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The Center For Career Development DAVIDSON 101. Our Mission The mission of the Center for Career Development (CCD) is to empower Davidson students to.

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1 The Center For Career Development DAVIDSON 101

2 Our Mission The mission of the Center for Career Development (CCD) is to empower Davidson students to assess and achieve their post-graduate goals. We can help you… Explore career paths through assessing your personality, interests, skills and values Prepare for life after Davidson by learning how to connect with alumni and employers Experience the world of work through career programming, job shadowing, and informational interviewing Succeed through securing internships, post-Davidson positions or educational pursuits

3 Jamie Johnson Associate Director for Career Development Ashley Neff Assistant Director for Internships Julie Lucas Office Manager Brenda Harvey Recruiting Coordinator Nathan Elton Director Jeff Kniple Associate Director for Employer Relations Meet the Staff

4 Career Development Ambassadors Alexa KingAlina GomezAshley Parker Valerie Slade Minisha LohaniMay Henderson Social Media Intern

5 Career Development Ambassadors (CDAs) can: Assist you with critiquing your resume Help you practice your interviewing skills by conducting a mock interview Present to student groups on campus about programs and services in the CCD, resume writing, how to network with alumni, and other career-related topics Answer questions about services and programs offered through the CCD

6 Our Location Our office is located on the 2 nd floor of the Student Union, across from the post office boxes

7 Requirements for Davidson 101 You will take a required quiz at the end of this presentation, so watch closely. The following assignments need to be done in order to meet your Davidson 101 requirement: 1. Complete your profile in WildcatLink, by 11/30/13 2. Complete two assessments in CareerBeam, by 11/30/13 3. Watch this presentation and complete the quiz at the end, by 11/30/13 4. Create your Davidson resume, by 3/1/14 We’ll remind you what the Davidson 101 requirements are with this Wildcat symbol throughout the presentation.

8 How We Can Assist You 1. Individual appointments with Career Advisors 2. Walk In Hours 3. Resume Writing 4. WildcatLink 5. CareerBeam 6. Alenda Links 1. LinkedIn 2. Internships 3. Job Shadowing 4. Assessments 5. Mock Interviews 6. “What Can I Do With a Major In…” Sheets

9 Individual Appointments With a Career Advisor Call 704-894-2132 or stop by the office on the 2 nd floor of (Room 201) the Alvarez Student Union to set up an appointment General appointments are typically 30 minutes long; mock interview and career assessment appointments are usually up to 60 minutes During your appointment you can: Discuss how to write your resume or a cover letter Learn how to write a networking email Search for an internship Discuss anything career-related with a career advisor

10 “I'd recommend that freshmen meet with the Center for Career Development early to learn about the career opportunities that are out there. Even if you don't know what you want to do after graduation right now, having an idea of the possibilities can help you figure it out as your time at Davidson progresses.” Jay Lanners ’11 ASSOCIATE CONSULTANT BAIN AND COMPANY, Atlanta

11 Walk In Hours Walk In Hours are held Monday – Friday from 1:30pm – 3:30pm. No appointment is needed Students are seen on a first-come, first-serve basis for 10-15 minutes Stop by to have your resume critiqued (bring a hard copy), or to learn about the resources available to help you explore majors, review internships, how to set up your WildcatLink profile, Alenda Links or LinkedIn account, or discuss other career-related topics

12 “ Talking to a career adviser in the CCD greatly benefitted me. I learned about the resources that were available to me and how to effectively go about planning my career. The process was so easy and the advisers are always eager to help you in any way possible. ” Olivia Brown ’13 UNC CHARLOTTE, Charlotte, NC NURSING SCHOOL CANDIDATE

13 Resume Writing As part of the CCD Davidson 101 requirement, you will create your Davidson resume and have it critiqued by a Career Advisor or CDA Click here to find examples of Davidson Resumes to use as guides when creating your own resumeDavidson Resumes You will use your resume to: Complete this Davidson 101 requirement Apply for on- or off-campus jobs Join student organizations Apply for research positions, fellowships, or grants Apply for internships

