

11 Translate: Душити його Закрити своє обличчя пальтом Жахливий біль Слабкий голос Надто пізно Загинув у вогні Жахливо боліли

12 Лежав безпорадний Утратити свідомість Зняти бинти Дали йому милиці

13 Read and remember this information. Did you know that… Kansas is in the USA. The are 51 states in the USA. Another name is Sunflower State. The capital is Topeka. The population is 2,695 million people.

14 The area is 82,277 square miles. The date of statehood is January, 29 th,1861. The state flower is a sunflower. The state tree is a cottonwood. Kansas is a major source of weat, corn and sunflower seeds.

15 Unscramble these sentences. 1.helpless/Glenn/weeks/was/for. 2.boy/bed/a/cried/in/lay/and/the. 3.unhappy/parents/his/very/were. 4.helped/boy/the/to walk/crutches/the. 5.hard/move/to/was/it/crutches/first/with/ at. 6.late/was/too/brother/to/it/save/brother/ his his 7. no/running/boy/had/the/hope/for.

16 When he went outside, the children gathered around him. Glenn bit his lips and fought back the tears. But the boy wanted to run again. To make his legs stronger, Glenn rubbed them every night and morning.

17 His father and mother rubbed him first. When they got tired, he did it himself. How it hurt to walk at first! But Glenn believed that he would be able to run.

18 Time passed. The hard work that Glenn did on his father’s farm helped to make his legs strong. At fourteen he could run from one part of the farm to another. When he was a high school student, he tried to become a sprinter.

19 A sprinter is one who runs at top speed for a short distance. At last he ran in the mile race. To everybody’s surprise and his own, he set a record. He ran a mile in 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

20 Several years later in college he set a world record for the mile – 4 minutes, 6 seconds. True courage had made him a great runner.

21 Translate. Bit his lips Fought back the tears Rubbed the legs A sprinter Set a record

22 Arranged the facts below in the logical order as they appear in the story. Suddenly the stove blew up. The smoke began to choke him. The two boys helped to build fires in the school house. Glenn ran into the schoolhouse to save his brother. He was almost eleven when he could walk without crutches. He had to use his crutches to learn to walk again. Several years later he set out a record for the mile.

23 Draw Glenn’s Character in the sunrays. Glenn’s character

24 Answer the questions. Did Glenn perform a heroic action trying to get his brother out of the fire, in your opinion? What made Glenn a great runner? What is your attitude towards Glenn? Can the saying “Never give up” and “ If you don’t begin, you will never win” express the moral of this story or not, to your mind?

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