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Recruiting and Enrollment Derek Skaggs, Director of Admissions.

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1 Recruiting and Enrollment Derek Skaggs, Director of Admissions

2 Spring 2010 Enrollment

3 Fall 2009 Admission Funnel Comparison

4 Over 4200 Colleges & Universities: Heavy Competition for Students Number of Colleges and Universities SOURCE: U.S. Education Department http://chronicle.com Section: The 2007-8 Almanac, Volume 54, Issue 1, Page 8

5 Competition Missouri 65,000 High School Graduates 53% go to college =34,450 graduates Roughly 18% go out of state=28,249 graduates 28,249 graduates /128 Institutions= 221 graduates per institution


7 SOURCE: US Dept. of Education 2005

8 High School Graduate Projections for Selected States

9 Projections for Missouri High School Graduates Knocking at the College Door, WICHE 2008


11 Trends Summary 1.Decreasing numbers of high school graduates in the Midwest and Northeast, including MO 2.Last year, 25% of MO ACT testers met all 4 ACT College Readiness Benchmark Scores (English=18; Math=22; Reading=21; Science=24) 3.Increasing numbers of freshmen choosing to start at community colleges 4.Increasing diversity and financial need of future high school graduates 5.Increasing dependence on student loans and a larger percentage of household income needed to pay for college 6.Continued growth in the college student gender gap

12 Other Shifts to be Aware of… The Economy First Generation Participation Rate Increased Competition for International Students Changes in Work Force Needs and Training Development Communication/Technology patterns: +90% with cell phones and 63% using Social Networking Facebook and MySpace prior to freshmen year

13 Strategies to Consider Increase Retention Expand recruiting efforts in NW AR, KC, Springfield and St. Louis Increase Market Share and College Participation in our region Look for Different Student Markets (graduate, non-traditional, on-line, dual credit, international, veterans) Increase Transfers from 2-year Colleges

14 Enrollment Goals

15 Enrollment Plan Enrollment Management Committee is Co- Chaired by Derek Skaggs and Chad Stebbins The Enrollment Plan Steps 1.Teams were created to develop parts of the plan. – Undergraduate Freshmen, Transfers and Readmits Team, Chaired by Derek Skaggs – International Team, Chaired by Chad Stebbins continued

16 Enrollment Plan – Distance Education Team, Chaired by Jerry Williams – Graduate Team, Chaired by Glenn Coltharp – Diversity Team, Chaired by Glenn Coltharp – Integrated Marketing Team, Chaired by Rod Surber – Student Success Team, Chaired by Delores Honey – Residence Life/Student Life Team, Chaired by Darren Fullerton continued

17 Enrollment Plan Steps Continued…… 2.SWOT Analysis Performed 3.Team Reports Submitted 4.Plan Developed, which included Goals, Objectives and Tactics 5.Plan Reviewed and Approved

18 Enrollment Plan Goal 1: Increase the enrollment of new students by 3% each year for the next five years Increase recruitment efforts in targeted areas beyond the nine-county service area in SW MO. Initiate the high school recruitment process earlier. Increase market share in our nine-county service area. Establish a stronger partnership with Crowder College Continued

19 Enrollment Plan Increase transfer recruitment efforts in targeted areas beyond our normal feeder community colleges Increase/expand international student recruitment efforts Establish an office that coordinates all graduate programs to increase graduate enrollment Expand graduate offerings Increase/expand recruitment efforts targeted toward non-traditional and distance learners Continued

20 Enrollment Plan Goal 2: Improve student success Increase freshman to sophomore retention rate by 10% and 6-year graduate rate by 5% over the next 5 years Continued

21 Enrollment Plan Goal 3: Enhance the image of MSSU Expand marketing and public relations efforts in our immediate community and other targeted areas such as Springfield, Kansas City, St. Louis, Northeast Oklahoma, Southeast Kansas and Northwest Arkansas

22 How Did We Do?

23 The Entire Campus Must be Engaged in the Solution “Changing demographics is not simply an issue for enrollment managers—and enrollment managers cannot “do magic” to perpetuate the status quo. Trustees, presidents, deans, faculty, and other administrators need to engage in some serious strategic planning to project manageable goals, not only from the institution’s perspective, but also from the perspective of providing access and opportunity to this new group of students.” SOURCE: College Board. (2005). “The Impact of Demographic Changes on Higher Education”

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