14 “The Center for Career Development is a fantastic jumping-off point for getting in touch with alumni as you decide what you would like to pursue in a professional career.” Baker Shogry ’12 ASSOCIATE, SILVER LAKE SUMERU

15 WildcatLink WildcatLink is the online system used to post internships and job shadowing opportunities targeted to Davidson students This is also how we will notify you about special events on campus, such as employer panels and information sessions You are required to complete your profile in WildcatLink. This is another one of the requirements for D101.

16 “ I would suggest that First Years make an appointment for a one-on- one meeting to see what they can be doing over the next three years to get the most out of their Davidson experience. ” Alanna Ford ’11 University of Edinburgh Business School MASTERS IN MANAGEMENT, MSc, Scotland

17 CareerBeam CareerBeam is an online, user-friendly program that helps you evaluate your interests and clarify your career goals You can also develop your resume and practice your interview skills, all at your own pace CareerBeam contains 15 assessments/exercises that combine to produce your personalized Career Profile report You are required to log in and complete two of the assessments in CareerBeam as part of CCD Davidson 101. (More on that, later.)

18 Alenda Links Alenda Links is Davidson’s database containing contact information of alumni for networking purposes Alumni help you with tips and suggestions for searching for internships and full-time jobs You can search for alumni connections based on geographical areas, occupational areas, employer names, job titles, graduate school programs, and other fields *You’re required to go through steps outlined online on the CCD’s website before gaining access to Alenda Links. More information can be found here: Required steps for Alenda Links Required steps for Alenda Links

19 LinkedIn LinkedIn is similar to other social networking sites online. It is a directory of professionals and companies, and is a valuable professional networking tool. There are over 10,000 Davidson alumni and students using LinkedIn. In addition to networking contacts, you will find thousands of internships and jobs for students and recent graduates posted in LinkedIn. Although not a part of your Davidson 101 requirement, you will find information on setting up your LinkedIn “profile” helpful in seeking future internships and jobs.LinkedIn

20 “ My alumni contact passed along my resume and advocated for me during the hiring process. That's how I landed an amazing internship opportunity, which led to my getting hired in my current job. ” Iris Leung ’12 ACCOUNT ASSOCIATE EMANATE PR, New York

21 Internships The CCD can assist you with identifying and finding internships There are two databases that list over 10,000 internships which you can use to search for internships in all career fields, local, national and international geographic locations: NIC (Nationwide Internships Consortium) LACN (Liberal Arts Career Network) Both NIC and LACN are accessed through the WildcatLink databaseNIC and LACN A Career Advisor can help you get started with your internship search

22 Job Shadowing Job Shadowing opportunities are offered over winter break through alumni and parent volunteers This is an opportunity to explore career options firsthand and learn more about a profession by seeing it “up close and personal” It is also a chance to reflect on the ways your liberal arts education can prepare you for life after Davidson This year students can begin applying in late October, with shadowing beginning in mid December

23 “ I wasn't sure if I wanted to go straight to graduate school or work for a of couple years. The Career Development Office was there with advice and helped me sort through my options. I’m happy to report that I'm in my second year of this job and will be attending MBA school in fall ‘14. ” Nmeli Nnoromele ’12 Davidson Alumni Fellow DAVIDSON COLLEGE, Davidson, NC

24 Career Assessments The CCD administers assessments, to help you choose your major, plan your course of study, and determine your career pathassessments Make an appointment with a Career Advisor to take any of these assessments: Strong Interest Indicator – Measures career interests Myers Briggs Type Indicator – Provides your personality type; reviewed in relation to career development and planning SkillScan – Assesses your transferable skills You can use your assessment results by applying the information toward relevant internships and activities to make a career plan

25 “ I enjoyed taking the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator assessment, and hearing what my personality traits are. Taking that and the Strong Interest Inventory at the CCD served as an interesting launching pad to talk about future careers. ” Billy Hackenson ’13 Business Analyst DELOITTE CONSULTING, Atlanta

26 Mock Interviews A mock interview is a simulation of an actual interview that helps you practice your interview skills. It’s a great opportunity to become familiar with interview questions and interview etiquette You can practice and receive feedback in a safe and supportive environment Make an appointment through the CCD Mock interviews usually last for 60 minutes CareerBeamCareerBeam also provides an online, self-guided, program that offers an interview practice module that’s available for you to use 24/7. You can practice interviewing at your own pace, in your own space, and be videotaped

27 “What Can I Do With a Major In?... “What Can I Do With a Major In?”… sheets are available for all department majors at Davidson These will help give you an idea of what alumni have done with majors after graduation, and industries that hire Davidson graduates This information is available online through the CCD website - What to do With This Major?What to do With This Major?

28 “The Center for Career Development helps you get into the minds of the recruiters so that you can get into their offices.” Bill King ’12 ANALYST, PULSE CAPITAL PARTNERS New York

29 Davidson 101 Requirements These are your assignments to complete in order to fulfill your Davidson 101 requirements: 1. Complete your profile in WildcatLink Deadline: November 30, 2013 2. Complete TWO of the six assessments (your choice) in the “Assessing Yourself” section located under the Career Exploration tab in CareerBeam Deadline: November 30, 2013 3. Complete “The Quiz” at the end of this PowerPoint Deadline: November 30, 2013 4. Create your Davidson resume. Have it critiqued by a Career Advisor or Career Development Ambassador Deadline: March 1, 2014 More detailed instructions are on the following slides…

30 WildcatLink: Instructions 1. Go to davidson- access WildcatLinkdavidson- 2. Enter your Student ID (username) and password into WildcatLink 3. To get your password, click “Forgot password;” your password will be emailed to you 4. Complete your student profile Deadline: Complete your WildcatLink Profile by November 30, 2013

31 CareerBeam: Instructions 1. Go to to access CareerBeam on the CCD website 2. Create your CareerBeam account and log in 3. On CareerBeam’s home page, click on the “Career Exploration” tab

32 CareerBeam: Instructions 1.On the next page, choose two of these assessments to complete from the “Assessing Yourself” section: Where Do I Start? Values Temperament Personality Temperament Skills and Talent 2. When complete, make sure to save your results. Deadline: Complete the two assessments by November 30, 2013

33 Your Davidson Resume Use the Resume Guide to get started, available in the Center for Career Development, and on the Center for Career Development webpageResume Guide The Resume Guide includes sample resumes to get you started writing your resume. These were written just for Davidson students Once you get a general format created, bring it in to the Center to have it reviewed by a Career Advisor or Career Development Ambassador (CDA). CDAs will also be at various locations on campus throughout the fall/spring semesters to review resumes Deadline: Create your Davidson Resume by March 1, 2014

34 Quiz Click on “The Quiz” to test your knowledge of the information you just reviewed.“The Quiz” At the end of The Quiz press “Submit” to send in your answers. Be sure to include your name, email address and student ID# so that your answers can be recorded for D101. Deadline: Complete the Quiz by November 30, 2013

35 Review This completes your D101 session. For review, you will have completed your D101 requirements when you have: 1. Complete your profile in WildcatLink - by 11/30/13 2. Complete two of the six assessments in the Career Exploration/Assessment section of CareerBeam and notified the CCD at by 11/30/13 3. Complete “The Quiz” - by 11/30/13 4. Create your Davidson resume and have it critiqued by a Career Advisor or CDA - by 3/1/14

36 Questions? Stop by or call (704- 894-2132) the CCD during office hours, Monday-Friday, 8:30 – 5:00 pm with any questions You can also email us at It’s a Great Day to be a Wildcat!


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